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Jun 7 gator bait commented on Steve Scher Abruptly Parts Ways With KUOW After Nearly Three Decades.
Writing was on the wall the minute they put Steve into that Great! New! Afternoon mishmash of not much in particular. Mostly reused news stories and some lame "in the field" update to freshen the news. Like when a pop station sets up a tent in a parking lot and spins tunz. You just knew Scher was balking big time behind the scenes to the programming changes.

Someone at KUOW best find a way to keep the Friday journalist news roundup at 11 going. Or I am heading for KPLU. And bringing Mass back would be just fine. Has the weather information improved with Mass being gone? Hell no. They're going to throw money at him to return, though.
May 12 gator bait commented on Draft of Mayor Ed Murray's "Plan E" to Save Metro Obtained by The Stranger; Looks Remarkably Like Proposition 1.
I won't vote for this as a car tab fee. I didn't in the election, either. I will happily vote for it as a property tax (I own property) or other non-regressive fee.
May 8 gator bait commented on Mayor Murray Says He'll Fight Any Attempt to Save Metro by Using Property Taxes; Slams Founder of "Plan C".
@ Cascadian: Thanks. Now I can try to make sense of the current madness, which - yes - seems haphazard and petty at City Hall - maybe on Ben's side too, but that's not being covered right now. In any case, "give me a couple of weeks" for a plan and BTW I hate Ben is not exactly a confidence-builder in getting transit addressed.
May 8 gator bait commented on Mayor Murray Says He'll Fight Any Attempt to Save Metro by Using Property Taxes; Slams Founder of "Plan C".
What does he have against Schiendelman? Posters say "it's personal." Murray acts as though it's personal. What happened? Can't imagine anything bad enough to have a pissing match in lieu of a collaboration on getting Seattle the transit it needs.
May 5 gator bait commented on Comedian Louis C.K. Rips Common Core Standardized Testing.
P.S. The Eduspeak on the Louis CK example is the fault of the testing company or teacher who created it. Any organization or teacher who can suck the life out of learning for an 8 year old with a test like that should get out of the business.

May 5 gator bait commented on Comedian Louis C.K. Rips Common Core Standardized Testing.
There's some good stuff about Common Core. There's some OK stuff about Common Core. Then there's some abysmal stuff. The standards at K-2 fall into ABYSMAL. They have zero alignment with childhood development and the highly documented reality that kids fall within a wide range of "normal" in their reading, math and social skills at this age.
Apr 25 gator bait commented on Ryan Lewis Shares Amazing Family Story, Launches Global Health Initiative.
Ryan Lewis: Making Seattle (and his mom!) oh so very proud.
Apr 24 gator bait commented on King County Metro Boss: Defensive, Defeated, and Laying Out the Service Cuts.
That's not Kevin Desmond. That's former Seattle School Board President Steve Sundquist. I knew he wanted to keep a civic job despite being tossed out of office.
Apr 24 gator bait commented on Sawant Says Mayor's Committee Is "Done"; Mayor's Office Says No One Gets Off the Committee That Easy.
He doesn't need to hit the Marriage Equality speakers junket. He just needs to take his natural born place as a Portlandia cast member.

He'd probably benefit most if Sawant acts as his agent. Lord knows he's not up to his own negotiations.
Apr 4 gator bait commented on The Man Seattle Police Killed Yesterday: 26-Year-Old Chef Cody Spafford.
So the guy had cross-dressed as a disguise to rob a bank and subsequently crashed his car. Obviously he was a bit desperate about something. BUT - he only had a knife and was hiding in a friggin bush -surrounded by police.

Where was the mental health check? Where was the de-escalation training? Why did the police gunshot have to be a killer gunshot? Why can't we marry police intervention with patience and compassion? Why could there be no chance for Cody? Everyone deserves a chance.

And where is the statement by police and/or Mayor Murray on a day that the SPD was getting a public review on its reform efforts? The duck and cover from the Mayor and the SPD is both farcical and tragic. What a waste ---Cody's life, the police action and the city's response all.

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