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Ad Can Can presents French Kiss playing February 10 through May 28

Arkona, Sirena, Mindmaze, Graveshadow, Blood & Thunder, Guests Music

Studio Seven Sodo $20/$25

Destruction, Warbringer, Jungle Rot, Hellbender, Devilation Music

Studio Seven Sodo $18

Robbers Roost, Clyde & The Milltailers, The Bridge City Sinners, Derek Blake Music

The Funhouse Eastlake $6/$8

Yngwie Malmsteen Music

Showbox Downtown $31.75/$36.75

A Lot Like Birds, Household, Hearts Like Lions, Owel, Tidelines Music

El Corazón Eastlake $13/$15

Ramona, Boat, Dead Bars, Beverly Crusher Music

Barboza Capitol Hill $8/$12

Armed For Apocalypse, Deathbed Confessions, Ghostblood, Kommand, Oxygen Destroyer Music

The Funhouse Eastlake $8/$10

Gouge Away, Super Unison, Seattle's New Gods, RJC Music

Black Lodge Eastlake $5-$10

BIG BDLG BASH: Snuff Redux, Swamp Meat, Jo Passed, Laser Background, Merso, Monsterwatch Music

Lo-Fi Performance Gallery Eastlake $12/$16

Sasquatch! Music Festival Music

Gorge Amphitheatre Out of Town $99.50-$295


Various locations Across Seattle $5-$10

Sashay, Pink Parts, Princess Charming Music

Barboza Capitol Hill $8/$10

Vultures Above Us with Guests Music

El Corazón Eastlake $10/$12

Punk As Folk 2017 Music

Conor Byrne Ballard $10/$12

Into the Storm, Florida Man, SwampheavY, Joseph Music

The Kraken Bar & Lounge University District $7

Maya Songbird, Tig Bitty, Coreena, Le Fomo, Anther Music

Lo-Fi Performance Gallery Eastlake $8

Behexen, Demoncy, Inquinok, A God or an Other Music

Highline Capitol Hill $16/$18

Norca, Bob Fossil, Campion Music

High Dive Fremont $6/$8

Kihalás, Turian, Pyfer, Orphan Bones Music

Substation Ballard $8

Constant Lovers, Deep Creep, Brackets Music

Chop Suey Capitol Hill $8/$10

Disastroid with Rookie Warhead Music

The Funhouse Eastlake $6/$8

Whores, Sandrider, Wrong, Bummer Music

Highline Capitol Hill $14/$16

'68, Listener, The Homeless Gospel Choir, Lo' There, The Morning After Music

El Corazón Eastlake $13/$15

Windowpane, Van Eps, Kiss the Gunners Daughter, Wyatt Olney & the Wreckage, Mach Society Music

Showbox Downtown $15/$20

Wimps, Woolen Men, Honey Bucket, Last Picks Music

Lucky Liquor Out of Town $5/$8

Seether with Starset Music

Showbox Sodo Sodo $34.75/$43

Xoth, Hexengeist, Pinned RED Music

Black Lodge Eastlake $5-$10

School of Rock Seattle: Discord Records vs Touch and Go Records Music

Chop Suey Capitol Hill $12/$15

Angelcorpse, ARES KINGDOM, Drawn and Quartered, Petrification, Pathetic Music

Highline Capitol Hill $20/$22

Infinite Flux, War Cloud, The Grindylow Music

Substation Ballard $6

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