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Ad Quicksand

Ad Seattle Opera presents Puccini's Madame Butterfly, August 5-19

Tiger Blonde, Nail Houses, The By Gods, Sad Baxter Music

The Funhouse Eastlake $8/$10

Waxahatchee, Cayetana, Snail Mail Music

Neptune Theatre University District $14.50/$16.50

Yurt, TV Heads, The Mondegreens Music

Sunset Tavern Ballard $8

Le Grotto, The Altons, Drench Fries Music

Vera Project Seattle Center $6/$8

Rooney, Run River North, Lisa Prank Music

Chop Suey Capitol Hill $18/$20

Kate Lynn Logan, Peter Bradley Adams Music

Triple Door Downtown $15

The Sword with Big Jesus Music

Neumos Capitol Hill $25

Katie Kuffel, Mighty Brother, JOA Music

High Dive Fremont $6/$10

Myles Parrish Music

Crocodile Belltown $15

Origami Ghosts, Crystal Beth & The Boom Boom Band, Noon Moon Music

Barboza Capitol Hill $8/$10

Pastel Motel, Moon Ensemble, Withering Blooms Music

Vera Project Seattle Center $6/$8

Person, The Wednesdays, Mhostly Ghostly Music

Sunset Tavern Ballard $8

The Ghost Town Rebellion Music

Substation Ballard

Youngest of Elders, Monitor, Evan, The Bang-Up Jobs Music

The Funhouse Eastlake $8/$10

Joey Molland's Badfinger Music

Triple Door Downtown $30-$50

3bruh, Dead Sonics, Crown Villains, Burly Boyz Music

Central Saloon Pioneer Square $5

Bad Beaches, Breakaway Derringer, Sundog Music

Tractor Tavern Ballard $8

Blonde Redhead with Porcelain Raft Music

Neumos Capitol Hill $23/$25

The Hard Rocks, Sky Penis, Radioshark, Quick Nine Music

High Dive Fremont $6/$8

Neil Diamond Music

KeyArena Seattle Center $41-$485

Night Ships with Patrick Nehoda and FIN Music

Substation Ballard $8

Through The Roots, Sun-Dried Vibes, Perfect By Tomorrow Music

Nectar Fremont $13/$15

Tobin Sprout with Elf Power Music

Barboza Capitol Hill $13/$15

Weep Wave, Nauticult, Yr Parents, Crushing Crayons, Nathan Sloan Music

Lo-Fi Performance Gallery Eastlake $8

The Black Tones, Infinity Accessories with Tariqa Waters Music

Olympic Sculpture Park Belltown Free

CrimsonGuardian, The Randy Savages, Reverent Circle, Eroder Music

The Funhouse Eastlake $10/$12

Taiwan Housing Project, Deep Tissue, Jo Passed Music

Chop Suey Capitol Hill $8/$10

Paul Thorn with Alice Drinks The Koolaid Music

Triple Door Downtown $26-$34

Fragile Weapons, Nick Valentini Collective, Patrick Galactic Music

Substation Ballard $8

Maricsz, Niagara Moon, Craig Marker Music

Conor Byrne Ballard

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