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@2 ha! you win the thread!

@3 myself, pigeonhole should be slang for some kind of sex act.

(Well urban dictionary says it is already, but not one I've ever heard of.)
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Anal *every* time LW has sex or hooks up? Unusual according to Science on MSM.

And Boy is a Bottom is *such* a cute song. Puhlease, girrrl (or should I say bro), get off your judgmental horse.

Maybe this is your first relationship in a couple of years because you're overthinking things when you're alone, and under-communicating when you're together? Or over-processing when you do communicate with the BF? And maybe it's the kind of guys you're dating if they pigeonhole you?

Keep it simple.
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@1+1. @7 you win the thread. But hopefully, much less than 28'. He's lucky he's not paralyzed.

Is it just me or does Dan's answer to #4 sound really, really bleak?
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@7 according to wikipedia, @7 Millenials is birth years early 80s to early 2000s, so includes 30-somethings and current older adolescents. Was formerly called Gen Y then renamed.

Gen X is mid-1960s to 1980s birth years (after the baby boomers).

People born 2005-ish and up are tenatively Gen Z.

My money is that around about 2020 to 2025, some formerly entitled Millenials born in the mid-80s who are now entering their 40s and starting to feel really old and getting laid off in droves for younger, brighter, shinier Gen Zs will invent a catchy name for all those whippersnapper Zs taking their Millenial jobs. :)
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LW also sounds like an extremely bright person with some fairly unusual thinking patterns. Being trans is a pretty significant thing about one's identity but it's tossed in as an aside, LW is focused on thinking constantly about sex as if that's odd. To anyone growing up today who's not in a super religious household under a rock (and given what LW talks about with his parents, sounds like that isn't the case), you'd know thinking about sex is pretty normal. Again, I'd recommend a counselor, lots to unpack and work through.
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LW: you sound intense and passionate but maybe talking with a counselor will help with some grounding and avoid some serious disappointments? I know someone who's good friends with CockyBoys' founders and it's a small outfit, doing porn *like* them is a fine goal but doing porn *with* them / for them kinda a long shot even if you're great and you live in Long Island City near their NYC studio.

I'm guessing they have a long list of interested folks. They're one of NYC's most visible out gay poly triads / throuples after New York magazine's 2012 profile! (and their porn sure has got more artsy since last time I looked a few years ago, too bad they're still into lots of tattoos)
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@38 @39 it can be fun to watch, and while I haven't seen the quantities in some porn films that look obviously faked, there's plenty of amateur clips that look real with guys who are pretty big shooters (quantity and distance) and I have seen in person a wide range to what's normal, from a single ooze to a great many spurts that shoot quite a distance. Maybe it's a dude thing to admire quantity and distance, gay straight or bi but I've even seen guys clapping in gay sex venues after a particularly copious / long distance ejaculate.
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@36 proofreading is hard too.
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@35 myself, math is hard. Trumps' 757 was 19 years old when he bought it, 25 years old now. But still, I think most gets get retired at 25 years, so Trump's jet is like a bit like 14 year old clunker in the car world.

Technically I think hours and "cycles" take-off / landings are more important for airframe age. Can't find any articles on that but Trump's jet was bought used from a real billionaire who had bought used himself, and the plane was originally in commercial service so must have had a lot of hours on the airframe already. And Trump's previous jet, a 727 in 2009 was 42 years old, which really is ancient for a plane. Shows he has much less money than he pretends.
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OLDER, LW#1, reminds me of Donald Trump, right down to the used vehicle.

Except T who shall not be named has a used plane rather than a used car.

But a really old plane as jets go, 25 years old when he bought his 757 in 2009, so now over 30 years old:…

@1+1 happy b-day, Dan. Or should we say happy anniversary of your birth? ;)

@7+1 most likely staged. Have seen a small number of different guys cumming over the decades (4 or 5, cough, hundred), and no one has shot ropes of cum like a porn star.

Though I'm guessing Trump thinks he cums bigly huge. At this point, it wouldn't surprise me if Trump actually said this during the 3rd debate. (If someone in the media would just start the story that he doesn't cum much. Tiny hands...)