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Really? Notsomuch.

Nov 24 sperifera commented on Morning News: Five Shot at Minneapolis Black Lives Matter Protest, SPD Increases Patrols After QFC Shooting.
@2 - Good news for you! Your school is forming a club to push for White History Month AND Men's Rights. You should join.
Nov 22 sperifera commented on Four People Shot at Broadway and Pike, in Front of QFC, Early This Morning.
@24 - Slog has been dying a slow death of late. Sad when you see what it's become...
Nov 19 sperifera commented on State Democrats Want Republican Islamophobe Jay Rodne Stripped of His Committee Position.
@6 - There are numerous fatal air crashes each year throughout the globe. Do you have the same fear of flying?
Nov 19 sperifera commented on Do You Know Where Your Tip Goes?.
@1 - You are obviously unaware of how tip reporting and taxation works. You can rest assured that every server you encounter reports tips, and is taxed for them. Every. Server.
Nov 17 sperifera commented on Bobby Jindal Suspends Campaign for Worst President in the World.
I nominate Bobby Jindal to replace Reince Priebus as RNC Chair.
Nov 17 sperifera commented on Man Shoots and Kills Woman During "Freaky Sex" Gone Wrong.
Well he said it was an accident, and I'm sure that he's suffered enough and been traumatized already, so give him back his gun and let him go. That's the American way.
Nov 16 sperifera commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: An Easy Call for a Former Call Girl.
The LW should have known better than to date a Republican.
Nov 16 sperifera commented on Why Putting the French Flag on the Space Needle Is Racist.
I'm not sure which is worse, having read an article knowing that Mudede wrote it, or knowing that I agree with him.
Nov 16 sperifera commented on Republicans Want Paris Attacks to Derail Obama's Plan to Resettle Syrian Refugees.
@16 - I choose not to live in fear. I wish you would as well.