DigiTour Winter

Lauren Godwin, Nathan Triska, Simon Britton, Blake Gray, Aaron Melloul, and Danielle Cohn

Chop Suey (map) Capitol Hill
Sat Nov 25 at 4 pm All Ages

Capitalism is a helluva of a drug, huh? Wringing profits from children, especially those special cherubs who resemble third cousins of Justin Bieber and were lucky enough to have a less-pageant-ready sibling to teach them Ableton, has always been an age-old American custom, only now it’s tied to the veritable cash landslide that is the intangible cyber echelon of “social media influencers.” From what I can tell, the baby-faced cabal of DigiTour Winter artists, namely Blake Gray, Lauren Godwin, Nathan Triska, Simon Britton, Danielle Cohn, and Aaron Melloul, are all about ready to Scrooge McDuck through some new school coin, thanks to their adorably populist YouTube accounts and Snapchat followings. Just typing this blurb makes me feel old, tired, and confused as to the source and legitimacy of talent present, and I’m only 27.

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Chop Suey

1325 E Madison St, Seattle, WA 98122

Event Times
  • Sat Nov 25 at 4 pm
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