Kate Wallich + The YC: Dream Dances


On the Boards (map) Queen Anne
Dec 7-10

You deserve a nice, relaxing night out. In Dream Dances, Dance Church deacon Kate Wallich and her YCs are going to give you just that. The promotional copy contains some information about the inspirations of spatial geometry and "heightened reality," but when I watch the preview videos all I see are dancers moving very slowly, very calmly, as if they're swimming in really delightful jelly. Toss a minimalistic, rhythmic, loopy score by Johnny Goss and Adnrew J.S. on top of that, add a pot lozenge, and you got yourself the best Friday you've had in while. RS

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On the Boards

100 W Roy St, Seattle, WA 98119

Event Times
  • Dec 7-10
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