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Mar 16 tainte commented on A Grateful Nation Salutes You, Former McDonalds Social Media Manager.
dumb. this accomplished nothing and gave the right more outrage fuel. how about we try to make a meaningful statement in light of the SAD budget proposal??
Mar 15 tainte commented on Maddow Says She Has "Trump Tax Returns" (UPDATE: They're From 2005—Now Let's Watch Maddow Together!).
good god, the trump team leaked this and you all fell for it. hard. dan, for a dude over 50 you are still very immature.
Mar 7 tainte commented on This Amazing Sign Just Appeared on the Fence Surrounding the Capitol Hill Light Rail Station.
pssst....your artist friend is the one who put the sign up.
Mar 1 tainte commented on A Review of Trump’s First Address to Congress: A Fruit Loop Necklace of Nonsensical Words.
great, so he stuck to the words on the teleprompter and for the most part read them well. so fucking what. he's still a vile piece of garbage. nothing changes that, but I tell you this: if he somehow manages to rein in his crazy, stay off twitter, stick to the script....we're incredible fucked. people in the "middle" (whoever the fuck they are) watched last night and saw a guy they could, for the most part, agree with. nevermind that most of the stuff he said was bullshit. then they saw a bunch of "whiners" sitting down and not applauding. nevermind that the GOP did the same goddamn thing for the last 8 years. what if trump's team doesn't double down on the crazy and instead tries to normalize him? again, if that happens I say we're all fucked. people were stupid enough to vote for him when he had the crazy turned to 11.
Feb 22 tainte commented on Bands I Pretended to Like for Boys. Part Nine: Dave Matthews.
I really DO NOT like Dave Matthews' music, but you're wrong about him being non-political. He's been on the Farm Aid board with Willie, Neil, and John since 2001, and he always speaks passionately about the plight of the family farmer. He's fighting the good fight, and I have to give him props.
Feb 18 tainte commented on Take Donald Trump's Not-At-All Slanted and Misleading "Mainstream Media Accountability Survey".
OH FOR FUCKS SAKE, I took the survey and gave them my actual email address. so fucking what...let them come after me. they've already sent out another email to their supporters complaining about how the democrats got ahold of this one and "skewed" the results.

fucking amateurs.
Feb 16 tainte commented on Source: Intelligence Agencies Prepared to Go "Nuclear" on Trump; Watch Him "Die in Prison".
#25, I assume this is a serious comment, so i'll what? my wife and I don't wear wedding bands either. we had better things to spend out money on at the time, like weed and booze.