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Jul 10 deign_to_say commented on A Beginner's Guide to Ingesting Marijuana.
@14. Agreed, one hour is not enough sometimes. I've had it take nearly two hours to kick in as well. I think this guide doesn't go far enough in warning people of the strength of edibles.

Please pot virgins, take a puff or two of a vaporizer first if you're worried about smoking! Just because it's in the shape of a sweet little teddy bear or candy bar doesn't make it innocuous. Start slow.

Lastly, I am surprised by the number of people that are wanting to try pot now just because it is legal. I don't understand that. Maybe we could get an article about those people, Stranger?
Jul 10 deign_to_say commented on A Beginner's Guide to Ingesting Marijuana.
@2 Surprise - not everyone responds to marijuana in the same way. Getting too high can happen for many people. Some can smoke pot all night and be fine, you seem to be in this group. Not that hard to understand that a pyschoactive drug affects people differently.
Jun 30 deign_to_say commented on Want to Get Money Out of Politics? Pay Close Attention to Today's City Council Meeting.
@5. Okay, good! Doing very well here, too, thanks.

I think she is just a more serious person, not one to ham it up for the camera like her colleagues on the right. Personally I appreciate a politician that doesn't have a fake practiced smile glued to their face.

She also doesn't even seem to realize she is being photographed.

Jun 30 deign_to_say commented on Want to Get Money Out of Politics? Pay Close Attention to Today's City Council Meeting.
@2 It's called projection. She doesn't have any expression on her face.

How happy would you say you are?
Jun 27 deign_to_say commented on Ann Coulter and I Don't Agree on Something.
@2 my shoes are almost exactly a foot, convenient for me to 'measure' things. Obviously metric is still better in every way...
Jun 25 deign_to_say commented on God Punishes Spanish Team With Lightning Strike After Their Disappointing World Cup Display.
Ansel, you suck at writing, don't take it too seriously though. We're just a bunch of commenting buffoons, talented at being talentless.

Please stop 'reporting' on sports. Thank you.
Jun 23 deign_to_say commented on This Ball Game Bigger Than That Ball Game.
Sure, @24. Portugal only has a 5% chance of advancing out of the group. US and Germany cannot tie and Portugal has to win by 4 or more goals. Not likely.

@16 Ha! "bloated old juice whore." You are probably right, but soccer is coming and there is a lot of momentum that will be difficult to change, or at least change the game very quickly.

Jun 16 deign_to_say commented on Hockey's Over—Now What Do I Do?.
@megan Awesome, you should be excited!

US team primer for you too:
Coach Jurgen Klinnsman: Star goal scorer for Germany that led them to the 1990 World Cup. Started as US Coach after last Cup. He has recruited a handful of promising young German born players (that have American serviceman fathers) to the US team. Some barely speak English! Jones, Johnson, Chandler, Green, and Brooks are the ones that made the team.

Goalkeeper Tim Howard: one of world's best, probably top ten. Been playing in England (best professional league) for a lot of years. Solid all around.

Defense: they are all new since last World Cup aside from veteran Beasley, who may or may not start at left back. Young standout is Fabian Johnson who is a real attacking threat. Lack of playing time together could be a weakness. Defenses need to know what each other will do in various situations, and have to play as a group.

Midfield: we are most solid here. Jones is an enforcer in the middle. Bradley (previous US coach's son!) is arguably our best player right now. Great passer, playmaker, and leader.

Forwards: We technically have one striker, a very strong Jozy Altidore, but Seattle Sounder Clint Dempsey is pretty much a second and given free rein to roam. Altidore has had a tough club year and a scoring drought that just ended with two goals in the last warmup game. Hopefully his confidence is back. Dempsey is a fiery player, shooting from anywhere, and loves to use fancy footwork moves to beat people when he has the ball. But will we find ways to score?!

Enjoy the game!
Jun 16 deign_to_say commented on Hockey's Over—Now What Do I Do?.
The World Cup is easy to jump on. US plays Ghana today at 3. Ghana has knocked us out if the Cup the last two tournaments! Go to a bar that is showing it!

Quick primer: World Cup is made up of 32 teams, lasts 1 month. Best teams from the various geographic confederations. Qualifying takes 2 years. Europe gets the most spots with 13, followed by Africa and South America with 5. 32 teams are divided into 8 groups, named Group A through Group H. Each group has a round robin. Best two teams from each group after those three games advance to a 16 team single elimination format.

It is in Brazil this year, first time in South America since 1978. Historically, South American teams have done very well when Cup is in South America, likewise for Europe.

Stories this year after most teams have played one game:
Brazil are the favorites, they haven't lost a home competitive match since the 70s!
Netherlands just crushed Spain in a re-match of 2010 World Cup final.
Cinderella little Costa Rica just beat a strong, but aging Uruguayan team.
There has not been a single tie and the most goals per game so far in a World Cup since 1958!

Jun 12 deign_to_say commented on Fuck Off, Texas.
@34 Pretty damn smug aren't you? This isn't a race among cities, it's progress forward. Annise Parker is the mayor of the largest city in the US that is LGBT, but by no means the first.

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