Gilbert Is So Sweet! And a Goddamn Bore.


This director also filmed a documentary about Dan Harmon (Showrunner and Writer for Rick and Morty and Community) and his Harmontown podcast tour (last I checked was available on netflix). He recently did another segment on Dan's podcast to discuss the Gilbert documentary. It sounds like the interview maybe have covered everything worth seeing in the movie.

I don't have a timecode for when the director appears in the podcast so be prepared for Dan's signature half drunken stuttering.…
hmm ..cut off comment "Episode: Seventeen Chicken Boots"
Seems like a better use of your time might be to listen to him on this episode of WTF from several years back. I was a comedy dork back in the 90s, but Gottfried was never my cup of tea. I found this interview enlightening and gave me a deeper appreciation for his humor. Pretty sure you can find the episode free on youtube, if you don't want to pay for access to the WTF archives.