Seattle Art Fair


About the 2017 Seattle Art Fair, Emily Pothast wrote, "The first Seattle Art Fair was aspirational, with the lofty goal of establishing Seattle as an art destination. The second tested its staying power: Would the dealers find reasons to keep returning after the novelty had worn off? Fortunately, the answer appears to be yes. 'When an art fair has made it into its third year, it's officially established,' says Marcella Zimmermann [of Cultural Counsel, the New York–based firm handling PR for the Seattle Art Fair]. 'Third time's a charm!' The third edition of the Seattle Art Fair is more international and robust than ever, with a total of 100 exhibitors, representing 10 countries, including 60 galleries from the Pacific Rim." Stay tuned for more details about the 2018 event.

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Event Times
  • Aug 2-5
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