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  • What song do you want played at your funeral?: doolittle by the pixies.
  • God is: SEVEN!
  • What's your biggest grammatical pet peeve?: you're/your
mtnlion just puking my brain's words out, that's what i do.
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Jul 29 mtnlion just puking my brain's words out, that's what i do.
Jul 29 mtnlion commented on I, Anonymous.
Also might I add, if you really let Whatsername make you feel bad for your "mistake" and seriously feel like you've slighted them and feel a real sense of guilt for this, you might not be as normal as I originally thought. I mean, if we ever let people "make us feel" any kind of way about stupid shit like this, that's kind of on us.

In short, break the chain reaction now and don't let the weirdness reverberate back to you! Don't feel bad for something that wasn't bad!
Jul 29 mtnlion commented on I, Anonymous.
Anon, clearly the response is to heed your own admirable suggestion: forgive your forgettably-named good-conversation-making acquaintance for overreacting to your completely human "gaffe." Keep acting like a normal person to him/her and everybody else, no matter how absurdly they respond to you being a totally normal person, and maybe we can start a chain reaction of normal humanness, and then one day we will all be reasonable and not die in a horrible whole-Earth fire that we ourselves created!
Apr 24 mtnlion commented on I, Anonymous.
Dude, I think this is just as appropriate a way to deal with shit as any. Let her be pissed and deal with it in time. I think this anon is fucking rad. All of you "why didn't you take care of your own future" assholes are bunch of non-empathetic, unrealistic, "you should've" types. "You should've" is such a bullshit attitude BECAUSE THAT'S NOT WHAT HAPPENED. All we can do is deal with the current reality presenting itself to us, and you're a dick for suggesting she do something about the wholly unchangeable past. We are where we are, okay?

Feb 20 mtnlion commented on I, Anonymous.
@9, you are making a frustratingly common error regarding public nicety and norms.

Just because one has the constitutional right to be loud/annoying/obnoxious doesn't mean they should be. I have the legal right to fart on little children's heads as I pass them, but I almost never do, because it's not very nice. And anon is also within his/her rights to tell Shitty Guitar player to STFU--why anon didn't do that is beyond me. I'd probably pull the nice, quiet Washingtonian "can you keep it down please?" move with the lowering-of-the-hand gesture.

It's pretty simple. There are your formal rights (the ones you see in a textbook, hear interpreted by pundits to serve their own interests and political beliefs, and hopefully regurgitate if you get arrested) and then there are fluid rules (much more real and respectable and applicable day-to-day) about how to be a normal fucking human.
Jan 22 mtnlion commented on I, Anonymous.
@8, great point.

Why are you only so passionate and righteous behind the veil of online anonymity?
Nov 20, 2013 mtnlion commented on I, Anonymous.
@1, People are allowed to express their gratitude and love for other humans in whatever words they like. In this instance, Anon's words sure were a lot nicer than yours. I think this is a lovely IA.

But like @5, I also was a little concerned as I read it--did they know that he was safe to move? Would he be okay alone? Did he need medical attention? I would want to call some EMTs just to be safe. But in this situation, all's well that ends well.

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