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Apr 4 delta35 commented on A Virgin Girl Is Like a Piece of Chocolate....
Welcome back from vacay, Dan. Terry's instagram shows him in Palm Springs, but no signs of Dan that I saw, if you were on vacay together the Integratron seems awesome.

Speaking of Terry -- maybe he should write a diet / exercise book. His body fat appears to be impossible to achieve for someone who isn't 20 anymore. Wow. Jealous.

@ A Girl Is Like a Piece of Chocolate: well put! Boys too. In fact, people. And just like a box of chocolates, who in their right mind would want to eat only one kind for the rest of their lives?
Mar 6 delta35 commented on SL Letter of the Day: About a Boy.
To the LW: if this one boy makes you swoon, why do you think it's a one time only thing? Why would you want to limit the rest of your life to just women and never have the lovely swoon again? And why limit it to a hookup? Maybe he's the one in all respects.

If women don't make you swoon, then maybe time to rethink the st8 dating thing.

But if they do too, why not be open to being flexible in the future, and being honest with any female partner and finding one who is open to you not shutting out this part of you?

Also, consider re-thinking the monogamy thing that the Catholics have taught you. Some people are wired up to be monogamous and you can be flexible and monogamous. Some people aren't, but there's nothing immoral about non-mongamy if you're open and honest about it.

Immoral is cheating and lying to your self and to others. That's the real message of Catholicism. Study the history, much of what you learned as God's true doctrine was developed for political expediency or happenstance by a very human and at times corrupt bureaucracy.
Mar 6 delta35 commented on SL Letter of the Day: About a Boy.
@51 kwodell: "flex" -- great idea!

Of course, it implies a certain level of physical fitness that might not apply. After a session on my knees, I find my middle aged self saying "dude, can you give me a hand up?"

I like it because it includes the heteroflexibles and homoflexibles who might not like "bi" because that sounds too 50-50.

gay isn't a contraction of homosexual (that would be homo), straight isn't a contraction of heterosexual (het); bi is a contraction. flex is a great affirmative non-contraction.

Tech savvy at risk youth -- pass it on to Dan for the savagelovecast!
Feb 12 delta35 commented on Savage Love.
@any sex workers reading this [or Dan] - what are your opinions on what's a stingy tip for a sex worker, what's fair, what's generous?

should tips vary by country depending on legality, availability of free healthcare, etc.?

googled but no consensus, and the Emily Post Institute is curiously silent in an otherwise comprehensive section on tipping:…
Feb 12 delta35 commented on Savage Love.
For UGLY - is he only trying dating with conventionally attractive women?

Anti-depressants can lower sexual desire as well as performance, so he might be feeling less physical "connection" / interest now as a side effect of treatment (worthwhile though given that depression can kill).

In addition to Dan's advice, how about learning how to communicate with women emotionally by building non-sexual friendships with women by engaging in activities like volunteering, political activism, etc., where there are women and you're working in small groups on a common cause you are interested in? if you're religious, join a church [shudder] with social volunteer groups. add some meetups for some physical activity like hiking where there'll be potential for both male and female friendships / social connections
Feb 12 delta35 commented on SL Letter of the Day: What a Kackass.
@49 wins.

@36 I doubt the therapist told her what to do in quite those words. That's what she heard, but then again....

SHIT ketter [sic] writer be crazy SHIT SHIT
Feb 3 delta35 commented on Abortion Rate at Lowest Rate Since 1973.
A snow day here in NY. Dan, you are wrong. American conservatives don't care about sex and female sexuality. They just say this. In reality, they care about lowering taxes on the 0.01%, the tens-of-millionaires to billionaires. They realize that gay rights is no longer going to get the evangelicals out, but abortion gets the evangelicals *and* appeals to the otherwise democratic leaning Latino and Latina voters who are likely to be Catholic. Have you talked to young adult Latina women? Many are passionately anti-abortion.

It's all about the money. The effect is to trample on women's rights, but the real anti-abortion and anti-contraception push is, as always, a calculated political move to keep the tax laws favorable for ultra-wealthy. It may or may not win at the white house, but it's a guaranteed win in >50% of state legislatures and majority of US Congress, and maybe even the Senate, given that strongly pro-women's rights voters are concentrated in a minority of states.

Look at the mainstream media scaring up the sheeple about kids taking marijuana cookies in CO -- again, a calculated political move to scare people to anti-drug Republicans.
Feb 3 delta35 commented on Scientology's Creepy Super Bowl Ad.
@20 thx, added to my reading list.

@21 You mis-quote me, I said to some extent cult-like and based on faith, fiction, myths etc. Yes, most Christians don't believe their faith is a myth, but deep down any educated Christian (or follower of any other religion incl. scientology) must realize that their beliefs aren't in the same category as science or historical fact and are a mishmash of faith, myths, and fiction with a dash of greatly altered historical fact thrown in. That's why they're very defensive when atheists say "enough already!" That's also why Scientology gets away with its tax deductible status in the USA, because courts can't reliably differentiate between an organized religion and an organized cult, especially once they get tens of thousands of followers.
Feb 3 delta35 commented on Scientology's Creepy Super Bowl Ad.
@1,3: saw it in NY.

@19 anyone know if Fred Pohl or others ever wrote about Scientology's creation moment in print? I heard the "bet you can't start a religion" "bet you I can" story from Pohl in person and would love a source that I can give people to look up.

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