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Apr 4 CbytheSea commented on Chelsea Manning Joined Twitter This Morning.
@31 just becuase you don't understand something doesn't make it invalid. It's amazing how willing you are to share your stupidity.
Mar 20 CbytheSea commented on Mayor Ed Murray Wants to Ban Smoking in Parks, and the City Says There's Nothing Unfair About That.
This a lot of comments about a law thatl probably ding 10 people a year tops.
I'm sure the fierce defending smoke, the strong anti probably used to smoke or lost a loved one to cancer.
Honestly, I used to smoke. I really enjoy not smoking and encourage others to quit as well. I dislike littering and find it annoying that many smokers disregard that. Also it kills you, but probably not as fast as drinking, guns, chilling on the couch and good old cheeseburgers.
Lastly, Raindrop is a fucking moron.
Mar 20 CbytheSea commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Sweaty, Suspicious, and Running to "Catch a Bus".
Crime has never looked so charming.
I hope the stranger is paying you Callan, this is legit.
Mar 12 CbytheSea commented on Morning News: Marijuana for Dogs, Columbia Tower for Sale, and Tougher Penalties for Driving While Sexting.
@3 it may not be treason but it certainly weakens America's standing in the world. Which ironically is what republicans accuse Obama of repeatedly.
I know you hate all things democratic but normalizing relationships with Iran is a major step in stabilizing the Middle East and these guys very easily could have hindered that process. At a certain point you need to grow up, drop the petty partisan crap and do what is best for the country and the world.
Jan 12 CbytheSea commented on Seahawks Insufferably Close to Second Straight Super Bowl After Taming Panthers.
@Theodore, I'm not gonna waste my time explaining this to you. You seem to be the kinda guy that relies on national sports media sports narratives and traditional stats for evaluation. I'd imagine you probably think Jack Morris is a Hall of Famer.

Which is fine, sports are entertainment and people can enjoy it anyway they want but based on your evaluation methods I'd stay away from betting.

But I will say you claiming you don't wish for 'Cheat Carroll' to fail is as silly as SeatlleBlues denying his homophobia.
Jan 12 CbytheSea commented on Seahawks Insufferably Close to Second Straight Super Bowl After Taming Panthers.
@10 I agree they'll probably make the leap illegal pretty soon. It's really cool but really dangerous and NFL already is too dangerous.

But on to the salary cap. This where you clearly don't pay that much attention to the new era Seahawks. They churn through players like no ome's business. If fact only have of the starting players from 2012 are on this squad. Essentially the team is built around defense (no duh, right?), defense contracts tend to be pretty undervalued. And due to the way they use Wilson they really don't need to spend money on WRs (the most overvalued postion in football).

They'll be able to retain most of the team for 2015 while giving Wilson that monster contract. If you're really waiting for their downfall, it won't be due to salary cap issues. It'll be finding Lynch's replacement in 2016. RBs are his caliber are rare, I know you're a sucker for traditional stats but look into his weighted stats and the dude is truly above and beyond.

What you're seeing is Moneyball NFL addition. If you are interested in further reading about how clever they are with their pay roll and taking advantage of the market inefficiencies produced by the current CBA, I highly recommend checking out David Hsu. Neat stuff.
Jan 11 CbytheSea commented on Mitt Romney Reportedly Just Told Supporters He's "Considering a Run" for President in 2016.
@42 as a straight man I find it super strange that you're so obsessed with homosexuality. It seems like the kind of thing you'd spend a lot time thinking about, if you were, you know, gay.

I'm just saying this as a straight guy who hangs out with a lot of other straight guys, and the subject never comes up. You on the other hand can't seem to join a comment thread without bringing it up. It just really doesn't match up to what straight dudes are actually thinking about.
Jan 8 CbytheSea commented on Charlie Hebdo and Piss Christ: On Fear and Self-Censorship and the AP's Dangerous New Precedent.
Though I believe artists should be able to create whatever they wish (barring kooky things like killing). But I do think if you want to make the situation better. Mock the terrorists, mock the deluded imams, mock the hypocrisy they use to kill.
Crude cartoons mocking their prophet only shows society doesn't care about them. Society does, it just hates the hateful and should be the target of mockery.
Jan 8 CbytheSea commented on John Kerry Addresses the French People.
@34 lechyd da! (Cheers!). Funniest fact of Welsh (Irish and other Celtic languages too) doesn't have a word for yes or no. Verbs are expressed in tense and in positive or negative form.
Jan 8 CbytheSea commented on John Kerry Addresses the French People.
@31 Welsh is as phonetic as Spanish. Just remember becuase all letters are consistent, you need to add some vowels, hence y and w are vowels. Ll and dd are their own letters as well.

The only tricky thing with Welsh is modifying words happens in the beggining of a word, which makes it look like there's ten versions of the same word. Grammar is also super weird in Welsh.

Apologies for the lecture but as probably one of only people raised in a Welsh/English speaking household in Seattle I rarely get to flex the Cymru.

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