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Jul 21 GhostDog commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Different Day, Different Couple, Same Issues, Same Advice.
@18, @22.

Having been in one of those type of situations myself, I can't speak for everyone but I can speak for myself.

There were a few factors. Extremely poor dating pool, lack of personal growth, etc.,etc. However, it boiled down to one simple thing. Sexual contact with a female was so absolutely important that it was worth lots of emotional pain. As long as that was the case(it isn't anymore) then I would continue to endure it.

For me, I had to endure enough emotional pain that I was willing to be single for the rest of my life before experiencing it again. That happened and now I'm way more picky.
Jul 14 GhostDog commented on Some Pokémon Go Enthusiasts Are Saying the Game Is Good for Their Mental Health.

That's assuming they have nothing in common but the game. Which may be valid sometimes but not always.
Jul 13 GhostDog commented on We Saw You Dividing a Vigil for Black Lives Matter and Hunting Pokémon Outside Hot Mama's.
About this world that "needs our attention so badly".

Our politics have devolved into a choice between a fascist and a tool of the establishment.

Our culture is focused on problems that either don't have resolutions or don't have resolutions that can be implemented in our century.

Our economy has very, very serious issues that nobody reading this can actually make any progress on.

Honestly, when looking at the almost limitless ocean of despair and agony that we are confronted with on an almost daily basis, I can't say I blame anyone for retreating into their Pokemon Go/weed/whatever.
Jul 12 GhostDog commented on Gay Republicans Now Loathed Slightly Less by Their Colleagues.
Oddly enough, I have some sympathy for gay Republicans.

The thing is that, even though most of the readers here are big fans of the Democrats and their platforms, it really sucks that if you are gay you basically have to support the Democrats.

What if you are gay and a fiscal conservative? It seems your choices are to become forever marginalized, I mean, a libertarian, or chose between the abuse of the Republicans or surrendering half of your identity and becoming a Democrat.
Jul 1 GhostDog commented on An Actually Reasonable Email From an Actually Sane Sanders Supporter.
@47 and @48

Yeah. For me it isn't that Clinton is unlikable that worries me as much as the unmitigated(and frankly irrational) hatred that conservatives seem to have for anyone from that family.

They dropped everything they were doing back in the 90's to target Bill Clinton even though he wasn't exactly looking to take over the means of production(for example, drug enforcement efforts under Bill Clinton's presidency actually went up significantly). They have been going after Hillary since she became secretary of state.

My worry is that in order to keep a Clinton out of office Republicans would unite under the devil himself. Honestly, it was going to be an awful presidential year the second that Martin O'Malley dropped out on the Democratic side and John Kasich on the Republican side as those(as far as I can see) were the only candidates that wouldn't cause frenzy on the part of the other side.

Now it's going to be a messy slog to November.
Jul 1 GhostDog commented on An Actually Reasonable Email From an Actually Sane Sanders Supporter.
Honestly, I still think that everyone is holding a lot of Bernie supporters to an unrealistically high standard.

Remember that, for most of the people reading this, this isn't your first time to the rodeo. For me, I remember pretty clearly the dogged tenacity that Republicans had to get Clinton on anything they possibly could in the 90's(and that is a big part of why I don't trust anything they say about the Clintons to this day), the craziness that was W, etc.

For a lot of Bernie supporters, this is their first election ever or at the very least the first time they threw in with a candidate to this degree. Therefore this is the first time they've gotten a full blast of the awfulness that is the political process(and it really is that bad) and, pretty reasonably, they aren't taking it well.

TL;DR: Cut them some slack. They have it bad enough as it is. Don't gloat. Focus on beating Trump and then hounding Clinton to be the actual center left president we need(as opposed to the solid right candidate she is*).

* And yes, I think she is right. It's just that our options were left(Sanders), right(Clinton) and reactionary(Trump). Yes, Clinton is to the left of Trump. So was Nixon.
Jun 30 GhostDog commented on Emails From Reasonable Bernie Supporters Pour Into My Inbox.
@79 Agreed. I wasn't talking legally through checks and balances. I was saying that the people in the military would straight up tell him that he can't end civilization as we know it because Putin said something mean about him.

However, with that said, I would rather deal with someone who will keep her warfare conventional(and even then not take it too far). She will only do immense as opposed to catastrophic harm.

Still wish we could find someone who realizes that manufacturing jobs are never coming back and will do the work necessary to keep everyone "ok" until the "next big thing" comes along that will replace the jobs that have been lost due to technology improvement but that will happen when people stop being able to buy food.
Jun 30 GhostDog commented on Emails From Reasonable Bernie Supporters Pour Into My Inbox.

In regards to the Bernie supporters.

In many cases this is their first time throwing this much energy behind a candidate and having him/her come up short. Honestly, I'd be more amazed if there weren't people freaking out.

In regards to Hillary/Trump/Bernie.

I agree that Hillary is pretty awful. Under her presidency I am pretty sure that all of the states that legalized cannabis will be shut down pretty quickly and that we will get a gigantic backlash of DEA enforcement.

I don't think we'll actually get involved in a full scale war(I think Hillary learned that lesson from watching what GWB went through) but I do think we'll be doing more meddling than we would under Bernie.

I don't think she will do anything really to reign in Wall Street or address our underemployment problem in any realistic way.

Now, what would happen if Trump won.

I don't think that he will end up causing WWIII. Even if he gets really super mad at country X, it takes a lot of people to launch nukes and the smart money is on the people that see the "launch the nukes and destroy civilization as we know it" button pushed basically saying, "Nope."

I do think that he will appoint Supreme Court Justices that make Scalia look like Cornel West.

Overall, though, I think that Trump is going to put super conservative types into all of his positions and run things like a corporation, meaning that the ones beneath him will do the digging, work, and interpretation and he will make the big level decisions when they are needed.

In other words, I think Trump will be almost exactly like W.

Regardless, if Hillary wins, I think that she will basically kick the can down the road until 2020 which will most likely be even more crazy as more and more people get more and more desperate. And if Trump wins, things will get actively worse and we might not make it till 2020 before things come to a head in some way.

As for me, I'll vote for Hillary and hope we don't have full blown riots by the time her term is up.
Jun 28 GhostDog commented on ICYMI: Gun Advocate Needed Her Guns To Protect Herself and Her Family.
I think one of the big splits about gun control that isn't really being talked about is geography.

For people in major urban areas, guns really are an awful thing. You aren't hunting for food in Brooklyn and police tend to be around pretty quickly if someone is breaking the law. Yes, you could technically use your gun to stop crime from happening but(as commenters have repeatedly pointed out) that is pretty problematic in most cases.

However, in more rural areas, guns are much more useful and relevant. Where I grew up in Middle of Nowhere, Alabama people had to pretty routinely use rifles to kill poisonous snakes as well as hunt. Also, don't forget that, especially in more remote areas, law enforcement can be as much as a half hour away. That means that, unlike in more urban locations, the individual has to be able to take care of themselves, at least until the police arrive.

I think this is a big part of the problem with the discussion we are having. People who live in urban areas(like Dan) are thinking of people carrying guns where they are, which is admittedly bizarre and awful. People who live in rural areas(like many pro-gun people) are thinking of what life would be like if they looked outside of their door and saw a rattlesnake,burglar, bear, etc outside and they didn't have any way to deal with the issue quickly.

And in case anyone is wondering, I support extensive background checks and training for all gun owners, allowing the CDC to study gun violence(though I would like separate studies done for rural and urban areas), and banning gun ownership for people on the known terrorist/no fly list once the list is fully constitutional(meaning that people will have a way to petition to get off of it, up to and including a hearing).
Jun 23 GhostDog commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: New Father Wants a Threesome Right Now.
@96 Not exactly. I think it was just me reading nonsense into your response. My apologies.

And, as a rule, I think a 40 y/o dating a 25 y/o(of any gender combination) is not bad at all. In my case, though, it's complicated.

Long story as short as I can make it.

I'm in a monogamous relationship and I accidentally* got a very serious emotional attachment to another woman which has flipped up into physical attraction as well(the 25 y/o). Now, I haven't cheated on my S/O(including emotional cheating which I had my S/O explicitly define) but part of me thinks that the woman has a crush on me and might get bold herself. When it comes to that I'll say no and distance myself from her, even though that would basically hurt like getting a limb severed.

From what I've gathered people in my own age bracket are less likely to have this type of craziness happen.

*I thought she was gay for the first few months I knew her and therefore wasn't as super guarded as I am with straight or bi women. She took full advantage and BOOM, strong emotional bond.