Doomsday Clock 11:57 PM Release Party!

Comics Dungeon (map) Wallingford
Tues Nov 21 at 11:57 pm-1 am


Geoff Johns Doomsday Clock, with art from Gary Frank, divulges the true nature of Watchmen's connection to the DC Universe. They add: "Instead of a midnight release party, DC's Doomsday Clock will be released three minutes before midnight, as depicted by the Doomsday Clock that has been ominously counting down towards the end of the world." Guests can also find special Doomsday Clock pins and lithographs for purchase at the party.

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Comics Dungeon

319 NE 45th, Seattle, WA 98105

Event Times
  • Tues Nov 21 at 11:57 pm-1 am
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