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Oct 13 Chali2Na commented on Happy Indigenous Peoples Day!.
How about we call it what it really is: "Feel-Good Legislation Day"
Oct 3 Chali2Na commented on Tao Lin Accused of Abuse and Literary Theft.
Reminder: if you don't want your shit shared on the Internet, don't put it on the Internet to begin with.
Sep 30 Chali2Na commented on The Third Person in Line at Uncle Ike's Was a Woman Who's Lived in the Central District for 52 Years.
How bummed was Christopher when the nice elderly black lady gave him that response.
Sep 12 Chali2Na commented on Bartender Crush: Victoria at Cha Cha.
@3 Have you seen her in person? It's more likely that she'll be the one crushing you. Literally.
Sep 11 Chali2Na commented on RIP: Apple iPod™ "Classic".
I'm still using whatever iPod it was that I bought in 2006. It still works like a charm.
Aug 29 Chali2Na commented on Harsh Toke? Attorney General Wins Fight to Let WA Cities Ban Pot Stores.
From the AP story: "Culpepper said Wetherbee did not prove that banning pot shops in such a small city - 5 square miles and fewer than 10,000 people - would thwart the will of the voters; there are shops open in neighboring Tacoma.

The analysis might be different for bans in Pierce County or other more populous or larger parts of the state, Culpepper suggested."

Well that seems fair.
Aug 5 Chali2Na commented on Primary Election Night 2014! The Stranger Infiltrates All the Candidates' Parties to Watch Them Watch Returns Come In.
I just hope that veggie pizza wasn't ordered to appease just one vegetarian buzzkill (as is the case with most pizza parties).
Jul 30 Chali2Na commented on New Manhattan High-Rise Will Have a Separate Entrance for Poor People.
Who cares? nobody is forcing anyone to live there.
Jul 23 Chali2Na commented on Report: Arizona Inmate "Gasping" For Breath During Two-Hour-Long Execution.
The guy murdered two people. I have exactly zero sympathy for him.

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