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Cassette tape fan is planning a wedding with a bacon cheeseburger.
Jul 5 Cassette tape fan commented on The Saturday Morning News.
do we have to kid-proof every space? be prepared and responsible, or dont take young children to places they might get hurt - 6 yr olds dont belong in box seats on the foul line. life is dangerous sometimes. that's what makes it interesting.
Jul 1 Cassette tape fan commented on Layoffs at Mars Hill Church as a Former Associate of Mark Driscoll Apologizes for the "Wrong We Did".
flash! news story! no-way! ...a personality-driven 'christian' church movement turns out to be a weird, dysfunctional, money laundering scam fleecing young, vulnerable, and/or at-risk people. add some weird sex scandal or child abuse and you've got the Vatican!
Jun 4 Cassette tape fan commented on How Amazon Buys Seattle's Silence.
amazon also makes it very easy for anyone to sell almost anything (new or used) to anywhere in the country. surely this has to be good for opening economic doors and creating some income for a wide variety of people. it also keeps lots of items out of the trash and re-uses old items.

im also wondering how of the revenue at amazon has anything to do with books any more. with streaming content, retail goods, and AWS, books cant be that important to their future
Jun 4 Cassette tape fan commented on The NRA Apologizes to Gun Nuts for Calling Them "Downright Weird".
"small" ...its like art, i know it when i see it. or , if you have to ask, well, it probably is small.
May 19 Cassette tape fan commented on I'm Jewish, I Was at the Macklemore Show, and Here's What I Saw.
Does anyone find it ironic his first name is Ben (Benjamen)?
Apr 29 Cassette tape fan commented on Where a Certain Kind of Evil Comes From.
@24's racist stereotype promoting comments are abhorrent. i agree about the childrape thing though. Pikkety has an interesting book on ghe pitfalls of inequality. Its a good read on the subject.…

Apr 23 Cassette tape fan commented on Gentrification "Counterforce" Blocks Central District Microsoft Shuttle Bus.
such a tired arguement and 'protest'.

@32 all of those MS busriders already pay a lot of taxes for all sorts of public goods. from my experience, MS employees in my circle of friends range from mid road liberal to very progressive. they just were all 'lucky' enough and worked hard to get a decnt job at MS.

sure there's a valid arguement for higher corporate taxes and a state income tax, but protesting against a nice, progressive policy of a company's encouragement of ride-sharing?? wtf?

when the connection between the protest target (gentrification) and the means (carpooling/bus shuttles are bad!) is so poorly drawn, the protest is a failure and turns away most people who could be swayed.
Apr 21 Cassette tape fan commented on A Few More Thoughts on That Business-Backed Poll and the $15 Movement.
if the 15Now people dont comprimise some with the small biz concerns, especially hi-profile restaurant types, this will fail. dont let the perfect be the enemy of the good.
Mar 27 Cassette tape fan commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Who's The Bigger Asshole?.
the video lady is a moron. she provokes truck guy and what if his dunb ass manuever sifeswiped into an oncoming car or minivan full of kids. yes, truck driver is an idiot but she is his equal.
Mar 5 Cassette tape fan commented on Drag Performer Ade Connere Attacked.
it seems like a great topic for the stranger to do some actual reporting on, like interview the people convicted on the crime, so we can learn if these are the hobo's from cal anderson, or are they 'frat types' from wherever. im guessing its the former. oldtime hipsters may decry/lookdown on the 'type' of crowd ljning up outside of VonTrapps and Peso's these days, but they're probably not actively assaulitng people on a regular basis. the cal anderson street crowd however. maybe some tainted heroin can get released and clean up some of the problem.

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