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The Most Unusual Art Gift Ever

After Matthew Offenbacher won a $25,000 art prize, he did something radical. He made a conceptual artwork with Jennifer Nemhauser that consisted of buying works by women and queer artists for Seattle Art Museum.

What Living Next to a Condo Construction Site Taught Me About Seattle's Noise Ordinances

And the Number to Call if Someone's Jackhammering Your Dreams Apart at Dawn

What Do You See When You Look at This Desert?

A Real Man Who Fears His Feminine Side Sits on Sheila Heti's Fictional Couch

The Staff of The Stranger Argues About Restaurants Going Tipless

Dan Savage, Kathleen Richards, Ansel Herz, Heidi Groover, and Katie Allison Debate Just the Tip

The Future of Record Store Day

Don't Let a Beautiful Thing Go the Way of SXSW

Record Store Life

The Art of Spending 38 Years Behind the Counter

I Sat In on My Son’s Sex-Ed Class, and I Was Shocked by What I Heard

My Son Responded by Standing Up to the Teacher’s Arguments with Science

What Do You See When You Look at This Square?

A Real Conflicted Actor on Sheila Heti’s Fictional Couch

How to Be High in Public

"Helpful" Tips

Is Marijuana Addictive?

A Look at the Scientific Research

Do You Know What's on Your Weed?

If You Care About Ingesting Weed Free of Harmful Pesticides, You Need to Know a Crucial Difference Between Medical and Recreational Marijuana

Washington Is the Only State with Legal Marijuana That Doesn't Allow Home Grows

But That Could Change—If You Care About This Issue, Contact These Representatives in Olympia Right Now

Why I Gave Up Booze in Favor of Weed

It Helps with My Anxiety, It Doesn't Give Me Hangovers, and Are You Aware of What It Does to Sex?
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