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Deco Night

Fri July 25, 6:30–10:30 pm.

In conjunction with the exhibit of Japanese deco, SAAM presents a day of special tours of the show, the museum's unique (and completely marvelous) architecture, and the design of the surrounding Volunteer Park. Later in the evening, there will be an outdoor screening of Ozu's silent film The Lady and the Beard with live musical accompaniment from Aono Jikken Ensemble, which is totally free and open to the public. This sounds better than sliced bread. $10 suggested.

Seattle Asian Art Museum
1400 E Prospect St, Volunteer Park

Lecture: Rebecca Albiani

Tues–Fri. Through July 25.

A course of lectures on museums that were created by collectors and a look at the "colorful personalities responsible for the collections."

Frye Art Museum
704 Terry Ave

Fabrice Monteiro: Gorean Summer

Tues–Sat. Through July 26.

Fabrice Monteiro: Gorean Summer Fabrice Monteiro: Gorean Summer: Monteiro's recent black-and-white photographs picture the island off the coast of Senegal, Gorée. The island has become a popular travel destination for tourists who want to see the 1786 Slave House, but Monteiro's visions are of a timeless local life. Monteiro is Beninese-Belgian, and his photography blends history, fashion, and portraiture.

M.I.A. Gallery
1203 Second Ave

Marc Dombrosky

Wed–Sat. Through July 26.

Marc Dombrosky Marc Dombrosky: Dombrosky's works are street-smart and book-smart, made of torn scraps of paper he finds. They're fragments of unknown stories with words and pictures Dombrosky reinscribes by sewing over them. Free.

Platform Gallery
114 Third Ave S

Yuri Kinoshita: Floating Teahouse

Fri July 25, 3-8 pm and Sat July 26, 12-3 pm.

On two days in July, artist Yuri Kinoshita orchestrates a special tea ceremony, to be performed on a floating Japanese teahouse moored in the center of the fountain pond in Lake Union Park. Audience members watch from the shore while Kimono-clad tea practitioners pour onboard, showcasing Kinoshita's designs in paper, textiles and lighting. Free.

Lake Union Park
860 Terry Ave N

Path with Art Storefront

Mon–Sun. Through July 31.


Path with Art Storefront Path with Art Storefront: A collection of acrylic portraiture by student artists in the Path with Art program, which helps adults living with homelessness and addiction. Free.

4Culture Storefront Arcade
101 Prefontaine Place S

Scott Kolbo: Our Alley

Mon–Fri. Through July 31.

Scott Kolbo: Our Alley Scott Kolbo: Our Alley: Kolbo's pieces are layered compositions that combine drawing, video, and animation to create a richly textured figurative study. Free.

101 Prefontaine Pl S

User Profile

Tues–Sat. Through July 31.

User Profile: The inaugural show of a brand-new gallery where Grover/Thurston used to be, featuring work by more than 25 artists from around the world. Free.

Hall | Spassov Seattle
319 3rd Ave S

PostGlamism: Glam Art in the 21st Century

Through Aug 1.

PostGlamism: Glam Art in the 21st Century PostGlamism: Glam Art in the 21st Century: Fourteen artists who speak the language of post-glam pop culture, including Dylan Neuwirth, Troy Gua, and Lauren Kalman. There's bling. Free.

CoCA Georgetown
5701 Sixth Ave S, Suite 258

SAM's 36th Annual Betty Bowen Award Call for Artist Entries

Through Aug 1.


Do you want $15,000 of unrestricted cash? Then be a Northwest artist and tell SAM about your "original, exceptional, and compelling work."

Seattle Art Museum
1300 First Ave


Thurs–Sat. Through Aug 2.

Animals Animals: It's a group show of art that has animals in it. A sculpture of two otter heads by Thorly James is amusingly titled Madonna and Youth, a painting of a goat by Stacey Neumiller is called Haute Goature, and then there's the quite literally titled Dried Slug Collection from Gina Coffman. Free.

4711 California Ave SW

Carolyn Hopkins: Smoke Signals

Thurs–Sat. Through Aug 2.

Carolyn Hopkins: Smoke Signals Carolyn Hopkins: Smoke Signals: New drawings, sculpture, and video work created by the artist during a residency near Blue Lake in Oregon. Free.

Punch Gallery
119 Prefontaine Pl S

Casey Curran, Chie Yoshii

Wed–Sun. Through Aug 2.

Casey Curran, Chie Yoshii: Curran's art varies depending on the medium, but always has a degree of complexity. In 2010 he created Grass on Grass, a large disk of grass in Cal Anderson Park. Yoshii paints maidens who look like they may be woodland princesses. Free.

Roq La Rue
532 First Ave S

Ellen Ziegler: Vermilion

Thurs–Sat. Through Aug 2.

Ellen Ziegler: Vermilion Ellen Ziegler: Vermillion: A series of drawings based in the artist's obsession with the ancient color of the title, made using the actual red fire of a burning tool. Presented by Cullom Gallery. Free.

The Art of Music, Series I: POTW

Mon–Sun. Through Aug 7.

The Art of Music, Series I: POTW The Art of Music, Series I: POTW: The Stranger's own art director, Aaron Huffman, has curated this exhibition based on his "Poster of the Week" column featuring beautifully designed show posters. Free.

Brandon Aleson and Adam Primack: Thermal Dynamics

Mon–Fri. Through Aug 8.

Brandon Aleson and Adam Primack: Thermal Dynamics Brandon Aleson and Adam Primack: Thermal Dynamics: A show that uses audio, video, and "heat" to explore concepts of digestion, asking "what does it mean to eat something?" Probably won't be as gross as it sounds, but maybe. The artists will explain themselves Fri Aug 1 at 7 pm. Free.

Jack Straw New Media Gallery
4261 Roosevelt Way NE

Conductive Garboil Grant

Through Aug 11.


Conductive Garboil Grant "Do you push the artistic act beyond accepted limits? Do you engage audiences outside the aesthetic industrial complex? Are you a Seattle resident with a significant connection to Pioneer Square?" asks this grant. If you are these things, you can apply. Garboil means "tumult; disturbance; disorder." The grant is for three grand.

101 Prefontaine Pl S

Delridge Mural Project

Through Aug 14.


Local artist Louis Chinn leads a community-guided beautification project, guiding a team of volunteers and students to design and paint the 210-foot retaining wall across from the Delridge Skate Park. Free.

Youngstown Cultural Arts Center
4408 Delridge Way SW

Cascade: Installation by Ian McMahon

Mon–Fri. Through Aug 15.

Cascade: Installation by Ian McMahon Cascade: Installation by Ian McMahon: Two enormous theater curtains of cast plaster, extending "from floor to ceiling, stand poised facing each other." A staging of the dramatic nature of architecture that will come crashing to the floor at the end of the exhibition. Free.

Suyama Space
2324 Second Ave

JD Banke: Cool and Unusual Punishment

Mon–Fri. Through Aug 15.

JD Banke: Cool and Unusual Punishment JD Banke: Cool and Unusual Punishment: Acrylic wood-panel artwork that doesn't avoid dialoguing with meme-culture. Free.

Cornish Alumni Gallery
1000 Lenora St, 3rd Fl

Adam Sorenson: Calderas

Wed–Sat. Through Aug 16.

Adam Sorenson: Calderas: Six new paintings reimagining volcanic geological formations as way more groovy and colorful versions of themselves. Despite the natural inspirations, Sorenson has dropped all his past visual referents to flora and fauna; these almost might be abstract patterns. Free.

James Harris Gallery
604 Second Ave

New Gallery Artists

Wed–Sat. Through Aug 16.

New Gallery Artists: Work from Linda Davidson, Blake Haygood, Samantha Scherer, and Mary Iverson (whose piece Mirror Lake with Containers was on the cover of last winter's A&P). Free.

G. Gibson Gallery
300 S Washington St

Summer Group Show

Wed–Sat. Through Aug 16.

Summer Group Show Summer Group Show: Work by Kathy Gore-Fuss, Kathy Liao, Henk Pander, Robert Schlegel, and Vanessa Tran. Free.

3419 E Denny Way

Tectonic Dynamics

Wed–Sat. Through Aug 16.

Tectonic Dynamics: A group show of painting, photography, and sculpture, featuring the work of Evan Nesbit, Gibran Mevlana, and others. Free.

James Harris Gallery
604 Second Ave

Elizabeth Lopez

Wed–Sun. Through Aug 17.

Elizabeth Lopez: New paintings from the Seattle artist who's shown at Martyr Sauce as well as in Austin and Brooklyn. "Three of the pieces in this show, Participant (P), Observer (O), and Victim (V), are an invitation to form your response to this new body of work." Free.

SAM Gallery
Seattle Art Museum, 1300 First Ave


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