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Oct 31 mother of two commented on Savage Love.
Oh, and make sure he has a debit card, or credit card, so he CAN buy stuff on-line.
Oct 31 mother of two commented on Savage Love.
I think it would be hideously embarrassing to give a sex toy to your teenager, or to get one from your parent. I bet the kid DOESN'T KNOW about ass plugs. Buy a decent book and leave it somewhere he will find it. Then don't snoop when he gets stuff mail order.
Jun 7 mother of two commented on Savage Love.

A friend used to have a phone number one digit off from a local pizza place that stayed open until very late. It was a huge pain. When they got calls at normal times, they told the caller they had a wrong number and gave out the right number. When they were awakened by a call to the pizza place, they just took the order.

I think it's odd that people suggested she call the police, though. No one suggested that re the pizza shop, of course.
May 24 mother of two commented on SL Letter of the Day: Help!.
Therapists can tell parents of minors stuff like, "I had an appointment with your child." They don't seem to be able to even say that much once your child is an adult. I don't know the laws, but none of my daughter's therapists ever shared anything remotely private with me, and I didn't expect them to. It might be different if a five year old sees a therapist, but surely everyone who practices mental healthcare understand that teenagers need emotional privacy from their parents.
May 24 mother of two commented on Savage Love.
As a woman, I find it really disturbing that the letter writer seems to be defining femininity by disability. "lacking the choice to stand while peeing". I have read accounts by transgendered people who wanted to be smooth and soft and pretty, and those didn't disturb me the same way -- those were people who desired positive aspects of femininity. That they also wanted to remove the penis that announced "MALE" and the balls that pumped nasty masculizing hormones into their systems seemed perfectly reasonable. Leaving the penis there to look at, but cutting a hole in it so it doesn't work, seems destructive in contrast.

If the femskin idea appeals to the letter writer, I think it would be a GREAT idea. That looks like a non-surgical, non-permanent way to achieve a feminine body (including the lack of a functional penis, and including boobs and hips and soft smooth skin.)

Either way, I hope the letter writer finds a good therapist, and includes his wife in some of his sessions, so they can explore what aspects of femininity can be a positive addition to their mutual lives.

Oh, and congrats, PDX Fem-man.

p.s. My straight, masculine husband usually sits to pee. And when I was young and went backpacking, I often stood. (as I get older, I prefer to squat in those situations -- neater that way.) How you pee just doesn't strike me as an especially defining feature of sexuality.
Mar 29 mother of two commented on SL Letter of the Day: Sneezy Kinkster Teen.
As a parent, I was all in favor of my teens learning to keep their browsing private. That seemed like a valuable life skill. And I can't say I have any regrets. I don't know exactly what my kids saw on-line, but they weren't abducted by aliens (I mean, by child molesters) through the computer screen or anything.
Mar 16 mother of two commented on Gaydolph Hitler, World's Most Notorious Bi-Phobe, Helps Out a Young Bisexual.
Interesting. Dan isn't the only one who has advanced over the years. Dobson has, too.

A friend gave me some Dobson tapes designed to help with the mother-daughter puberty talk. I used parts of them. He included a half hour "for the parent only" justifying why he thought masturbation was okay for teenagers, and why he advised you to tell your kid that, and his tapes supported that view. (although only in a discrete segment that the parent could skip.)

What he said about homosexuality was horrible -- "your kid isn't, just don't bring it up". But I thought what he said about masturbation wasn't too bad.
Mar 16 mother of two commented on Gaydolph Hitler, World's Most Notorious Bi-Phobe, Helps Out a Young Bisexual.
@17, reprints are often more poorly edited than first editions. At least for a while, lots of books were reprinted from scanning the original, and using OCR software, with all the mistakes that inserts. If you look at typos in printed works, they almost always make sense as an OCR error rather than an "author didn't know how to spell" error.
Mar 15 mother of two commented on SL Letter of the Day: Sweat Ickquity.
When I read these reruns, especially the really bizarre ones like this, I wonder what became of those people.
Mar 15 mother of two commented on Polyamory Was Definitely the Problem.
Uncreative, I finally bowed to the pressure of being hidden from most users by registering, but I applaud you stand in not doing so.

As for the story... Um, it reads like something from "Penthouse", only depressing instead of hot. I couldn't keep track of who was coupled with whom, while taking which substance. It didn't sound like there was anything like polyamory going on, just an orgy. And I found it awfully hard to feel sorry for a guy who is jealous that he and his wife aren't "the hot couple everyone is watching". Poor babies.

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