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Aug 17, 2015 Kate Martin commented on City Council Agrees to Let Voters Decide on Turning the Viaduct into a Park, but Isn’t Happy About It.
I-123 Briefings on Thursdays at 10am and 2pm by appointment at 1427 Western. Please book a slot and get the facts.
Feb 18, 2015 Kate Martin commented on Remember Those People Who Wanted to Turn the Viaduct into an Elevated Park?.
HI. I'm Kate Martin and I'm directing a campaign to preserve the view from the viaduct with an elevated park. The Engineering + Costs chapter of our feasibility study is now nearing completion. BuroHappold Engineers were the main consultants. We're going to recommend saving a 400' section that is really interesting looking by Pike Market and then taking off from there all the way to Century Link with a brand new single column single deck garden bridge up at the 55' level. Our Alternative Waterfront Vision seamlessly harmonizes the elevated park into the Alaskan Way corridor. It's exciting. And Feasible. Please contact us for more information or to book an informative presentation comparing our Alternative Waterfront Vision to the City of Seattle Central Waterfront Plan. Thank you. http://www.parkmyviaduct.org and Park My Viaduct on facebook and twitter.
Dec 17, 2014 Kate Martin commented on Seattle Housing Authority Shelves Its Rent-Hiking "Stepping Forward" Proposal.
I liked the proposal. Helping people gain upward mobility is progressive. Helping them stay at the bottom is oppressive.
Oct 16, 2014 Kate Martin commented on A Majority of Our City Council Is at a Swanky Resort With the Seattle Chamber of Commerce.
@23 "Wow. Somebody please fire this shill of a hack reporter. Have you even looked at the list of companies? Most of them are Northwest companies, ALL provide tens of thousands of high-paying jobs and are major patrons of charitable organizations, the arts, and support local vendors as their suppliers. Yes, they also sometimes play a harmful role and do stupid shit, but that's exactly why our government needs to stay engaged with them. This kinds of us-vs-them mentality is just as dumb as the Tea Party and LaRouche assholes!"

I agree completely with you. Thank you.
Aug 7, 2014 Kate Martin commented on When It Comes to Skate Parks, Seattle Has No Idea What It's Doing.
Thank you, Scott Shinn. What a cranky article Tobias has written. When my kids were growing up there was no place to skate and I got involved with some fantastic people like Scott Shinn and many others to make sure we got some facilities and we were successful in our advocacy. I'm very grateful (and so are my now grown kids) that we've been building a variety of skateparks all over town to serve a very wide variety of skaters. Seems like Tobias wants to skate Westlake and is willing to dis nearly every skatepark in town to make his point which is unfortunate. Tobias should consider lending a hand to skatepark advocates in Seattle, not throwing everyone under the bus.
Jul 31, 2014 Kate Martin commented on Guest Editorial: Why Voting for a Seattle Metropolitan Parks District Means Losing Citizen Oversight.
When I saw the League of Women Voters recommendation a NO vote, I was glad to have their company. Bad governance is always a bad idea. I suppose that this idea and the one they have in store for us in November are perhaps the swansongs of a City Council that stands a very fair chance of being reconstituted next year; a city council that seems to have not taken a clue from last November that the citizens said they actually want more to say not less. Galvanizing my position are the pricey mailers (and now there's been 4!!!) from the proponents without a peep about what the vote is actually about. The puppies and turtles and kids are cute, but that's not what the vote is about. Nor is the vote about whether you like parks or not. Nor is the vote about who cares to pay taxes to support parks. The vote is about governance and whether we want to set up a separate taxing district corporation that is insulated from the voters to such an extent that it actually cannot be dissolved by the voters. If that doesn't spell NO, I don't know what would. The voters can't end it. Ever. Enough said.
Aug 22, 2013 Kate Martin commented on Smart, Effective Activism Pushes $15 an Hour Minimum Wage Fight into National Debate.
We need to get to zero youth unemployment. Let's leave the minimum wage lower for young folks to encourage businesses to hire them. Going too long without a job becomes a life sentence, literally.
Jul 12, 2013 Kate Martin commented on Run, Jane, Run!.
Is The Stranger scared poopless by women candidates to the extent that they feel they must lump us a do a group degradation? Failed school board candidate. Hmmm. I notice that not every candidate described in the media gets referred to by profession. I'm seldom described as a planner or designer - more often activist, or in this case failed school board candidate. Others are a legislator, a lawyer, a real estate tycoon, and an architect, but I'm just a failed school board candidate. Seems like more of the subtle subtext of sexism. I got 70,000 votes on about $5,000 worth of donations in 2011 when I ran for school board. That's quite a feat in my book since I'm interested in elections, not auctions. It is possible that you folks at The Stranger aren't?