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Apr 10 Chali2Na commented on The American Family on the Moon.
I thought we only took a fake trip to the Moon once, though?
Mar 27 Chali2Na commented on The Town of Oso Is Coping with Unimaginable Loss and Understandably Unwanted Attention.
Remember, only The Stranger is allowed to report on the feelings of people at the scene of death and devastation!…

"As they leave, the television crews swarm in, and about 30 members of the group at the end of 59th all raise a middle-finger salute to the television crews. "You'll be missed!" someone shouts."

"Fox News is doing a segment in Glenna's front yard. I more than half think about punching them in the face."
Mar 7 Chali2Na commented on Soulja Boy: "I'm Gettin Money Like I'm Macklemore".
To be fair, his path to success was very similar to Macklemore's. The only difference is he didn't toil in the minors for a decade before almost completely changing his style.
Mar 4 Chali2Na commented on Jason Collins Got a Standing Ovation Last Night.
It stopped being a big deal about three seconds after he stepped on the floor in LA over a week ago (and he received a fair amount of applause). In fact, it was so little of a deal, this here website didn't even mention it (or, if it did, it was buried in a link roundup).

This was his first home game since signing with the Nets, after playing road games in Portland, Denver and Milwaukee (and LA). Naturally, he's going to receive more applause in front of a home crowd seeing him for the first time. That doesn't make it a big deal.
Feb 27 Chali2Na commented on Seattle Teachers Vow to Boycott a New Standardized Test.
@11 Well, we can't hold the shitty parents who don't take an interest in their child's education accountable, so we focus on the one person who we can hold accountable. It's not fair for a teacher to to catch shit for the failures at home, but hey, there's no metric for shitty parenting, right?
Feb 19 Chali2Na commented on Masmari Pleads Not Guilty at Arraignment.
This thing reads like someone had a word count quota to fill. Good lord. Just gives us the news.
Feb 10 Chali2Na commented on Attention BECU Members.
Even if I know it's actually the bank calling, I'll hang up and call back. Never, ever, give any information over the phone when someone calls you, no matter who they claim to be, or what the Caller ID says.
Jan 24 Chali2Na commented on And Journalists Wonder Why Anarchists Don't Trust Us to Be Fair.
@15 Dori Monson is on KIRO radio, which has no affiliation with KIRO 7 other than that they have the same call letters. The only radio/TV combo owned under the same umbrella and call letters is KOMO.
Jan 23 Chali2Na commented on How Privilege Protects You.
Might as well lock this up after the ether #23 just dropped.
Jan 16 Chali2Na commented on Fall of the Duck Dynasty.
That's still incredibly good for a cable reality show. It's not going anywhere anytime soon. Sorry.

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