Feb 25, 2013 Sam O. commented on Blade Runner's Brother Is Also Facing a Homicide Charge.
How is this related to Pistorius' case? Is the only link here the fact that it's his brother? How does that affect the case?
Jan 31, 2013 Sam O. commented on Want to Bring Back the Waterfront Trolley?.
@7: I'm thinking the only reason you haven't been banned yet is because you're just too amusing. May you merrily troll along on your gay troll trolley forever!
Jan 31, 2013 Sam O. commented on Watch Jon Stewart Grill Al Gore on Fossil-Fuel Hypocrisy.
So Al Gore just stole a bunch of money from the oil industry by tricking them into exchanging it for a useless TV network that no-one watches?

I don't see the problem with this.

Also, he's correct in his assessment of Al Jazeera's environmental coverage. I doubt any other network would've been as pro-environment as AJ after a sale.
Jan 25, 2013 Sam O. commented on Strokes Release New Song, "One Way Trigger".
Is this a joke?
Jan 24, 2013 Sam O. commented on Seattle Gun Buyback, This Saturday!.
@1: Ah, glad you could pick up comment funding from the NRA after Romney's checks started bouncing.
Jan 23, 2013 Sam O. commented on Beyond Conformity or Withdrawal.
@4: The opposite of fashion is not nudity.
Nov 27, 2012 Sam O. commented on #1reasonwhy.
@11 "Maybe booth babes are part of the problem."

Seriously? Maybe the fact that companies hire models (read: attractive females) to stand around and look sexy (read: O-B-J-E-C-T-I-F-Y) solely in order to attract attention for their brand (read: have no worth other than being sexy) could possibly maybe just might be a little tiny bit of the problem?

Y'know, I never really thought about it until RIGHT NOW. But nah. Not possible. There's no way that could contribute to any sort of objectification of women, that's just silly because boobs.
Nov 27, 2012 Sam O. commented on #1reasonwhy.
@2 I would posit that a lot of the "gamers treating other gamers like shit" is mostly adolescent males doing what comes naturally in this society: having fun at others' expense, and not fully understanding the social ramifications of their actions, coupled with pseudo-anonymity over the internet (see also: racist teens on twitter).

Having been a member of Xbox LIVE during my youth, I can say that there were plenty of insults tossed around, directed in just about any direction there could be a direction in. The modus operandi of most online shit-talkers tended to be: Attempt to discern the most sensitive nerve and pound it relentlessly. If no obvious cracks emerge in the target, resort to standard racist, sexist, etc slurs until the game ends.

If you're female, I would expect a shit-talker would find sexism to be an easy fallback that hit an obvious nerve, so it's not surprising that a lazy shit-talker would indeed engage in sexist insults, etc.

I used to wear pink armor with a heart emblem, and my friend would wear a similarly gender-stereotyped color with a unicorn emblem. To us, it was sort of a game to bait the shit-talkers into saying stupid things (pussy, fag, bitch, etc). It was quite amusing, and that much more satisfying when we gave them a good drubbing.

All that said, it really depends on the community you play in. The server I play my favorite game on is quite welcoming to females, and people treat other people like adults. I think that's what it really comes down to. Then again, I come from the position of white male privilege gamer, so perhaps my viewpoint is worthless (or is discarding my viewpoint just unprivileged reverse racist sexism?!? o.O).

Hope you enjoyed the story anyway. And fuck you too!
Nov 26, 2012 Sam O. commented on What You're Not Wearing: Sweater Edition!!.
Can I vote for "This fake tan?"
Nov 16, 2012 Sam O. commented on Inquest Ordered Into Fatal SPD Shooting of Alzheimer's Sufferer.
No-one expects the SPD inquest-ition!

Too soon?