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9:01 PM yesterday DAVIDinKENAI commented on Joan Rivers Has a Heart?.
@11, don't fret (before you type) about the hours I've spent pondering these trade offs. I know docs and have surgery done by docs in clinical settings. I know other docs (including my wife) working in the general hospital caring for the indigent and uninsured.

No uninsured patient goes to one of these clinics. No clinic (I know of, but give a citation if you know differently) offers basic ER-style stitch-it-up services at stitch-it-up prices. Socialized medicine was only (1) Medicare and (2) the County hospital providing some services at a profit that subsidized many other services. By "skimming" the profitable work, these clinics do, yes, allow plastic surgery and other optional, non-urgent-care procedures at a slightly lower price and certainly in a more upscale setting. But then what does the county do to pay for care for the down-and-out? Raise property taxes? Let them go untreated? ( *I* don't want untreated TB cases in my area).

There is a simple answer and it is a single-payer system. Until then, these clinics siphon profits for private benefit that previously served a public good.

Your county hospital LOVES it if you have a delivery or get a boob job there. That is what bances the books.
3:56 PM yesterday DAVIDinKENAI commented on Joan Rivers Has a Heart?.
Surgical clinics are set up to handle more minor (and more profitable) procedures while relying on (often public) hospitals to pick up the pieces when things go sideways.

As @6 said, it's all fine. Until it's not.
Aug 27 DAVIDinKENAI commented on SL Letter of the Day: Innocent Virgins.
They are NOT in a relationship. They have an online flirtation.

They (neither of them) have had sex, but each need scripts and props and D/s role playing to get off. Really?!? As a virgin, any actual girl I had any attraction to would have been fabulous.

And the dude (with his lady bits intact) will fly 4,000 miles to see a stranger, but won't drop trou? He needs to spend more time and money with a therapist than with (presumably) Virgin Atlantic.
Aug 26 DAVIDinKENAI commented on SL Letter of the Day: Dude, Take My Free Advice!.
Dan's (and my) first and last advice, "DTMFA".

Dan proceeds to put additional arguments between the first and last advice. But that's what he gets paid to do.

Aug 25 DAVIDinKENAI commented on Grapefruiting? Is There Anything Straight People Won't Do?.
Then, the next morning, you innocently serve him chunked grapefruit as part of his breakfast.
Aug 23 DAVIDinKENAI commented on SL Letter of the Day: Jacked Around.
@38: I wonder about their sex life, too. There was no "but our sex life is great (or has gotten better since he's web camming)" nor is there the "lie. . . Online cheating. . . .AND our sex life sucks".
I suspect she's getting as little as she wants because if sex was more important to her, she'd bring it up.

It fits your theory of a fundie couple. They each married the type of respectable person they were each "supposed to", not the guy he really wanted or WTF gets her hot&bothered which she probably hasn't figured out or won't admit.
Aug 23 DAVIDinKENAI commented on SL Letter of the Day: Jacked Around.
@29, 33, 35, 37: Yup. Closet case.

"Ashamed of his homosexual urges" and then his claiming "an addiction" (a sex addiction?, a web camming addiction?!?) and his claiming the stress drove him to all the faceless online cock!

Closet cases are forever throwing shit like that at the wall, hoping something sticks - that she'll buy into the bullshit story of the month and he won't have to face the music - yet. Being a frustrated, closeted, lying weasel is no fun. Nor is being married to one.
Aug 23 DAVIDinKENAI commented on SL Letter of the Day: Jacked Around.
@12: "honest about his orientation"? Is "bi-curious" ever the full story? From Dan's letter writers and people I know IRL, "bi-curious" eventually end up looking for some man-on-man action or are completely gay. "I'm bisexual" is sometimes an honest statement, even a stable situation, but "bi-curious" doesn't mean what they want you to think it means.

@21: Yeah, this is the first time she caught him in a lie. Which says something about him. Or her. But not about his veracity.
Aug 20 DAVIDinKENAI commented on Virginity Pledges and Abstinence Education.
I'm going to drive only one car for my entire life, I'm not going to take any lessons, ask my friends how to drive, nor test-drive the car I pick out.

And it's going to be a AMC Pacer, cause Mom had one. But I'm sure it will be great, unlike hers.

And I'm going to be surprised at my curiosity about all those Miatas and Priuses I see drive by.
Aug 20 DAVIDinKENAI commented on Virginity Pledges and Abstinence Education.
The striking thing to me was that 3-4 years later, 14 out of 15 WERE MARRIED. 18-22 + 3-4 = 21-26 (but some earlier than that). Apart from not figuring out sex, how can anyone choose a partner carefully when they are that desperate to get married so soon (so they can get some of the Jesus-approved marital sex?)?

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