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  • Dan Savage started the Iraq war. Why?: To undermine traditional marriage
  • God is: Dog spelled backwards
  • What's your favorite Charles Mudede post?: The fucking idiotic one
  • What book have you read the most?: Tales of the City
  • Punch Buggy or Slug Bug

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May 28 sperifera commented on Let's Watch a Little Bit of Rick Santorum's Announcement, Shall We?.
@2 - hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha dude, you are so funny.
May 27 sperifera commented on Maritime CEO Paul Stevens Dishes on the Polar Pioneer, Business in the Arctic, and His Frustration with Mayor Murray.
The reality of the situation is that there aren't really any other options for Foss/Shell. Maybe Foss can build themselves a floating port off the coast to provide their marine services... Fuck them.
May 26 sperifera commented on Mayor to Introduce Medical Marijuana Enforcement Plan That's Likely to Shut Down at Least 50 Dispensaries.
This will make it difficult for producers outside Seattle. Other cities will follow suit, and that $500 license fee times Bellevue,Kirkland,Tacoma,Kent,Renton,Shoreline ad nauseum will add up to real money in no time for a small, quality-minded producer.
May 26 sperifera commented on Morning News: A 63-Hour Protest While Dangling from a Shell Vessel, and the Local Company that Wants to Mine Astroids.
@1 - There was a day when Slog would have cared about such things, but not so much any more.
May 25 sperifera commented on I, Anonymous.
A lovely way to remember Memorial Day.
May 21 sperifera commented on Washington State Rules for Local Distilleries Just Got So Much Better, Plus Boom Noodle Reopens.
@1 - Would you care to expand on how local hooch producers are able to skirt TTB regulations and still get licensed? Or wtf are you talking about?
May 20 sperifera commented on Rand Paul Thinks He's Filibustering the Patriot Act, but He's Actually Just Babbling.
@2 - You hit the nail on the head with every point you made.
May 16 sperifera commented on Live Coverage of the Paddle in Seattle from Land, Ferry, and Kayak!.
@21 - I apologize for all the crap I've given you over the years. You just hit the nail on the head.
May 16 sperifera commented on Live Coverage of the Paddle in Seattle from Land, Ferry, and Kayak!.
Raindrop, this protest is solely about making the protesters "feel good about having done something about it!" It's all posturing.

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