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Apr 3 Chali2Na commented on Chelsea Manning Joined Twitter This Morning.
Thing Chelsea Manning also has more of than me: years in prison. I think I'll be okay.
Jan 21 Chali2Na commented on Seattle City Council Member Nick Licata Will Not Seek Reelection.
I don't blame him for quitting. It must have been painful for him to watch the Seahawks over the last few years and keep spouting off about how sports have no cultural or economic significance.
Jan 16 Chali2Na commented on RockCreek's Problematic "Hip-Hop Brunch" Menu.
"it’s painful to see white-owned businesses try and make money off of black culture"

You mean, like, the rap industry itself?
Dec 17, 2014 Chali2Na commented on Sony Is Not Releasing The Interview on Christmas; US Officials Say North Korea Was "Centrally Involved" with the Hack.
@10 You say that is if this is the first movie to ever portray North Korea in a negative light or poke fun at them. "Team America" was ruthless on North Korea and Kim Jong Il. No outcry. The "Red Dawn" remake was digitally altered to make the antagonists North Korean (instead of Chinese). No outcry.

Now, all of a sudden, North Korea has a problem with Hollywood scripts? Seems random.
Dec 16, 2014 Chali2Na commented on Sony Hackers Threaten Terrorist Attacks on Movie Theaters Showing The Interview.
@15 "200" and "201" are the banned episodes from Season 14 that had Stan's (or Kyle's, I can't remember) censored speech about terrorists. It was another Mohammed episode where they censored the character again, but this time Matt and Trey did it on purpose. The episode leaked online and you can find the actual speech that Comedy Central wouldn't air.

Also, speaking of Matt and Trey, I don't seem to recall a whole lot of bitching from North Korea when Team America was released ten years ago. Kim Jong Il was mocked heavily in that one. Shows you what society we live in now. Everyone is hypersensitive, whereas even North Korea didn't give a shit back then about American lampooning its fearless leader.
Dec 16, 2014 Chali2Na commented on Sony Hackers Threaten Terrorist Attacks on Movie Theaters Showing The Interview.
And Episodes 200 & 201 of South Park remain relevant as ever.
Dec 4, 2014 Chali2Na commented on Public Defender Association Exploring Whether SPD Has Violated Protester Rights.
People need to stop comparing the Super Bowl celebration to Ferguson protests (or protests of any kind).
Dec 2, 2014 Chali2Na commented on Drummers Relatively Upbeat About the Film Whiplash.
Bob Knatt's band program at Washington Middle School was basically a real life Whiplash, except it involved making 6th to 8th grade kids cry on a daily basis.
Nov 19, 2014 Chali2Na commented on The Biblical Music of Roosters.
@4 is right. They get going way before the sun rises, and stop somewhere around whenverthefucktheyfeellikeito'clock. In my experiences with a neighbor with a rooster, that could stretch until noon, with literally constant crowing.
Oct 20, 2014 Chali2Na commented on Chuck Berry Turned 88 This Past Saturday.
Saw Chuck Berry live about 15 years ago. Stopped mid-song to berate someone in the crowd for filming with a video camera.

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