Nov 23 delta35 commented on Savage Love.
@LW 1 FULL, this is Centurion card level. Invitation only.

@LW 3 PP if you're within a day's distance of DC round trip, go! I went on many marches in my 20s, for choice, for LGBT rights, etc. They are symbolic and mostly people in the area and so the expense is minimal in terms of diverting from other donations, and young people should protest injustice. (We all should, but frankly, the young and the old have more time and the young can tolerate cheap travel and physical discomfort easier. Mid-career it gets difficult to find time and the body is not as forgiving...)
Nov 21 delta35 commented on Announcing the HUMP! 2016 Awards.
Now that we will have a FLOTUS and POTUS who've been in porn (stomach turns), perhaps the stigma has passed and after the year's tour has ended, HUMP! can make available an opt-in compilation sold online for streaming?

So contributors can still stay anonymous / films destroyed for those who don't want to opt-in for public distribution each year, but each year it would be avail. after the tour for purchase. I'm guessing many of the filmmakers would support this.
Nov 18 delta35 commented on Letter to the Editor: From the Desk of a Progressive Who Can Do Math.
The current DNC policies would have been a slow screwing of the middle class but at least with some lube.

Trump is gonna just fuck us all hard, no consent, no lube.

LW and those who agree, go read Cornell West. Start here:…

Bernie wasn't just white elite's fav. Of course, Cornell West supported Hilary after the nomination (as did I), but if you are still thinking a Hilary-like set of policies is the future of the DNC, we are in for decades of Trumpism, Trump voters stupidly think he'll protect them but they smartly know the DNC neoliberalism isn't working.

It doesn't have to be Bernie's way but we need a coherent, massively progressive agenda from the DNC.

For those who like free trade, fine, but you'd have to couple it with a heavy wealth tax (not just progressive income tax) on the billionaire class who benefit and use it to provide a substantial basic income, and a low-cost non-profit safety net of housing, education and universal health care. That ain't happening, Americans don't like "redistribution."

Without it, free trade just screws the 99%. Hence, Bernie's path of somewhat protectionist policies, free college, and single payer healthcare might at least preserve some future the working and middle class. Unfortunately, I'm only hearing this from Cornell West, Bernie, "outsider" left wing voices.

DNC leaders like Chuck Schumer are basically more of the same DNC that just got defeated where it counts, in the vast rural middle of America that controls the Senate, House, most of the state governments, and due to Electoral College, the presidency.
Nov 17 delta35 commented on Savage Love.
@8 I've also gotten work visas for other countries than either of my dual citizenships. It is easy if you have a job and your employer sponsors your work visa. But just upping and moving, with work privileges to go work for who you want? Sadly not easy.

Kwame Anthony Appiah writes eloquently how discriminating on the basis of citizenship and preventing free movement of non-wealthy individuals is morally wrong and "open borders" would be a more just world as the rich can live and work where they want already, the middle class elite with some difficulty can chose what country to live in, but everyone else is stuck.
Nov 16 delta35 commented on Savage Love.
@7 Thank you for this! I didn't know Québec maintains its own immigration! Good to know. I like Montréal and do speak French... (too bad it's so damned cold there in the winter)
Nov 16 delta35 commented on Savage Love.
@8 highly amusing, yes I have been abroad. The LW *and* his BF are both Americans, so the two of them up and moving permanently to Canada is not easy. If he married a Canadian, easier of course.

Note: I am talking about permanent residency, legal work permits / visa, access to Canadian health insurance as a national, the whole deal. Of course, up and moving for a few months is very easy, at least for OECD 20 nationals (if you're from a developing economy, it can be tough just getting a tourist visa).

(And actually, I am a naturalized citizen myself, and a good portion of my friends are also first generation Americans.)
Nov 16 delta35 commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Boyfriend on the Menu.
@3+1. That was my first thought, vore is way beyond platinum, it's Centurion territory.
Nov 15 delta35 commented on Savage Love.
@4 have you actually looked at moving to Canada? Or almost any country you're not a citizen of already? You have to bring in between $500,000 and $1 million, create 3 jobs or more, blah blah blah, or be some extra special in demand profession / student major *or* have a job offer already... Not easy for most of us.

Most countries (including the US) make it hard for their employers to hire someone who doesn't already have legal residency status or citizenship unless you're an extra special snowflake.
Nov 15 delta35 commented on Savage Love.
KHH get thee to a good immigration attorney ASAP. Even after you marry (good advice) getting that green card for an undocumented spouse is not easy and hasn't been for decades, it ain't like in the movies.

In the 1990s I know someone who married a non-US citizen who was on a student visa legally (male-female couple of course back then, and way before all the 9/11 hysteria) and they made his wife exit the country, stay out for many months, while she applied for a green card / whatever visa would let her stay in the US while her green card came through as even then they didn't allow "converting" from a legal documented temporary status to green card.

If your BF is from a country where gay men can be imprisoned for being gay (which is a whole heck of a lot of countries!), you might get some special status that could avert the trip out of the USA... And perhaps there are other ways around it too for hardship, I am not an attorney. But I do have enough friends who are immigrants to know it is a whole heck of a lot of hoops. And the green card status can be jeopardized by any legal issues / even minor crimes, and it's a very long road to citizenship now.

Either way, get married now, get to that immigration attorney ASAP, and realize that even under Obama the US law treated legal immigrants like crap a lot of the time, and it's only going to get worse, so your new husband should avoid any minor arrests or demonstrating against Trump. Even resisting arrest can be grounds for revoking a green card and that's often thrown at peaceful dissenters. Get legal advice from someone who knows immigration law on an ongoing basis!

Good luck!
Nov 14 delta35 commented on Rural and Suburban Whites Did Not Vote for Trump Because They Felt "Left Behind".
Only partly right. Spent some time in flyover country this summer and wow, the all-white rural hick towns sure look like bombed out war zones. Boarded up businesses, cars so old I'm not sure how they can keep running, and nothing but wal-marts as far as the eye can see.

Of course, they are voting against their own self-interest, but it's not just racism, they also want to stick it to the liberal coastal whites who, on average, are doing much better and let's be truthful, have not offered up any major progressive policies in the past 8 years.

ACA is not single payer and the public option was abandoned in those slim 2 years Ds had control of the House after 2008 elections. The Occupy movement dissolved into a progressive farce with the hand-wiggling signals.

Yes, I supported Hilary, but I wish it had been Bernie and I wish there were many young Bernies in the wings. Maybe it's time Jon Stewart for president (then amended the constitution to abolish the electoral college and let a naturalized citizen run for president, then we could have Samantha Bee as president in 2020).