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Buddy Bunting: Valley Fever

Fri–Sun. Through Aug 30.

Buddy Bunting: Valley Fever Buddy Bunting: Valley Fever: Bunting started out making faint, smallish pencil drawings of prisons, driving from one to the other in the American West. Now he's created a large—like 10-feet-long large—oil painting of a prison. This is an event.

Prole Drift
523 South Main St

Curtis Erlinger: Sit Calm

Thurs–Sat. Through Aug 30.

Curtis Erlinger: Sit Calm Curtis Erlinger: Sit Calm: A show of conceptually driven pieces, including but not limited to one entitled I Belong to SAM, in which objects "are temporarily removed from the family play area of Seattle Art Museum, reproduced as replicas, and then returned to their original location." Free.

Punch Gallery
119 Prefontaine Pl S

It Is a Door and a Window that Make a Room Useful

Thurs–Sat. Through Aug 30.

It Is a Door and a Window that Make a Room Useful It Is a Door and a Window that Make a Room Useful: Video, sculpture, and performance pieces from five artists that seek to "reframe mundane acts as sacred experience." Venetia Dale, Christalena Hughmanick, Tia Kramer, Jovencio de la Paz, and Barbara Smith. There will be an off-site gathering and performance of Five Silent Structures by Kramer on Aug 23 from 4 to 6 pm at Discovery Park, near the Fort Lawton Buildings. Free.

112 Third Ave S

Kimiko Yoshida: Something Blue

Tues–Fri. Through Aug 30.

Kimiko Yoshida: Something Blue Kimiko Yoshida: Something Blue: Highly stylized self portraits in which the artist adorns herself to reflect idealized versions of "the bride" from various cultures. Free.

M.I.A. Gallery
1203 Second Ave

Ryan Finnerty: Manifest

Wed–Sat. Through Aug 30.

Ryan Finnerty: Manifest Ryan Finnerty: Manifest: New paintings from this skilled young artist who did his MFA in painting at UW. Free.

117 Prefontaine Place S

Synecdoche: A Part for the Whole

Fri–Sun. Through Aug 30.

Synecdoche: A Part for the Whole Synecdoche: A Part for the Whole: Traces of doilies, those old artifacts left in the dust of the 20th century, which the artist, Margot Quan Knight, calls "disgusting and amazing." Free.

112 Third Ave S

Things You May Have Missed

Tues–Sat. Through Aug 30.

Things You May Have Missed: A selection of "hidden gems" from the Davidson Galleries' extensive collection of artwork. Featured in the show are pieces from Francisco Goya, Leonard Baskin, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, and Suzanne Valadon. Free.

Davidson Galleries
313 Occidental Ave S

Tobias Møhl

Tues–Sat. Through Aug 30.

Tobias Møhl Tobias Møhl: Egg- and bowl-shaped minimalist Scandinavian designs in glass. Also in the gallery is a summer feature, a small group show of glass work by Mel Douglas, Nancy Callan, and Lino Tagliapietra. Free.

Traver Gallery
110 Union St #200

All Members

Wed–Sat. Through Aug 30.

All Members: New work by every artist represented by Gallery 110. Free.

Gallery 110
110 Third Ave S

Ann Mallory

Tues–Sun. Through Aug 30.

Ann Mallory: Ceramic sculpture. Some of it is accented with copper wire, wrapping around the form to make it look like a package. Other pieces are just glazed ceramic, gray and tall like giant cocoons. Free.

Abmeyer + Wood
1210 Second Ave

Bill Braun

Mon–Sun. Through Aug 30.

Bill Braun Bill Braun: Paintings that look like paper cutouts. Paintings that trompe the oeil, so to speak. Free.

Patricia Rovzar Gallery
1225 Second Ave

Femke Hiemstra, Casey Weldon

Wed–Sun. Through Aug 30.

Femke Hiemstra, Casey Weldon: Hiemstra is a Dutch pop surrealist painter who favors wild animals and sometimes presents her pieces in elaborate tri-folding frames. Weldon paints sullen people with slightly larger than normal eyes. And sometimes with two sets each. Free.

Roq La Rue
532 First Ave S

First Annual Bill Murray Art Show

Mon–Sun. Through Aug 30.

First Annual Bill Murray Art Show: It's a bunch of art inspired by the inimitable Bill Murray. Featuring work from Rhodora Jacob, Conor MacBride, Kaylee Jacobson, and many others. Free.

Tiny Ninja Cafe
3510 Stone Way N

Jane McGehee: Himinn

Mon–Sun. Through Aug 30.

Jane McGehee: Himinn: The title of this exhibit is Icelandic for "sky." The paintings are abstract, almost to the point of being color fields. The venue is a furniture gallery. Free.

Ligne Roset
112 Westlake Ave N

Jeffrey Palladini

Mon–Sun. Through Aug 30.

Jeffrey Palladini Jeffrey Palladini: Spare, representational paintings dominated by "flat, brilliant color." Pictures of people by the pool with their heads turned. Free.

Lisa Harris Gallery
1922 Pike Pl

Lee Withington, Kevin Piepel

Fri, Sat. Through Aug 30.

Lee Withington, Kevin Piepel: Withington's paintings are color studies; the one called "Blue with a Yellow Line" is exactly what you're thinking. Piepel's encaustic paintings are abstracts "referencing the flocking habits of starlings." Free.

312 S Washington Street

Mystic Modernism of the Pacific Northwest

Tues–Sat. Through Aug 30.

Mystic Modernism of the Pacific Northwest Mystic Modernism of the Pacific Northwest: A companion piece to the large show of Northwest modernism at the SAM, this two-month long exhibit features works from Mark Tobey, Morris Graves, Kenneth Callahan, Guy Anderson, Paul Horiuchi, and George Tsutakawa. Free.

Seattle artREsource
625 First Ave, Suite 200

Paul Knutzen

Wed–Sat. Through Aug 30.

Paul Knutzen: New paintings from the Seattle artist. Free.

117 Prefontaine Place S

Real Abstract

Mon–Sun. Through Aug 30.

Real Abstract: A group show of abstraction, which, the press release explains, "continues to fill a valuable niche in the ever-shifting world of contemporary art practices." Free.

Linda Hodges Gallery
316 First Ave S

Robert Barratt

Mon–Sun. Through Aug 30.

Robert Barratt Robert Barratt: Masterful wood carvings in the Tsimshian/Nisga traditions from this non-indigenous artist. Free.

Stonington Gallery
125 S Jackson St

Ross Palmer Beecher

Tues–Sun. Through Aug 30.

Ross Palmer Beecher Quilts made out of materials like spray cans, aluminum, and foil eyeballs. These aren't your grandma's quilts, unless your grandma lived next to the city dump and was wild about it. Free.

Greg Kucera Gallery
212 Third Ave S

Stephen O’Donnell

Mon–Sat. Through Aug 30.

Stephen O’Donnell: Figurative and portrait painting from the Portland artist. Free.

Winston Wachter Fine Art
203 Dexter Ave N

Summer Group Show

Tues–Sat. Through Aug 30.

Summer Group Show: Featuring the work of Stacie Chappell, Ben Chickadel, Graham Fracha, and Eva Funderburgh. Free.

Gallery IMA
123 S Jackson St

2014 Spirit of Flight Photography Exhibition

Mon–Sun. Through Aug 31.

2014 Spirit of Flight Photography Exhibition: A juried exhibition open to all photographers, centered on the titular premise.

Museum of Flight
9404 E Marginal Way South


Tues–Sun. Through Aug 31.

ARTCADE: Vermillion kicks back this summer with an installation of arcade games in the gallery area, enhanced with smaller-scale pieces of art peppered among them. Free.

1508 11th Ave


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