Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Mar 21 MLM commented on Federal Judge Destroys Arguments Against Gay Parents.
Now that is an evisceration. Bravo!
Mar 21 MLM commented on Oh My God, Look at This Old Photo of Kelly O.
@4: Do you not have embarrassing high school photos from the 80s?

I guess they're ironic and not ironic at the same time, or something.
Mar 4 MLM commented on A Homeless Person Throws Garbage at You: WWSD?.
@34: That's actually useful, especially if the person is clearly mentally ill. Just confuse them a little bit and get out of range as quickly as possible.
Feb 14 MLM commented on Kansas Approves "Turn Away the Gay" Law Legalizing Discrimination Against Gay Couples—And Singles.
@6: Satan is blushing - what a perfect image. I may have to use that in the future.
Feb 7 MLM commented on "What's a whippet?".
The only correct answer is an adorable dog!
Feb 4 MLM commented on Who Should Pay For the Pergola Damage?.
I have now donated to the Boys and Girls Club, so there's that!
Jan 31 MLM commented on Fandog.
Lookit 'er little face!

Seahawks, you don't want to disappoint this little doggie-oggie, do you?

Jan 12 MLM commented on OMG! OMG! American Football Playoffs! (Open Thread).
@14: Your avatar goes well with your comment.

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