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Jul 16 delta35 commented on Savage Love.
BROS great that you're cool w being a tourist. Are you hot? When in Rome...
Jul 14 delta35 commented on Chris Hayes on Claiborne Richardson and the Manassas Police Department's Lust for Teen's Hard Cock (Pics).
@16 sissoucat very astute analysis. Most Israelis and Palestinians are reasonable people, yet support extreme retaliation due to the past horrors visited upon their friends and family by the extremists on the other side, so it perpetuates.

Only a few of the extremists consciously plan this, most simply perpetuate it. As the USA fights terrorism with drone attacks, and as those who died in drone attacks fight back with more terrorism in the USA, we will see the same thing here (and in a sense have with 9/11). Same in Europe.

How did a discussion on Claiborne Richardson's lust for teen cock pics segue into the forever war in the middle east?
Jul 9 delta35 commented on Judge Orders Boy to Have an Erection, Let Cops Take Photos.
@17 each state is different. There is also federal law, so if the two were across state lines it would technically be trafficking in child porn (sending porn to the 15 year old) even though it was a consenting sext.

I have not heard of the feds prosecuting this but they could. The feds started under Bush and finished under Obama prosecuted adults for distributing consenting adult porn showing simulated rape over state lines via the internet to other adults!


The case eventually was plead out after the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated jail time. That's one step down from SCOTUS. Not sure why they didn't stick it out and try to appeal to the top, SCOTUS never heard the case due to the plea.

While I agree with Dan that this is nuts, in Security State America, I would not email or phone anything to the district attorney or police. That could constitute harassment or impeding law enforcement.

Disclaimer: None of this is intended to be formal legal advice.
Jul 9 delta35 commented on Savage Love.
@50 of sometimes one meets and falls in love with a person completely different than one would ever have picked from one's criteria list. :-)

Back in the villages and tribal societies where humans evolved there might have been a few hundred people you'd ever meet in a lifetime. Maybe 50.

Evolution couldn't have selected for us to be so picky as to live in cities with millions and still not be able to find love or sex, if our ancestors were so fussy we wouldn't be here.
Jul 9 delta35 commented on Savage Love.
NSFW -- you say you can deal with the taste, sounds like it's not exactly delicious? Some guys taste quite delicious, others not at all (of course taste is also a matter of your preference), and what they ate recently can affect the taste of ejaculate too, if they are on medications, etc.

Same for the wet fists -- might require lube, and lubes vary a lot in how they taste.

The choking -- some people can learn how to overcome their gag reflex completely for unlimited deep throat thrusting. I haven't been able to, but if you google, there are lesson plans available online! mostly involves re-training your gag reflex with a toothbrush or dildo going a little deeper each time when you can control it

You also might try having your BF rest on his back, and you can bob up and down, so his thrusting is limited.
Jul 9 delta35 commented on Loose Box of Smallpox Virus Found in NIH Storeroom.
why not vaccinate everyone now, just in case, with boosters periodically?

everyone used to get vaccinated against smallpox. older people i know all have the scar on their upper arm

in addition to known terrorists, there's the risk of unstable loners as it becomes possible to synthesize genes with equipment that is getting cheap enough to be in schools and smaller colleges
Jul 7 delta35 commented on SL Letter of the Day: Call the Open Question.
@1's advice to break up & live a little -- maybe, maybe not.

Sometimes young love -- they started at 21 -- lasts decades, and breaking up (or just settling for and lumping it) isn't the answer.

But the fact that he had never experienced sex or relationships with guys before, plus his wording in the letter, does perhaps suggests he needs a bit more experience and this relationship might not be "the one" (rounded up).
Jul 7 delta35 commented on SL Letter of the Day: Call the Open Question.
Great advice.

Think of a relationship as a dual price of admission: you may pay her price and have less of an open relationship now than you'd like, she may pay your price and be open more than she'd like.

You can be asymmetrical by agreement in degrees of openness. And it may well change, up and down, with time if you build a life together.

On average it's easier negotiating an open relationship in a male-male than female-male relationship.
Jul 4 delta35 commented on SL Letter of the Day: Smoke Her Out.
@4 Pope Buck I and @17 DAVIDinKENAI win the thread!

Yes, think of the dog!

I'd recommend therapy for him -- major issues with him, of some type. He likes sex but isn't having it. He has learned in life that to love someone means not changing them? Hello, you've been reading Dan too selectively.

Yes, there's the price of admission and you can't / shouldn't change everything about a partner, but in my experience (20-yr LTR) you both change each other a bit -- and the mutual changes are a very good thing!
Jul 4 delta35 commented on Why Public Transportation Will Not Work Without Aggressive Social Engineering.
Social engineering is necessary to get the voters to want govt. to invest billions in mass transit infrastructure instead of car-centric infrastructure like Seattle's tunnel.

However, social engineering is not necessary to get 99% of people to use mass transit. If you build a great network, keep it clean, run it often so it's not to crowded and run it long hours, with a great network including lots of ways to get from point to point without always having to go downtown -- people will use it preferentially, because it will save time and time = money for everyone, even if it's never as comfy as a car. Look at Singapore, London, Seoul, Tokyo, NYC... the 99% prefer public transit, the break-even point for a taxi being preferential is when you are going someplace you can't get without lots of transfers, and for a car only if you have a private driver who deals with the hassles of traffic and parking.

Sadly USA even in NYC doesn't invest much in new mass transit infrastructure, smelly stations that are hot in the summer and cold in the winter, and no new lines between Queens - Brooklyn even though now the population of the boroughs exceeds that of Manhattan by many times and there's cool stuff happening in the boroughs. At least it's 24/7.

Of course, when cars for the middle class go driverless, this may change the calculus... but for the current time a good mass transit system is inherently superior for most people. The key is has to be good, and that requires major up-front investment.

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