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Jul 28 McJulie commented on Guest Editorial: The Rent Is Too Damn High, Let's Get It Under Control.
@62 I don't buy it. I've never seen any evidence that NEW development is anything other than top of market, except by government intervention (subsidies for lower-cost housing, for example). (Note that "top of market" in Northgate might not be the same as "top of market" in South Lake Union.)

In theory, the cycle is that new development is fancy and high-priced, in the most desirable areas of town, while older developments that are less fancy/less desirable get cheaper. But it doesn't work out quite as neatly as all that, in part because property owners -- especially owners with a lot of property -- don't have much incentive to bring down rents (both residential and commercial) to what the market will TRULY bear. They can afford to sit on empty, overpriced properties for an extended period. So they do, on the gamble that it is more profitable for them in the long run.

I think government intervention could address that aspect of the equation.

@35 might also have a point about monopolies and price fixing, although being addressed as a "clueless, TV-educated moron" is off-putting to most people.
Jul 26 McJulie commented on Four Questions About the Garfield High School Rape Case.
@16 No, actually, you're completely wrong from beginning to end. The definition of rape has never changed, except that we didn't used to legally recognize marital rape as rape.

There is no point in human history where what he did -- and I'll say did, not alleged to have done, because he has confessed to it without apparent duress -- would not be considered rape. Rape is now, has always been, and always will be, having sex without consent.

In the 70s and 80s, activists emphasized rape as a violent act because they were trying to get across the idea -- which apparently will never penetrate your thick head -- that rape itself is an act of violence, even if there isn't additional violence to go along with it. You know, if somebody gets beat up really bad and also is raped, we seem to readily see that a crime has been committed, but if they're raped and have no obvious injuries, we think it's just regrettable sex. We think it's no big deal. They were trying to say, "no, it is a big deal, it's still traumatizing, it's still injurious, it's still assault."

If you think that somehow the definition of rape has "changed," that proves you didn't understand it in the first place.
Jul 24 McJulie commented on No, No, NO: Seattle's Hurricane Cafe Is Closing.
I have mixed feelings. The Hurricane always felt like a Doghouse consolation prize, but I go there sometimes and have a lot of nostalgia feelings, from back in the early 1990s when my friends and I went to it after many, many a show.

SLU was a wasteland of slightly decrepit one-story warehouses. Now it's a wasteland of construction sites. Soon it will be a wasteland of dull office buildings, "luxury" residential towers, and $12 cocktails. I preferred the warehouses -- of course -- but still I can't really justify them as a good use of the land.

Now if I want to walk around lonely industrial areas I have to go all the way to Georgetown.
Jul 11 McJulie commented on Sometimes It Seems as Though Humans Invent Technology Because We Hate Humans and Don't Want to Interact with Them.
It makes sense if you look at it in monkeysphere terms. We find it kind of innately stressful to interact with a lot of strangers all the time. But we also find it innately stressful not to have any people around.

So what we want is to live in a city that's full of people, but we don't want to interact with them.

Also, I hate it when clerks ask me things like "how's your day going?" or "did you do anything fun on the fourth?" Do some people like that? It seems weird to me.
Jun 26 McJulie commented on US's World Cup Success As a Sign of Its Decline.
Hey! You and Ann Coulter agree on something!…

Jun 23 McJulie commented on Seattle Is Growing Fast but Not Growing Up.
@20 Agreed. But now I wonder how much of an effect the Boeing Bust of the 1970s had on our currently inadequate infrastructure? Were we defunded at exactly the wrong time?

Overall, the problem with more recent cities, like Seattle and Los Angeles, is that they were developed mostly in the era where individual automobile access was the assumed norm.

Nobody thought it through well enough to anticipate the problems this would cause in the future. Or, worse, the people who did have the foresight to think it through, thought only about what kind of profit their own (car-centric) industry would make in the near term.

Seattle's traffic situation seems untenable -- not just overloaded, but wildly unpredictable. Will it take 20 minutes to get downtown, or two hours? Who knows?
Jun 12 McJulie commented on Republicans Don't Want to Refinance Student Loans.
Way back in the 80s, Republican lack of support for higher education was what caused some of my friends who thought they were Republicans to realize Republicans sucked, and thus they became the bleeding heart liberals they are today.

@13 "The idea of giving a free pass to my peers who eagerly and voluntarily threw all caution and prudence to the wind does stick in my craw a little bit. I'm only human, OK?"

Sure, you're human, so you will have those feelings. But get over them. Seriously. Just let them go. Spiteful feelings fuel Republican evil. Their main voting constituency has long been people who are willing to suffer themselves in order to punish others.

Jun 11 McJulie commented on Hey, Washington Post: One Way to End Violence Against Women? For Starters, Let's Stop Blaming Women.
So... misogyny isn't a problem. The problem is that women aren't sexually available.
Sexual assault isn't a problem. The problem is that women are drama queens.
Domestic violence isn't a problem. The problem is that women are sluts.

I'm sensing a pattern here. Hmm, what could it be?
Jun 11 McJulie commented on Is Raping Children a Crime?.

My theory is that, when lifetime celibacy is one of the job requirements, you tend to weed out people who are sexually healthy. The problem became worse as homosexuality became socially acceptable, because you no longer got normal gay men going into the priesthood simply for lack of other options. Then it got even worse when the Catholics took a page from the conservative evangelical playbook and started actively discouraging gay priests.
Jun 11 McJulie commented on Meet Dave Brat, the New King of the Teabaggers.
We're preparing for the TP cultural revolution! When the people take it to the streets! It'll be like 1968 all over again!

Of course, the revolutionaries have a muddled message with little long-term resonance -- "Government hands off my Medicare" just about sums it up. And they're all at least 60 years old, so it's pretty easy to just push over their scooters.

Okay, I admit it, I have no idea what it means.

@2 Don't like immigration? Fine, go back wherever your ancestors came from. I'm guessing it's somewhere in Europe, right?

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