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Aug 5 GhostDog commented on This Feel-Good Cop Video Is Ill-Timed at Best, Exploitative at Worst.
And this is why I think that we need to reduce the number of times police have contact with minorities overall. This can be done by making it illegal for police to act as revenue generators for where they live. If the locality needs money it can raise taxes or(and this is what I think is more likely) they should be rolled up into larger entities.

This won't cut the problem off at the root(the problem being reflexive systemic fear of black men) but it will serve quite nicely as an interim solution until we can train the reflexive systemic bias out of law enforcement.

And then we get to figure out how to train the bias out without overdoing it.
Aug 2 GhostDog commented on The Morning News: Victims of Mukilteo Shooting Remembered, State Republicans Lacking Donations, and Muslim DNC Speaker Continues to Denounce Trump.
One thing I noticed that is interesting in regards to Constance Wu's statement.

She said that POC should be forgiven for the occasional box office bomb, which I agree with.

However, I don't think this decision is about the actors being forgiven for a box office bomb. It's about the investors forgiving the accountants for loosing $100 million dollars(or more) of their money.

The people who work behind the scenes would be fired and, most likely, blackballed. The actors would get the respect. The people who actually took the real risk would end up with no job and no respect.

Which is why we see Matt Damon in an all Chinese movie and sixty thousand reboots of everything.

If you want to see more POC leads as well as more of any other type of original content..MAKE MOVIES CHEAPER TO PRODUCE.
Aug 2 GhostDog commented on Kochs Urge Billionaires to Abandon Trump — and That's the Bad News.

In my opinion, you come very close to saying why so many people are disengaged from politics.

I'd say the big mystery is if the folks that busted their ass for Bernie realize this and have the energy to fight another fight that even if they win they won't get any real results from.

The "won't get any real results from" is the important part.

Consider the story of the evangelical Christians. They played things exactly the way everyone says they should. They started small, built up over time, looked in the long term, etc. By the rules of politics they should be getting everything that they want. And yet, at the end of the day, after a huge fight and a long time...they still didn't get most of what they want. Gay marriage is legal and their gains on abortion restriction are finally being rolled back. They have most of the state governments and the House of Representatives and yet they still can't do most of the things they want.

On the one hand, that's great for those who oppose them(like me, for the record), but if you look at it from the point of view of someone who wants to change the system it is pretty chilling in regards to how much change is theoretically possible in the system no matter how skillfully you play it.
Jul 27 GhostDog commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: My Loving Wife, The Dicktease.

That sounds pretty awful. I think I'd rather be single than go through that.
Jul 26 GhostDog commented on The First Night of the DNC: Crying Bernie Fans and Michelle Obama is Queen.

Well, that depends. I agree that the Democrats and some of the moderates will be mad as hell about it.

However, the anarcho-capitalists of convenience*, *AHEM*, I mean the ultra conservative wing of the Republican party will cheer them on and a lot of the media moderates(David Brooks, Andrew Sullivan, et al) will tut tut and say how both sides are just as bad because Clinton didn't appoint exactly who the conservatives want.

Yes, I am deeply cynical about all of this.

*They hate government and love the free market. Except when it comes to stopping abortions and the government benefits that they are personally getting.
Jul 26 GhostDog commented on The First Night of the DNC: Crying Bernie Fans and Michelle Obama is Queen.

That's a big if, Mrs Vel-DuRay. Especially since we need a 2/3 majority. Not saying it won't happen. Just saying it's a big if.

And I would never argue Mrs. Clinton's badass-ness. However, I am concerned that her badass-ness will be countered by the almost Ahab-esque hatred Republicans have for her.

Full disclosure, Republican hatred of the Clintons is the one constant of politics that has been around ever since I became politically aware in around 1992. It is, for me, the north star of suck. Every other aspect of politics has changed since then except that one thing.

It wouldn't surprise me if Republican hatred of the Clintons ends up causing global thermonuclear heck.
Jul 26 GhostDog commented on The First Night of the DNC: Crying Bernie Fans and Michelle Obama is Queen.
I do think that Mrs. Clinton's appointments will be far better than Trump's.

It's a pity she won't get a single one through Congress.
Jul 26 GhostDog commented on Revolution Now Eating Its Own: Bernie Supporters Boo Bernie Sanders.
@41, @69

A few things.

First, for me personally, cannabis is a somewhat sticky point.

I'm a cannabis user and at one point an activist(I used to be a member of NORML and contributed to the California Prop 19 campaign in 2010) so I am one of those three groups that directly benefited from the last eight years.

Now, if I was voting my activism, I would have an even harder time voting for Mrs Clinton than I do now because from what little she has said on the matter I believe that she is going to attempt to roll back cannabis legalization in the US.

I wasn't making a personal statement on Mrs. Clinton(like I said, I'm voting for her) as much as why people are basically totally unwilling to support Hillary and are basically willing to follow a fringe socialist to the gates of Hell.

Keep in mind I can make a very similar argument as to why the Republican base abandoned the GOP. In their case not only are they taking it in the chin due to economic factors but also on a cultural level their representatives have over-promised and under-delivered far more than anything that has happened on the left.

And I do agree that automation and globalization are playing a big role in the economic problems we are facing. That's part of why I'm as worried as I am. Nobody, and I mean nobody, is talking about economic solutions that will actually work.

We aren't talking about funding research to find the "next big thing" that will create jobs that have been lost due to automation(it isn't going to be manufacturing or .com stuff, btw). We aren't talking about basic income to deal with the people who can't get a job no matter what or supplementing incomes for people who have full time jobs but still live in poverty. We aren't talking about retooling our educational system to teach people how to learn instead of for a career that may not be around when they graduate. We aren't making training available for the skills that people need for the few high skill jobs left. The only thing we are doing right is that we are trying to raise the minimum wage so that the vast majority of jobs of the future(that being manual service jobs that can't be outsourced or automated) will have a living wage.

Jul 25 GhostDog commented on Revolution Now Eating Its Own: Bernie Supporters Boo Bernie Sanders.

First, full disclosure. I'm going to be voting for Mrs Clinton and will most likely volunteer for her campaign if they get back to me.

That said, from what I can see, yes, a lot of people are willing to take the whole ship down exactly because it isn't moving in their direction at all, at least not in a direction that matters to them.

The biggest recent strides in the past 8 years only directly matter if you are gay, trans, or use cannabis.

Wages are still stagnating and have been for decades. Race relations are still catastrophically bad and will continue to be bad until we make some radical changes that nobody has an appetite for(for example, towns that don't have the tax base to be self supporting without using the police as revenue generators, like Ferguson, should be rolled into greater municipal areas). Qualifications for jobs are still and will continue to be a huge problem.

Now that Mr Sanders is not going to get the nomination it is almost a guarantee that things are going to get worse. The only reason I'm supporting Mrs Clinton is that I think things will get worse at a marginally slower rate than Trump.

Jul 25 GhostDog commented on Revolution Now Eating Its Own: Bernie Supporters Boo Bernie Sanders.
@21. I'm not @8 but I'll give your question a stab.

Maybe, but only marginally. The Republicans have hated the Clintons for decades, ever since Bill Clinton "robbed" George H.W. Bush of his second term. They hounded Bill for years, up to and including impeachment, shut down the government, and threw up dumb scandal after dumb scandal.

Now, I'm not saying that they would have given any other candidate a pass. But I do believe that someone like Martin O'Malley or Cory Booker would not have that decades of seething hatred that Mrs Clinton has going against her.

And yes, I know, they went hard on Obama. But they never impeached him and they only had 8 years for the hate to build up.

Now if Malia or Natasha get into politics and end up running for president, they will most likely have the same problem(or worse) that Mrs Clinton has.