Follow the light inside your head and you'll be alright, kid.

Jul 23 espato commented on Revisiting the Town of the Most Famous Horse Sex Death in Recorded History.
Eh, Mudede you sound so ignorant. Enumclaw is, after all, only about 45 minutes out of town, and is a gateway to some very beautiful country that includes Crystal Mountain and Mt. Rainier National Park. You should get out a little more.
Jun 30 espato commented on Alaskan Pit Bull Almost Killed by Brown Bear.
troll. you don't know jack about pit bulls, or probably dogs in general. i miss the old stranger and the old seattle and and and
Aug 27, 2014 espato commented on What Kind of Idiot Gives a Nine Year Old an Uzi?.
shut that place down FFS.
May 28, 2014 espato commented on Swedish Hospital Drops Protections for LGBT Employees.
those are the only two options you see, Dan?
May 27, 2014 espato commented on Festival Virgin, Part Three.
I'm with #2 and #17. Folklife was awesome. I sang Mozart's Requiem with about a hundred people and an octet in a circle in the Cornish theater courtyard.

And if I read the word "Tacocat" on this blog again, I just don't know. Save us Dom and Paul!
May 6, 2014 espato commented on What Are You Doing This Week? Stranger Critics Answer the Question.
Lucky Brown at the Feedback Lounge Wednesday night. must present west seattle residency-veryifying identification for admission.
May 1, 2014 espato commented on Governor Inslee Names Judge Mary Yu to State Supreme Court.
When does she begin? Is she still presiding over the Danford Grant serial rape trial?
Apr 23, 2014 espato commented on Seattle's Tiniest & Cutest Library....
There are three within four blocks of my house in west seattle.
Apr 10, 2014 espato commented on The Morning News: Peacekeeping in Africa, Sriracha Problems, and Where's the 911?.
somehow sriracha became hipster condiment of choice. weird, I agree, it is not exceptional.

haha we are supposed to blame russia for the Boston Marathon bombing? sounds like it was a failure of our own intelligence, since Russia did direct us to the young man. can't blame them for not wanting to share ALL their info…lord knows our country's intelligence is largely conducted in secret.