Feb 12, 2015 gnome commented on The Morning News: We Have a Redesigned Web Site, and Commenters Have Feelings About It!.
@9 Why display comments at the bottom of the post when you can get more ad views by opening a new tab?
Aug 10, 2012 gnome commented on WA Pot Initiative Could Generate $1.9 Billion in Revenue Over Five Years.
@9 Really? You're making up your own edits to the actual AP release?

"The midpriced department store chain reported a bigger-than-expected loss and plummeting sales. Shoppers are still not buying into a bold new pricing strategy. Penney even withdrew its full-year profit guidance.

After the report, Moody's Investors Services downgraded Penney's rating deeper into junk-bond terrain.

The bleak performance marked the second-straight quarter of severe sales declines since Penney got rid of most steep, temporary discounts in favor of everyday lower prices. The report confirmed it's going to be a hard sell to shoppers who are used to big sale signs and coupons."
Feb 17, 2012 gnome commented on State Democratic Party Accuses McKenna of "Misusing" His Office To Promote Anti-Gay Ballot Language.
@6 It's not about whether it's actually "redefining" it or not, it's about how the particular language is now associated with one specific side of the argument. You could say that the healthcare overhaul is actually "obamacare" in that yes, he did push it and owns it as his legislation -- but the phrase obamacare is almost exclusively used, negatively, by the opposition, and would never be considered a neutral way to describe it.

To have a neutral vote on the issue you have to use language that is neutral to the argument at hand.
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Jan 9, 2012 gnome joined My Stranger Face
Jan 9, 2012 gnome commented on Hutcherson Cancels on Gay Marriage Debate.
Publicly invite Santorum to represent their side, in a grudge match of sorts.