Otherwise: Jane Alynn, Margaret Davidson, Natalie Niblack

Smith/Vallee Gallery (map) Out of Town
Through Nov 26


"Smith & Vallee Gallery presents the work of three diverse, Skagit Valley artists during the month of November. 'Early on, the three of us pondered how we would present such different work as a unified exhibition. Natalie and I continued brainstorming, tossing around ideas about our differences, how we wanted the title to express the apparent contradictions—inner psyche/outer expression; loud/silent; powerful/meditative; material/ethereal; etc., etc., focusing on the divergence while linking the work somehow. One day, I remembered one of my beloved poets, Jane Kenyon, who had written a poem in which she incorporates both love and loss in a poem unified by the line “it might have been otherwise.” She invites readers to contemplate how life is precarious and might go this way or that. She links these opposing forces masterfully, building a whole.' -Jane Alynn" (Promo Copy)

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Smith/Vallee Gallery

5742 Gilkey Ave, Edison, WA 98232

Event Times
  • Through Nov 26
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