It's not very popular.

Mar 5 BusyB commented on Shaprece and IG88 Make Tropic of Seattle with "Tell Me" and "Her Song".
IG88 will be playing Magma Festival on March 21st as well. It will be at Glasswing right next to Melrose Market.
Jan 28 BusyB commented on State of the Union Open Thread.
@49 Agreed in principle but how many of those people that it will be made for can afford not taking home their whole paycheck.
Jan 23 BusyB commented on Patty Murray Is Opposed to More Iran Sanctions.
I got an email from Maria Cantwell after I wrote to her about this and she was ambiguous at best. i'm hoping now that Murray has come out against this so will Cantwell.

Also, this doesn't exactly say she's against them she just wants to give the administration time to come to an agreement. How long is that time going to last? What will be the trigger for her to change her mind?
Jan 23 BusyB commented on Utah Might End Homelessness by 2015.
I've seen this same result in different cities multiple times why are we all adopting this so slowly. Boggles the mind.
Jan 10 BusyB commented on I Almost Died While Listening to Coldplay.
Jan 6 BusyB commented on Supreme Court Halts Gay Marriage in Utah.
@12 thanks. Didn't know the supreme court was divided by district.
Jan 6 BusyB commented on Supreme Court Halts Gay Marriage in Utah.
wow haven't written anything in a while. Any buddy=anybody.
Jan 6 BusyB commented on Supreme Court Halts Gay Marriage in Utah.
Any buddy know why this went to Sotomayor and not a different justice? I'm really curious about how this appeal works and why they specify a justice.
Dec 20, 2013 BusyB commented on The Nation Calls The Stranger the "Most Valuable Newspaper".
@13 maybe you were getting it confused with MOX NEWS…

Unfair and Biased.
Dec 7, 2013 BusyB commented on Abstract Your Shit Is: The Institute for Neo-Connotative Action on Airport Way.
weird just showed up here and don't see anyone. door is locked too. bummer

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