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@29 there's a fancy Latin term for what you're doing, and I don't know what it is.

So let's call it BS.

You make a false comparison: Hilary was pretty good as Secretary of State, the world is a fucked up place. I *did* hold Hilary to task for the foreign policy issues you speak about, and concluded that she would be far better than Trump.

There isn't a single thing I can think of Trump being "better" on except if you're a heartless billionaire, he'll cut your taxes and get rid of the inheritance estate tax. Democrats serve the oligarchs but much less than Republicans. D: Estate tax R: no estate tax. D: increase in marginal tax rate on rich, more health care. R: decrease in tax rates on rich, less health care.

You can be a progressive and still conclude Ds aren't perfect but are pretty good (and light years ahead of Rs).
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Now if you'll excuse me, I've got this terrible pain in all the diodes down my left hand side....
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@27 @36, it looks like we're both wrong!

A little more digging and wikipedia says that you are right, Belgium was in the 3rd book in the USA edition only and never in the 1st HHG book.

However, I was right that the use of Belgium as the worst expletive ever in the 3rd book was lifted from the original radio series, which preceeded the books and for a true scifi nerd is the holiest of holies in the HHG universe, Adams at his purest. :)
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Hi @27 major HHG fan here, I think you may be mistaken. If memory serves me correctly (and the web backs me up), the original British HHG (first book) did use Belgium in the context I gave, as an expletive so bad it's unmentionable (sorry, Belgium the country! you are great).

And if memory serves me correctly, so did the original radio script (which came before the books), but I'm a bit hazy on this.

The HHG pages online say you are partly right -- in one of the sequels, the UK version used "fuck" and the US version censored it / replaced it with Belgium. May Douglas Adams' memory long live on! (For those who don't know him, he was also a great atheist, and a friend of Richard Dawkins.)
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@23 prior to the election a small group of people (the main stream media and the DNC) had information that Trump was a fraud (Trump University), a cheat (screwed his workers literally and figuratively), a tax loophole exploiter who was bankrupt not a billionaire, and a serial sexual harasser / sexual assaulter.

They shared it with EVERYONE.

He still won the electoral college. He also ran the most offensive, divisive, lie-filled campaign in the last 30 years. Enough people stayed home / didn't care that it didn't matter.

Just how could ANYTHING be used as blackmail against this utter and complete Belgium* - his Belgium* supporters will support him NO MATTER WHAT and not enough Belgium* Americans care to stop them. Sad!

*a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, where "Belgium" is rudest expletive in the entire galaxy, and banned, except in serious screenplays. http://hitchhikers.wikia.com/wiki/Belgiu…
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@25 T's entire cabinet are anti-gay anti-women anti-marijuana anti-reason climate change denialists.

So, fair game to sex shame T et al., he / they reality-shame the planet. [and I say that as a ws fan]

@43 a minority of Americans voted for Trump-Pence. By about 3 million votes Hillary won the popular vote. Please don't blame all of us. Unfortunately, the USA is saddled with the electoral college, an 18th century relic of the agrarian 17th century roots of the first 13 colonies, and 21st century neglect of education in rural areas. Urban residents are more educated and by and large did not fall for the stupidity.

When the Democrats swept into power in 2008, in hindsight, single payer health and getting rid of the electoral college and limiting gerrymandering at the state levels should have been pushed through.
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@2 made me laugh, good answer. @3 that's what I do. @8 actually Dan gave a lot of what NOT to put in a profile and a lot of his theory on where this comes from. But he completely skipped how to politely express preferences. Dan said "he finds a way to express his preferences without disparaging anyone" but he didn't give examples.

A lot of shitty people are shitty, but some just don't have a lot of models of non-shitty ways to say "rule out" x, y, z.

Previously Dan's noted how apps take a lot of time vs. IRL where you can scan a room and see right away if someone you're interested in makes eye contact back. There is a legit need to express rule out preferences if you have them, in a non-shitty way. Saves everyone's time.

Some apps only register a chat-match if both people swipe on each other so it's a non-issue, you only swipe and chat if you both are each other's type. Others (esp. gay apps) let anyone chat to anyone and you have to ignore / block if someone isn't your type.
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Dan's missing a teaching moment here. What's the non-shitty way of expressing preferences?

If as a white top into slim Asian femme bottoms, I say "slim short Asian a +" is that shitty? (in my opinion, no, but what do SLOGgers think?)
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"It gets worse." Except for the comedy shows. Trevor Noah, Bill Maher, et al. are gonna have a field day.