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Apr 9 deign_to_say commented on Maternal Leave and the US.
Nice post, Charles. Thanks for that graphic.
Apr 4 deign_to_say commented on The Man Seattle Police Killed Yesterday: 26-Year-Old Chef Cody Spafford.
I understand being a cop is hard, but why does SPD keeping shooting people with knives? Jesus, let's do some de-escalation training.
Mar 24 deign_to_say commented on The Morning News: At Least Eight Dead in Snohomish County Landslide.
Chicago train was an el train, not a commuter line. And it didn't really derail in the regular way, the conductor just never slowed down/brakes didn't work at the end of the blue line, under O'Hare.

Very scary, and amazing no one died. I'm guessing conductor fell asleep; it was 3am.
Mar 20 deign_to_say commented on Still Confused About the Individual Mandate?.
@5 You could avoid paying health insurance by stopping breathing. Just a suggestion, but it does solve a lot of your problems.
Mar 18 deign_to_say commented on I'm Triggered By Your Triggers.
@20 Focused use? From when to use warnings from your post above:

"Graphic descriptions of abuse, sexual assault, self-injury, or other conditions that people who are having issues with..."

Oh, very focused - just conditions that people are having issues with. That narrows it down.
Mar 14 deign_to_say commented on Plane vs. Ocean.
@10 these are not analogies for how the actual search might be done, it's just to put the scale in perspective. Wow, you are being contrary just for fun, or are plain obtuse.
Mar 14 deign_to_say commented on Plane vs. Ocean.
@3 I think you are joking right? It is like looking for one specific grain of salt (say someone painted it a unique color), and dropped it somewhere in the city.
Mar 13 deign_to_say commented on Man Accused of Killing Someone in a Movie Theater for Texting Had Just Used His Own Phone to Text.
@4 totally wrong. Phone screens are often bright in a dark theater, and it is very distracting. Stay the fuck at home if you 'have to' text. People will rightly hate you, and also possibly shoot you dead.
Mar 10 deign_to_say commented on A Polite Request for Showgoers to SHUT THE FUCK UP.
Agreed, especially at quieter shows it is ridiculous how loud crowds in this city are. Why the fuck did you pay money to be at a show you're going to ignore and ruin everyone else's experience? You can go to any bar for free and talk as loud as you want.

By the way, can we get a tag or different font color for the music posts on slog mobile? Pretty please?
Mar 6 deign_to_say commented on Morning News: Fish Wars and Rocket Cats.
@1 Wha? When did that happen?

Also, we get it, the Stranger has a Shutterstock subscription now. Why, I don't know. I can't be the only one already sick of the random terrible stock crap.

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