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Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks, Raleigh Moncrief, DJ Explorateur

Thurs Aug 28.

Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks, Raleigh Moncrief and DJ Explorateur You probably know Avey Tare (aka Dave Portner) as a key member of Animal Collective, who have taken their wonder-struck electronic-pop eccentricity to a shockingly popular level. His latest side project, Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks (featuring ex–Dirty Projectors guitarist Angel Deradoorian and former Ponytail drummer Jeremy Hyman), shares some of the frantic, maximalist tendencies as Animal Collective’s last album, Centipede Hz, but it’s a more razzle-dazzle and playful take on that style.... more » $15.

925 E Pike St

Disco Droppings, Ssleaze, Ergets on Ergot, Guests

Thurs Aug 28.

Los Angeles trio Ssleaze push a strident strain of synth punk, aggro vocals and all. They seem to play with a perpetual sneer on their mugs and probably find Throbbing Gristle to be too genteel. It’s as if Ssleaze are channeling the disdainful attitude of the cast of Liquid Sky into their craggy, cranky songs. They sound like particularly nasty dominatrices who’ll leave welts on your ears. Fellow LA peeps Egrets on Ergot play uptight, frantic new-wave rock that has similarities to early-’80s gr... more » $5.

1809 Minor Ave #10

Little Dragon, Dam-Funk

Thurs Aug 28.

Little Dragon began as a classily louche, luxuriously low-key electro-lounge act, with singer Yukimi Nagano's breathy voice cooing sweet anythings over retro-futurist triphop beats. They've since started to explore a more diverse range of influences, with 2011's Ritual Union embracing bleep techno and abstracted exotica, as Nagano stepped aside for long stretches and let the swirling soundscape speak for itself. Though I've yet to hear the group's most recent album, Nabuma Rubberband, reports i... more » $25/$30.

Showbox at the Market
1426 First Ave

NighTrain, Tele Novella, Pony Time, Lisa Prank

Thurs Aug 28.

There are four great reasons to attend this show: (1) NighTraiN are a badass rock foursome who sing songs about being a girl band and not giving a fuck what you think. (2) Austin’s Tele Novella play slinky and cool ’60s-inspired psych-pop that Quentin Tarantino should probably use in his next film. (3) Pony Time are a buzzy garage-rock duo with a sonic love letter to Kathleen Hanna. But the reason that has me most excited is because (4) Lisa Prank, the one-woman new-wave pop-punk dance party, i... more » $15.

925 E Pike St

Together Pangea, Meat Market, Ubu Roi

Thurs Aug 28.

Though they're often lumped in with other good-time garage-rock party bands, together PANGEA's new record, Badillac, has little in common with their fun-loving SoCal contemporaries. The album is downright bleak. Frontman William Keegan howls hopeless lyrics about self-loathing and incurable angst over tight melodies that have more in common with Siamese Dream than anything in the Burger Records catalog. "My heart is lost/These things mean nothing to me/And my dick is soft" he confesses on "Sick... more »

Black Lodge
Secret location

Black Weirdo Party: Guests

Fri Aug 29.

We can’t seem to stop singing the praises of the relentlessly creative, restlessly forward-thinking Black Weirdo crew in these pages, and with good reason. Lese Majesty, Shabazz Palaces’ latest opus, is a shimmering, humid mirage of an album, all astral flows and avant-garde beat science; meanwhile, the ladies of jazzy avant-rap crew THEESatisfaction are showing mad potential with their recent projects both together and apart. Tonight represents something of a victory lap for the Black Weirdos,... more » $12/$15.

Chop Suey
1325 E Madison St

Dispirit, Old Skin, Death Winds

Fri Aug 29.

Black metal is one of the few genres in which bands aren’t expected to play live—partly because of logistical reasons (one-man projects aren’t uncommon) and partly because of the insular nature of the music itself—which John Gossard of Dispirit credits to “elitist dickheads.” On that last note, the Bay Area band rejects such snobbish notions of the genre. Formed as an experimental improvisational project following the dissolution of Gossard’s progressive black-metal outlet, Weakling, Dispirit s... more » $8.

210 Broadway E

The Entrance Band, Low Hums, Cabana

Fri Aug 29.

If you make your rock music big and dramatic enough, it often can’t help sounding psychedelic. That’s the modus operandi of the Entrance Band, who consist of guitarist/vocalist Guy Blakeslee, bassist Paz Lenchantin, and drummer Derek James. Their 2009 self-titled album on Ecstatic Peace! came off like a blend of Irish salvation rockers Waterboys and florid San Francisco psychedelicists Quicksilver Messenger Service. On their 2013 album, Face the Sun, the Entrance Band mute the grandiosity a bit... more » $10/$12.

Vera Project
Republican St and Warren Ave N

Creepoid, Lacuna, Novel Nature

Fri Aug 29 at 7 pm.

Hypothesis: There can never be too many bands biting My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless. The louche, insanely distorted rock that MBV pioneered on that 1991 album deserves to be emulated and mutated by a multiplicity of musicians until the end of time. That’s how potent and life-enhancing it is. And Philadelphia quartet Creepoid emulate and mutate Loveless’s sexy, magenta-hued slur very well, indeed, especially on this year’s Wet. Even their song titles (“Blurry Slumber,” “Blinding Halo”) hint at M... more » $10.

925 E Pike St

Nine Inch Nails, Soundgarden

Sat Aug 30 at 7 pm.

"Every day is Halloween with Nine Inch Nails." Throughout the ’90s and early ’00s, this was my standard line on the art of Trent Reznor. I appreciated the drama and power of the music, but lyrically and visually, NIN could come off as a musical sideshow act with a mandatory horror theme that I was perfectly justified in ignoring in favor of artists boasting more than one mood. But then came 2008, when NIN's instrumental soundscape Ghosts I–IV was released and taught me a lesson about dismissing... more » $46.

White River Amphitheatre
40601 Auburn Enumclaw Rd

Walter TV, Neighbors, Buzz Hickey

Sat Aug 30 at 9:30 pm.

Walter TV is the side project of self-proclaimed inventor of “jizz jazz,” Mac DeMarco, aka the new Canadian gap-toothed Prince of Indie Rock. DeMarco—whose voice reminds me of a more pilled-out Marc Bolan—has wooed (and will woo) people at people at tons of festivals this summer, including Burgerama III, Pickathon, FYF, Bumbershoot, and Austin City Limits. In Walter TV, DeMarco sings more like a more stoner-y Jay Reatard. Don’t miss a chance to see him on a small stage. Buzz Hickey opens (which... more » $10.

Blue Moon Tavern
712 NE 45th St

Lust Strength, Guests

Sun Aug 31.

Sunday nights at Kremwerk typically skew toward the weirder end of the electronic-music spectrum, because that’s how the Lord would want it. Right? Tonight the local trio Lust Strength (Crypts’ synth magus Nick Bartoletti, Chris Blohm, and DJ Beautiful Horse) rule the sound system with iron fists. Their approach includes live modular psychedelic visuals, audio synthesis, and DJ sets of a particularly morbid hue. Noisy techno and dark ambient tracks prevail here, with artists like Mika Vainio, D... more » free.

1809 Minor Ave #10

METZ, Posse

Sun Aug 31.

It's too soon to say whether people will be talking about the first time they saw Toronto trio METZ in the hushed tones reserved for post-punk predecessors Wire and Hüsker Dü. But I'm happy to do so: It was a muggy night two summers ago. The songs I'd heard online showed promise, and I went out of curiosity more than anything else. Seconds into their sweat-soaked set, I became a believer, and I'll be damned if they weren't the nicest guys, too. That fall, Sub Pop released METZ’s paint-peeling d... more » $13.

2200 Second Ave

Corrosion of Conformity, Guests

Sun Aug 31 at 7:30 pm.

Corrosion of Conformity and Guests Raleigh, NC, thrash-punk-turned-sludge-metal pioneers Corrosion of Conformity have weathered several personnel changes and multiple hiatuses (one for nearly four years) in the 32 (!) years since their inception. They’re now down to a touring lineup of only three members, but fortunately it’s all founding ones—Woody Weatherman, Mike Dean, and Reed Mullin, the exact roster responsible for 1985’s Animosity. Their recent reunion has been much more fruitful than most such things, with both 2012’s se... more » $18/$20.

El Corazón
109 Eastlake Ave E

Leila Adu, somesurprises, Kate Olson, Unknown Rockstar

Mon Sept 1 at 8 pm.

New York-based singer/songwriter Leila Adu writes meditative, socially conscious, piano-based avant-pop songs to mystify the night. Her style is playful and cabaret-like sometimes, haunted and chill-inducing at others, but her warbly, adroit vocals have a lush creepiness that’s undeniable; weird-rock icon Steve Albini, who produced her second album, calls her "Spooky Adu." Also slated to eerie-fy the night are somesurprises' minimalist compositions, Kate Olson's sparse free-jazz saxperiments, an... more » $5-$10 suggested donation.

Hollow Earth Radio
2018A E Union St

Bumbershoot: Wu-Tang Clan, The Replacements, Elvis Costello and the Imposters, Danny Brown, Big Freedia, Guests

Sat Aug 30, Sun Aug 31, Mon Sept 1.


Top-notch music, art, comedy, art, and barefoot dancing. Check out Brendan Kiley's write up here! And our humongous, gigantic, spectacular Bumbershoot guide here! $66-$575.

Seattle Center
305 Harrison St

Chung Antique, Tulips, Zebra Hunt

Tues Sept 2.

Chung Antique, Tulips and Zebra Hunt Los Angeles’s Tulips inhabit a raucous, rollicking sonic space somewhere between pop-punk, garage rock, and shoegaze, equal parts catchy and crunchy, tender and torn-up. These three ladies aren't afraid to fuzz-bomb you with dense blasts of guitar squall while simultaneously singing a three-part harmony straight out of the K Records playbook. Zebra Hunt are doing that whole sorta-punk, sorta-pop-garage sound that’s all the rage right now, and by right now I mean forever. Headliner Chung Antique... more » $5.

2200 Second Ave

Earth, King Dude

Wed Sept 3.

Earth polarized a lot of amp-worshippers with Earth 2, an album that took doom metal to such sonic extremes that it crossed over into a kind of rumbling serenity. Twelve years later, they caused another upset with Hex; Or Printing in the Infernal Method, which swapped the full-stack thunder of their early years with a Bakersfield twang death march. Earth’s latest album might not be as pivotal as the aforementioned records, but Primitive and Deadly is still a curveball in the Earth canon. The la... more » $12.

2200 Second Ave

The Spits, Constant Lovers, Unnatural Helpers

Wed Sept 3.

First I gotta say, with all conflicts of interest in mind, this show is on MY MOTHERFUCKING BIRTHDAY. And anyone who knows me, knows the Spits are my favorite motherfucking band, and for at least two days after the show, I won’t be able move turn my head from side to side, because it will be so stiff from headbanging. Second, HOLY CRAP: they’re playing with the most excellent Constant Lovers and Unnatural Helpers. This lineup is gonna HURT! Second, I should say that this is some new-fangled Red... more » $3/$10.

Chop Suey
1325 E Madison St

Industry Standard: Guests


Who doesn’t feel the overpowering urge to stay the hell in on a Monday night? I know, I know—you overindulged in everything, again, over the weekend. But listen: The Hideout is an ideal place to get out of your Monday-night rut. DJ Introcut—who’s been running the legendary hiphop weekly Stop Biting at Lo-Fi for a decade—is a savvy, versatile selector in the electronic and funk realms, and he always brings in crate-diggers with exquisite taste to help him fill this artist-friendly bar with tunes... more » free.

The Hideout
1005 Boren Ave

Stop Biting: Introcut, Guests


Stop Biting has been a blazing hive of hiphop activity since June 2004. Every Tuesday at Lo-Fi Performance Gallery, b-boys and b-girls gather for what has become a major talent magnet in Seattle's hiphop ecology. Head to the back room and marvel as dancers twirl, headspin, giant step, shuffle, glide, spasm, uprock, pop, lock, and commit dozens of other athleticisms while DJs drop nonstop gems to inspire the action. Now organized by Mathew "Introcut" Moroni, MC Suntonio "Asun" Bandanaz, and DJ Ab... more » $5.

Lo-Fi Performance Gallery
429 Eastlake Ave E

Taco Tuesday: Guest DJs


As Kelly O puts it, every Tuesday Wildrose "serves delicious tacos for a buck apiece in a bar full of hot lezzies." Plus DJs!

1021 E Pike St

McTuff Trio

Tues at 10 pm.

If you want organ-centric jazz for free (no free jazz, though), you can't do much better than Seattle's McTuff Trio. Led by Hammond organ maestro Joe Doria, McTuff also contain one of the region's most dexterous guitarists, Andy Coe, drummer Tarik Abouzied, and, sometimes, wild-card saxophonist Skerik. Along with Afrocop but in a bit more of straight-ahead manner than that younger group, McTuff Trio write alluringly malleable tunes, redolent of soul, ablaze with technical virtuosity, and often... more » free.

2202 N 45th St

Talcum: Gene Balk, Mike "Teal Pants" Nipper, Marc Muller, Mike Chrietzberg

Last Sat at 9 pm.

A night of obscure (and fantastic) soul/funk cuts brought to you by the Emerald City Soul Club. $5.

Chop Suey
1325 E Madison St


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