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OK SLOGgers, take a look at Huma's smiling around 0:45-0:50 in this video. It doesn't look like she's mad or embarrassed (this was after the mayor's race that he lost, second sext scandal), looks to me like she's just bemused:…

If she was cool with it (and him), why didn't they just say that? No more security risk, no more pretending to be "forgiven" for "mistakes." If it was by agreement, just be honest and tell the american public to get the fuck over it and focus on the issues. I wish that was the outcome here.
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And in other columns Dan has said he knows 2 friends who ONLY sucked cock unprotected, NEVER anal unprotected NEVER broken condoms and they did get HIV from oral. It's considered less than one in a million odds I think, but then again winning the lottery is 1 in 153 million, and every year someone buys just one ticket once and wins.

Here's hoping every faithful SLOGger wins the lottery lotto, and doesn't lose the cock sucking lotto.

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@ myself -- I believe the antigen testing (blood titer) sensitivity for HSV (herpes, 1 and 2) is only 90%. So 10% of the time, you've been infected and it misses it. Specificity is much better (if it says you have antibodies -- you've been infected, you have.)…

Sensitivity for the test that measures tissue from a potential sore is even worse though. HIV tests have gotten really, really high, like 99.9% or better sensitivity AND specificity. That is really difficult from a medical standpoint, a real breakthrough in testing.
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OK, @5, first, I had to look up lorgnette. I love how educated most SLOGgers are. Cool word! Then, I had to go back to the original letter to see "swing the other way" in context. But I still don't get it -- what's the connection between him swinging the other way and "swinging" the handle of some old style opera glasses over your nose and squinting?

@2 right on @4 both +1. Low risk, but nonzero, and hard to test for. Also HSV blood titers are low accuracy (not like HIV tests which are really, really accurate these days).
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@14 +1, *because* he pretended to be over it and stopped, and because it was still going on, and because he was just interviewed in NYT 2 weeks ago and once again pretended it was past him -- it is a national security risk.

His wife works for the future President (I hope Hilary becomes President and Huma still works for her). So, yes, this whole sordid sad affair is a valid matter for public discourse. I believe most politicians deserve privacy if they are not hypocrites, but in this case, it's different.

And +1 to whoever said above (can't find it -- maybe another site?) maybe his kink is getting humiliated and shamed in the global press with pics of his cock going planetwide. Sure seems like it! If this *is* his kink, and *if* Huma agreed (which I doubt), then more power to him for pulling a fast one on all of us!
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Dan and Weiner apologists: you are so wrong on this. The kid is not a baby, he is almost 5. That is definitely old enough for him to see what his dad is doing and remember it if he wakes up. You do not have sex in front of your sleeping 5 year old, you do not sext in front of your sleeping 5 year old.

I feel bad for Huma. But not for Weiner, not anymore.

The first time out, Weiner lied instead of owning it. If he'd admitted and owned it, I would have been with Dan, he wasn't a sex phobic hypocrite as a lawmaker, give him a break.

But every time he's gotten caught, he HAS chosen to sex shame everyone who does like to sext consensually, saying what he did was deeply wrong, flawed, etc. He has been living a lie and repeatedly lying to his wife, saying in public he is recovered, saying it's evil to sext outside of your marriage.

There is nothing wrong if you have an open relationship and an agreement sexting adults outside of your relationship (when your kids are not within view of the phone). Or you can say "none of your business" even if you're a politician. But Weiner kept trying to "repent" in public, to play the role of poor me, pretending it was over him. And to run for office. HE BECAME A SEX SHAMING HYPOCRITE.

And just 2 weeks ago yet again there was a profile in the New York Times, a Q&A, like he was planning another run for public office (NYT did that *last* time he tried to run). Gee, NYT, there are so many ethical, honest sex positive Dems (and boring vanilla ones too). Back some of them for a change. And Mr. Weiner, if you ever read this, why not own your behavior? Be in a relationship with someone where you can have an honest agreement and permission, and sext away to your heart's content, and if you're caught again, say "what's the big deal."
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@21 thank you, VERY informative on restraining orders.

Hope Dan is reading these as he sometimes recommends ROs on the Lovecast. He seeks expert guests for sex research and medical stuff, and gay marriage law, but whenever he gets to other aspects of law he seems clueless and not even realizing he needs an expert.

He didn't mention RO this time (although he did mention revenge porn laws) but he is usually way off on the law and doesn't even realize it.

His worst ignorance-of-the-law (which as we all know is no excuse): he often recommends one partner in a about-to-up or DTMFA couple just moves out even if they're both on a shared lease.

I don't know much about restraining orders but I know a lot about landlord tenant law, and you do NOT want to break a lease like that! Unless you're planning on paying ALL the rent for the rest of the lease AND any damage your ex does to the apartment / holdover and eviction expenses, or having your credit ruined, a potential judgment against you, wage garnishment depending on the jurisdiction and legal resources of the landlord... and debt collectors hounding you for the next decade. (Written as a small time landlord who would go broke if tenants shafted the landlord, and barely breaks even most years until decades down the road when eventually, maybe I can sell and retire if my tenants haven't beaten my property to shit, and so I know this area of law somewhat well. BTW, not all of us landlords are 1%ers, ya know!)
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SLOGgers are much smarter than Dan on this one. Clinton and Letterman doing straight shit to less powerful women, they get a pass. Same with the inappropriate outing of that bi Condé Nast CFO with a taste for wacko rent boys. But a bi kinky low power low status guy -- maybe not.

And what happened? Did Dan's advice work out?

Enquiring minds want to know!

Can't whoever at the Stranger helps Dan pick a SLLOD out of the archives shoot off an email to the original LW and ask first? Or if Dan is picking these recycles, can't he shoot off an email himself with a boilerplate "I'm gonna re-run your letter -- care to update us?"
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@12: "Sex without sober consent is rape...yep, even among very good friends."


Highly intoxicated people can't give consent.

But there are degrees of intoxication that are not sober, not safe for driving, yet are well within the capacity to give consent!
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@12 @13 agree Zika in piss is a minor risk, less than other types of sex.

But Dan dispenses evidence based advice and it could have been a chance to educate.

Sex educator friends tell me most people do NOT know that you can have a symptom-free STI in your genitalia and pass them to your partner's throat (usually from oral sex). Most docs do NOT check throat culture for STIs unless you ask. There's been a huge surge in asymptomatic gonorrhea, not trivial, so educating the public about this is not a minor issue. A piss letter gives a chance to let people know that oral sex as well as piss can transmit all kinds of stuff.

@14 Agree, maybe just youth or LW is very very vanilla, but this is a low bar for "one and done." Pissing *on* someone is pretty mild.

And "one and done" is unrealistic. If you have a kink especially one that is low risk and easy to accommodate, you don't want one time and then have to jack off to the memory of it the rest of your life!