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All Theater & Dance Events

Ad Mimosas Cabaret - Featuring A Boob Job For Christmas!

Buttcracker II...more crack! Theater & Dance

Erickson Theatre Off Broadway Capitol Hill $25

Ham for the Holidays: Jurassic Pork Theater & Dance

ACT Theatre Downtown $30/$35

Homo for the Holidays 2016 Theater & Dance

Oddfellows West Hall Capitol Hill $25/$32/$195

The Slipknot Theater & Dance

18th & Union Capitol Hill $15-$25

The Snow Queen Theater & Dance

Rolling Bay Hall Out of Town $20

An Evening of Shorts Theater & Dance

The Conservatory Georgetown Free

Classic Radio: Christmas Carol Theater & Dance

Town Hall First Hill $15

The Southern Sideshow Hootenanny Holiday Time Seattle Fundraiser Theater & Dance

Rendezvous Belltown $15-$20

The Nutcracker & The Tale of The Hard Nut Theater & Dance

Pantages Theater Down South $25-$100

Bacon Strip: Sylvia's Special Christmas Gifts Theater & Dance

Theatre Off Jackson Chinatown-International District $15/$20

Land of the Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker Theater & Dance

The Triple Door Theater Downtown $40-$55

Love & Gravity Theater & Dance

12th Avenue Arts Capitol Hill $24

Nutcracker Sweets Theater & Dance

ARC Dance Space Crown Hill $20

A Christmas Carol, The Musical Theater & Dance

Moore Theatre Belltown $15-$28

Next Fest NW: pastFORWARD Theater & Dance

Velocity Dance Center Capitol Hill $20/$50

Constellation Theater & Dance

Broadway Performance Hall Capitol Hill $22/$30

Christmas Cookies with Happy Pink Girl Theater & Dance

The Pocket Theater Greenwood $10/$14

The Snow Queen Theater & Dance

IKEA Performing Arts Center Down South $15/$20

The Steadfast Tin Soldier: A Story Ballet Theater & Dance

Shorecrest Performing Arts Center Out of Town $20

Very Open House Art

Equinox Studios Georgetown Free

The Emerald City Burlesque Revue Theater & Dance

Rendezvous Belltown $20-$45

Theater Anonymous Presents It's a Wonderful Life Theater & Dance

Cornish Playhouse at Seattle Center Seattle Center $25-$135

Aperitif Theater & Dance

Rendezvous Belltown $20-$40

American Idiot Theater & Dance

Eclectic Theater Capitol Hill $22

The Best Burlesque Pageant Ever Theater & Dance

Columbia City Theater Columbia City $22-$130

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Theater & Dance

Bathhouse Theater Green Lake $17-$34

Fucking A Theater & Dance

UW Meany Studio Theater University District $18/$20

The Nutcracker Theater & Dance

Theatre at Meydenbauer Eastside $37.50/$50

A Charlie Brown Christmas Community & Civics

Cornish Playhouse at Seattle Center Seattle Center $24

Savage in Limbo Theater & Dance

12th Avenue Arts Capitol Hill $18

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