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12:11 PM yesterday DAVIDinKENAI commented on SL Letter of the Day: Kinky Brother.
@7, your last paragraph: Perhaps that tells us (and the brothers) as much as they need to know about their childhood - neither developed very good boundaries. So they'll have to work on it as young adults.

Or not, and live with all the resulting sturm und drang.
10:04 AM yesterday DAVIDinKENAI commented on SL Letter of the Day: Kinky Brother.
@5: Agreed, the brother isn't handling his kinks or the choices that surround them every well. But he shouldn't waste time and money on a fruitless search for "why" he has those kinks. He should focus on how to more safely, sustainably scratch that itch.

A sex-positive therapist might be helpful with that practical, achievable goal in part through some self-acceptance around the kink.
9:15 AM yesterday DAVIDinKENAI commented on SL Letter of the Day: Kinky Brother.
@2: As Dan has mentioned numerous times, someone will say they want to be slapped during sex because their parent spanked them as a child. And someone else will say they want to slapped during sex because their parent DIDN'T spank them as a child. Throw a therapist in the mix and between them they could, no doubt, spin out the brother's formative years into some kind of bogus cause and effect.

I had a GF who spent her mid 20's trying on different explanations for who and what she liked - past abuse, relationship with father, relationship with brother, societal issues, etc. About every year, the explanation changed. Which is tough on a person. And a partner. What and who she liked didn't change. When she just accepted it, her psyche and her life settled down.
Apr 8 DAVIDinKENAI commented on An Important Not From U.s. Department of Justice.
@10: interesting. Because getting them all the way to sending the money order requires a very gullible person? It makes me wonder if a similar concept is at play in ads for personal-injury lawyers.
Apr 8 DAVIDinKENAI commented on An Important Not From U.s. Department of Justice.
Back when terrorists used hand grenades and AK-47s, in person, to do the deed, I'd prattle on about how much worse it would be if they some imagination and technical skills. Then the USS Cole and 9-11 happened and I stopped arguing that point - it had been made.

I still point out that when the Nigerian scammers with time on their hands, low hourly wages, and lack of law enforcement start to partner with US-born English majors (also with time on their hands and low hourly wages), it will change the face of scamming.
Mar 18 DAVIDinKENAI commented on SL Letter of the Day: Sobbing Isn't Sexy.
@4: I'll double @6's refund. You'll be getting triple what you paid.

@8: Only the "he likes being the one who's controlling the sex" provides any back-up to the asshole boyfriend theory. I'm not seeing any other red flags about abusive behavior. Just horribly mismatched libidos, once he was past the thrill of a new relationship. He won't willing agree to sex, so she coerces him into it with a big emotional scene.

How about this: BF is mostly gay. "sex isn't a priority for (him)", "I ask for sex. And I am rejected.", "Other than the sex, everything is wonderful. He is the best and most thoughtful boyfriend ever, but he says he likes being the one who's controlling the sex." That's all stuff that closet cases in straight relationships do and say. He had enough interest in someone new and just enough straightness to be sexual in the four-month infatuation period. But he won't willing put out anymore. Until she's broken down on the floor, sobbing. Maybe he takes pity on her. Maybe he hates seeing his best friend in pain and "rises to the occasion" while thinking of Brad Pitt. Maybe he fears losing his "beard" because a steady GF is great interior decoration to one's closet.

Regardless, She's a straight woman with a high libido. He is straight-identified but doesn't want sex in the long-term. They could both be very happy. WITH SOMEONE ELSE.
Mar 16 DAVIDinKENAI commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Next Level.
"My anger comes from his timing." = "My anger comes from my timing."

Like not telling him before the sex, or the previous week.
Mar 10 DAVIDinKENAI commented on Florida's Tea Party Governor Bans State Officials from Using Terms "Climate Change" and "Global Warming".
I propose they (embattled State officials) develop a symbol, with no defined pronunciation. Which will force everyone to refer to it as the "the phenomenon formerly known as 'climate change' ".
Mar 5 DAVIDinKENAI commented on Brain Surgeon Apologizes for Being an Idiot.
@7: Saying, "I will no longer discuss gay issues" is the same thing as saying "my views on gay issues are so reprehensible I must keep them to myself until I have the power to make policy or vote on them."

It reminds me of Bush Junior refusing to talk about past drug use. And how he largely got a pass on that. The press should have keep hammering on that rather than letting him skate. (Not that past drug use SHOULD be a big issue, unless you're now a "Just say No" hypocrite.)
Feb 26 DAVIDinKENAI commented on Coming Soon: Space-Based Reality Snuff TV!.
There was a tragedy on the launch pad when 23 MBA's died in a huge fireball.

How is that a tragedy?

There was an empty seat.

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