Puget Soundtrack: Corey J. Brewer Presents The Shining Forward & Backward


Northwest Film Forum (map) Capitol Hill
Fri Dec 1 at 8 pm

If you love horror or movies or both, no doubt you've already seen Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, in which an evil hotel slowly awakens the psychotic murderousness in the soul of Jack Nicholson. Chances are, though, you haven't seen it screened backwards and forwards and superimposed over itself—an experiment apparently first conducted by John Fell Ryan. It's mesmerizing, a glimpse into the symmetry and synchronicity of the film. The Northwest Film Forum will repeat the experience for a Seattle audience, with Corey J. Brewer providing a live score that will "lean into [...] premonitions of a dreadful fate, illuminate subtext and amplify the nightmares echoing backward down the long halls of the Overlook Hotel."

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Northwest Film Forum

1515 12th Ave, Seattle, WA

Event Times
  • Fri Dec 1 at 8 pm
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