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Oct 2 MLM commented on SL Letter of the Day: Sarcasm Uptake Inhibitors.
All the things that @1 said.

This really is just mystifying. You've only been together 9 months, you're not married, you don't have kids, you don't own property together, it doesn't even sound like you live together... he's being an asshole, treating you like shit, and won't have sex with you. In what parallel universe does this not equal DUMP IMMEDIATELY?
Sep 15 MLM commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Right Not To Know.
I'm not sure I've ever been gladder to be an only child than I am at this moment.
Sep 8 MLM commented on In Legal Battle Over Grand-Jury Secrecy, Ninth Circuit Court Sides with The Stranger.
@7: Thanks! That actually was very understandable.
Aug 28 MLM commented on Ivar's Versus Ethan Stowell.
Sunfish on Alki. Seriously.
Aug 18 MLM commented on Robots Are Coming for Your Jobs.
@2: I have but one small quibble. Now that we have robotic floor vacuumers and moppers, how long before we have robotic window washers? That does not seem a particularly challenging problem.
Aug 10 MLM commented on Boring Report: Goodbye, Big Red Crane.
@3: So what I'm getting from this is that he makes $45/hr? Because that's, like, a lot.
Aug 6 MLM commented on Hell Hath No Fury Like an Early-'80s Teenager Whose Father Recorded Over Her VHS Tape of Beloved MTV Videos.
I was once a teenage girl in the 80s. Good times, man. Good times.

/could have written that letter
Mar 21 MLM commented on Federal Judge Destroys Arguments Against Gay Parents.
Now that is an evisceration. Bravo!
Mar 21 MLM commented on Oh My God, Look at This Old Photo of Kelly O.
@4: Do you not have embarrassing high school photos from the 80s?

I guess they're ironic and not ironic at the same time, or something.

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