Oct 31, 2014 zimbo commented on Today's SPOOKY Song of the Day is Coil's Take on "Tainted Love".
+1 @4, @5

I would say if you want to go scary/uneasy/unsettling with Coil, loop "The Pope Held Upside Down"…
Aug 6, 2014 zimbo commented on Shabazz Palaces Have Made the Best Album of the Year.
I don't understand this aspect of the review:

"By the time you get to Lese Majesty, Lazaro's words drift in and out of the Venusian mists, the cassette hisses, the computer cackles, the satellite crackles, the ghostly echoes of long-dead Earth. "

The vocals on this album are very up-front and clear to my ears.

Great listening, certainly -- but I would dig it even more if the vocals fit a little closer to the description above.

Charles - was there a specific track that triggered this thought?
May 15, 2014 zimbo commented on The 2014 Genius Award Nominees Are....
Nothing but love for Hollow Earth Radio.
Aug 4, 2013 zimbo commented on Police Threatened to Arrest Me for Taking Their Photo Last Night.
There are a lot of comments here, so I could be echoing what has already been said, but... The original photo really bothers me. Why are so many officers surrounding someone? It would be nice to not lose sight of the situation that influenced the photographing/questions in the first place.
Jun 19, 2013 zimbo commented on So I've Got This Baby Bird....

I recognize the invasiveness of starlings, but I cannot help but love them. We had a nest about our apartment, so I stuck microphones near it and would listen throughout the day to the babies learn to talk. Amazing sounds. There was a car alarm that (alarmingly) went off continuously one day.. for hours. The starlings learned it.

I decided to use them as a sampler. So I feed small earbuds under the nest and played the word "acid" over and over, hoping they would repeat it ... and that I could record it and use it in a song (seemed like a nice, classic style sample to have fun with).

It did not work, but to this day I hope that some nice person is walking along, a little out of their mind, and crosses paths with a starling that looks up at them and says "acid"
May 15, 2013 zimbo commented on Today Is the Day to "Give Big".
May 15, 2013 zimbo commented on Today Is the Day to "Give Big".
I wish the Seattle Foundation's site had a better explanation about what Give Big is. That said, I agree.. today is a nice day to give. So many great groups to donate to. I happy donated to Hollow Earth Radio.
Mar 20, 2013 zimbo commented on Data Breaker.
In regards to the Magma Festival show on March 23rd:

I just want to expand serious credit to co-curator Domenica Clark (she had the inspired thought to book Marielle Jakobsons) -- and of course Garrett K and others from Hollow Earth.

So looking forward to this one!
Mar 13, 2013 zimbo commented on The Art of Vulcan.
safe & generally unremarkable. most people will not be bothered by this. I assume that was the intent?

The Gama-Go style bird to the right is cute... but why is the hammer taking the city away?
Mar 6, 2013 zimbo commented on Never Heard of 'Em.
this made my day.