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Oct 20 algorhythm99 commented on Cops Get Military in Must-See Do Not Resist.

That sort of extreme use of force over small (or nonexistent) crimes is way too common to be considered a "fuck up".
Oct 4 algorhythm99 commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Counterpoint to Last Week's Tweet Storm of Advice for Straight Men.
I just want to say that NICE's letter is one of the best written and properly nuanced pieces about the whole "friend-zone" thing I've seen to date. Really good stuff.

And I agree with him, Dan. As men who are educated and empathetic about sexuality and relationships, we should absolutely work to demonstrate to straight men that they absolutely can be attractive to straight women without resorting to abject assholery. Being a sniveling "Nice Guy(tm)" will never be attractive. But having solid mental health, doing the work to be the best version of yourself, and then getting out there and showing yourself off (tactfully)? That shit works.
Sep 27 algorhythm99 commented on I, Anonymous.
@3, @5
Stealing from Safeway is VERY different than stealing from your fellow man.
Go read about the difference between private and personal property as it pertains to socialism, etc.

Regardless, theft prevention isn't part of a grocery clerk's job and shouldn't be. Hopefully the clerk this post is about are just power-tripping assholes rather than just afraid to lose their jobs.
Aug 17 algorhythm99 commented on Why Is There a Surveillance Tower Outside CenturyLink Stadium?.
There's a big difference between a scissor lift that the cops can wave to and talk to people from, engage with the crowd, you know, act like their on our side.
But tinted windows? Probably armored? Cameras and megaphones?

Are you protecting and serving us or preparing for battle against us?
Aug 12 algorhythm99 commented on Seattle Will Not Get the Chance to Vote on Whether It Wants a $149 Million Police Station.
Why no resolution to force a redesign of the new station in order to dramatically de-militarize it?

The serious overcrowding of the current building is a problem for both the cops and the citizens they come in contact with. They need to build something. It should be way cheaper, there's no argument there. But why is the criticism from the councilmembers and this paper only focused on the cost and not the high-tech, militarized design, which significantly strengthens the case that the SPD is not on the citizens' side.
Aug 11 algorhythm99 commented on After Shaming Gay Couple for Kissing in Stadium, Mariners Acknowledge "We Can Do Better".
You guys can't even bother to get a stock photo of the right baseball stadium?
Jul 27 algorhythm99 commented on The Seahawks Take Care Of Pete Carroll's Business.
I'd be all for that. More Spike please.
Jul 25 algorhythm99 commented on The Morning News: Seattle Politicians Speak at DNC, Ken Griffey Jr. Joins Baseball Hall of Fame, and FL Nightclub Shooting Kills Two.
Ken Griffey Jr. was the Mariners' *centerfielder* from 1989 to 1999. There's no such thing as "the outfielder", there's three of them.
Also, he returned to the Mariners for 2009 and 2010 before retiring here.
Jun 6 algorhythm99 commented on 79 Percent Increase in Link's Boardings.
Agreed with @10
The Ave, Roosevelt-and-65th, and Northgate stations are what's gonna really make this explode.

You could argue that opening the Husky Stadium station and not making sure they could open the Ave station with it was a very strange choice.
Mar 24 algorhythm99 commented on Sound Transit Unveils Draft Plan for this Fall's Light Rail Ballot Measure.
Shockingly disappointing, utterly unacceptable timelines. But at least this is a draft. Let the noise begin.