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9:55 AM yesterday GhostDog commented on Dems Are Going To Filibuster Gorsuch But We're All Going to Die Anyway Because of the AHCA.
@1. Called it. Wish like hell I was wrong, though.
Mar 22 GhostDog commented on Amazon: Killing Jobs One Robot At a Time.

" I suspect in the macro there will be a shift as these economies continue to grow at a relatively faster rate, while ours continues to gradually slow down - at least until some other economic driver comes along to stimulate the process locally (that is, nationally, as opposed to extra-nationally)"

We've been waiting for a very long time for the economic driver in question to arrive. At this point I'm pretty skeptical that it will show up in my lifetime(I'm 40 now). The problem is that the nature of the technological advancements we have been making, by their very nature, reduce labor requirements. Also we are reaching saturation in regards to what people are willing to pay for.
Mar 21 GhostDog commented on Trump Doesn't Give Two Shits About His Supporters (And Neither Should You).

"So our outreach strategy is to ratchet up the hatred? Then what, start shooting at each other? "

I'm afraid that is where things are headed and there really isn't any way to stop it.

The right has been fed a steady diet of hate since around 1994 first by Rush, then by Fox, and now by Breitbart, World News Daily, etc.

If we wanted to stop it we would have to first go back to around 1995.

The people we are talking about haven't wanted to hear anything we have to say since around midway through the second Bush administration. We are all "libtards" and "cucks" now and if we said the sky was blue they'd scream and shot it was red just to see if they could make us cry.

I'm afraid you don't seem to understand. We aren't going to have a civil war. It started quite some time ago. It just has more in common with the cold war than the first civil war. There is nothing we can say and nothing we can do to change it and, even worse, there isn't even a way for one side or the other to win outside of the other side 100% dying out such that they can't even have kids to perpetuate the conflict.

It may take a few years but our Republic is already dead. It just doesn't fully realize it yet.
Feb 14 GhostDog commented on Release Date for Dear White People is Announced, Pisses off White Nationalists.

This is precisely true, actually. In this case they are using a definition of genocide that includes mixed race relationships which stretches the word to the point of meaninglessness.
Feb 10 GhostDog commented on Republican Congressman Dave Reichert Is Hiding from His Constituents.
Actually, oddly enough, the problem he's going to have isn't going to be from people who don't want the ACA repealed.

The problem he's going to have are from the people who want it repealed RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW.

Remember that Trump and the Republicans swore on God, Mom, and Apple Pie that they would repeal and replace Obamacare with something amazing before the chair in the Oval Office was really and truly adjusted to a new president.

Unfortunately when they got into the numbers they realized that if they out and out repealed the ACA they would take away health care from 20 million people and all of their efforts to replace the ACA invariably end up with something that looks like...the ACA. This, btw, is not a coincidence as the DNA for the ACA has a high percentage of the Heritage Foundation's health care plan that eventually became Romney's health care plan in Massachusetts.

This means they have not only the people on the left who are upset about the plans to repeal but they also have the people on the right who are upset that Obamacare hasn't been repealed and replaced with something super amazing and awesome.

I can't really blame the congresspeople for not wanting to face people after that. It's awful and we need to force them on the issue but I do understand it.
Feb 7 GhostDog commented on Only Rich White Homos Care About Marriage Equality—Still With This Shit?.

Re; the poly network marriage thing.

Speaking as someone who used to be poly, that is a hard one.

For same-sex marriage the main obstacle we had to overcome was the resistance to the concept. Once we got past that it was relatively simple to enact. Everything was exactly the same as it was before only the genders for the union weren't that important.

For poly marriages not only do we have the conceptual obstacle but we also have the fact that poly marriages on a conceptual level would be extremely complicated.

Who owns the joint property? If there is a divorce, how does child custody work? Etc.,etc.
Feb 7 GhostDog commented on Only Rich White Homos Care About Marriage Equality—Still With This Shit?.

Well, yeah.

What a lot of people who are activists don't seem to realize is that for most people struggle is not beautiful and living in angst is a short, miserable road to an early grave.

Politics and activism at this point in history is only slightly less miserable than ditch digging and people react appropriately, meaning they'll do it a little bit or if it really impacts them personally.

Have you ever been a part of a political organization? I have and it was pretty awful. Everyone disagrees with everyone else inside the group and outside of the group you are either ignored(if you are lucky) or hated(if you aren't so lucky).

Unless we can get to the point where politics isn't quite as toxic to participate in we won't have people participate.

Feb 1 GhostDog commented on Seattle DIY Promoters Talk Safety in the Wake of the Ghost Ship Fire.
This, unfortunately, is where we are in the timeline.

Creatives come to places that are inexpensive because they don't make a lot of money.

The creatives make their new place interesting and fun with concerts, parties, etc.

People who have/make lots of money want to be in interesting and fun places so they move there.

Because people who have/make lots of money move there that makes everything more expensive.

Creatives get priced out and move to a new inexpensive place.

Thus the cycle churns on. I think the only thing that could stop it is that nowadays most of the places artists could go are already too expensive and the rest have people who despise creatives.
Feb 1 GhostDog commented on Confidential to the Democrats.
@17 As far as I can tell flagging comments does nothing. I've flagged a few comments and all of them seem to still be around.
Jan 25 GhostDog commented on Bands I Pretended to Like for Boys. Part Six: Collective Soul.
So, I think what most people are ignoring is when the events in this series happened.

She's writing about what happened in college and high school. This is exactly the period when people do things like what she is writing about.

I think it's a fun series. It's refreshing to see a tangible example of a situation where a woman pursues a guy. For me, it moves the idea from, "that never happens" to "it happens but isn't very common".