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Ad Blonde Redhead

Ad The Art of the Teese Burlesque Revue

Burn Burn Burn, The Four Lights, Coyote Bred, Three Fingers Music

The Kraken Bar & Lounge University District $7

The Bare Minimum Music

Rendezvous Belltown $8

Pain in the Grass 2017 Music

White River Amphitheatre Down South $22.99-$99.50

Lion Pincher, Jay Dlay and The Haze, Fabulous Tip Music

Substation Ballard $8

Lynch Mob, Iron Dragon, Mom’s Rocket, Antarez Music

Studio Seven Sodo $18/$22

Metalachi, El Steiner, Ball Bag, Hostile Makeover Music

El Corazón Eastlake $13/$15

Obsidian, Oxygen Destroyer, Born Without Blood, Ashen Pyre, Kihalas Music

The Funhouse Eastlake $6/$8

Melodramus, Lark vs. Owl, Kali Mah, Under The Bodhi Tree, Brent Driscoll Music

Blue Moon Tavern University District $7

Dead Bars, Acid Teeth, Boss' Daughter, Lead Fed Infants Music

The Kraken Bar & Lounge University District $7

Disguised As Owls, Fast & Friendly, Value Ape Music

Lucky Liquor Out of Town $5/$8

Infinite Flux, Sower, Sabertooth: Liquid Light Show Music

Parliament Tavern West Seattle $8

Skullbot, Greenriver Thrillers, The Grindylow Music

Skylark Cafe & Club West Seattle $7

Witch Bottle, Samvega, Alina Ashley Nicole Music

Substation Ballard $8

Symbolik, Accidentally Murdered, Born Without Blood, Dilapidation Music

Substation Ballard $6

Strawberry Girls, Belle Noire, King Lincoln, Sprism Music

The Funhouse Eastlake $10/$12

Limegoat, Sons of Donovan, Whythre Music

Substation Ballard $8

Don Forgetti, Vivian, Seers Music

Blue Moon Tavern University District $7

Living Hour, Vomitface, Baywitch Music

Vera Project Seattle Center $6/$8

Witch Bottle, Isenordal, Miss Spooky Music

Highline Capitol Hill $10

Iron Dragon, Kiss the Gunner's Daughter, Late September Dogs, One Gun Shy Music

Crocodile Belltown $13

Monsterwatch, FLRT, Sharklegs, Peyote Ugly Music

Substation Ballard $8

Gaytheist, Old Iron, A Volcano, Cages Music

Black Lodge Eastlake $5-$10

Wilt, Askevault, Fetid, Hideous Crime Music

Highline Capitol Hill $10

Product of Hate, IKillYa, Jahai, Prey The Hunter Music

The Funhouse Eastlake $8/$10

'Til Skies Fall with Guests Music

The Funhouse Eastlake $10/$12

Innumerable Forms, Acid Feast, Cerebral Rot, Mortiferum Music

Highline Capitol Hill $10

Lazy Animals, Stuporhero, Date Night with Brian Music

Parliament Tavern West Seattle $5

Stitched Up Heart, Hell Or High Water, Vesuvian Music

Studio Seven Sodo $12/$15

Beyond Theory, Darky Dark & The Junkie Bunch, Chemical Asphyxia, Sun Mother Music

The Funhouse Eastlake $10/$12

Fit For An Autopsy, Tombs, Moon Tooth, Heiress, Breag Noafa Music

El Corazón Eastlake $12/$15

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