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May 20 jack chandelier commented on Service Charge for What?.
@2 They have to put up with assholes like you is what makes them so special. Clearly you've never tried it. At Subway they only have to deal with your entitled ass for a few minutes. At a restaurant they have to put up with you for much longer.
May 20 jack chandelier commented on A Ton of New Restaurants Are Opening in Seattle This Year.
@2 What makes us different from the suburbs? All these non-corporate chain restaurants! We never had "book stores everywhere". We still have some, and we still have antique shops too. But when was the last time you bought an antique? You can't keep these places in business by browsing.
May 20 jack chandelier commented on Seattle Protests Are Drawing World Attention to the Climate Movement.
@5 Wow you're so smart! The first person to point out that everyone uses oil, even the protesters! You clearly have no idea what they are protesting. Do some reading before you comment.
May 15 jack chandelier commented on Why Black Slave Liberator Harriet Tubman Should Not Replace Slave Owner Andrew Jackson on the $20 Bill.
@29 That's not how that expression is used. Also, who are you quoting?
May 13 jack chandelier commented on The Artist Responsible for that "Fuck Starbucks" Sign Describes How He Did It.
@6 The free publicity is for Starbucks, not "Cooper".
Apr 30 jack chandelier commented on Bumbershoot Is Months Behind Schedule but Moving Forward "As Fast as We Can".
What kind of fun this summer will hold? None for those ridiculous prices.
Apr 26 jack chandelier commented on I, Anonymous.
Decent human being or not, it's ridiculous to expect anyone to run TOWARD the vomit. You're a shitty parent. Stop feeding your kid garbage from a food court. And you could have ran away for five seconds to get napkins. No one was going to kidnap your puke covered kid.

@20 He has no other life is why. Don't engage him, he has nothing to offer the world.

Apr 17 jack chandelier commented on I, Anonymous.
Maybe you need to negotiate for higher pay or get a better job then. Why should you get a tip for just doing your job? Do you tip everyone you ever pay for a service? Do you tip your plumber or electrician or house painter or gardener? Tips are bullshit, no one should feel entitled to them. And this is coming from a bartender!
Apr 9 jack chandelier commented on Can a Flotilla of Kayaks Block Shell's Arctic Drilling Rigs in Seattle?.
@georgeingeorgetown You keep saying that people "aren't willing to pay more" for energy from non-fossil sources. As if we have a choice? Is there a check box on your energy bill that allows you to pay extra for electricity produced from non-fossil sources? Cause there isn't on mine. Or did you mean we aren't willing to pay the cost to build self-powered off-the-grid houses? Cause that is an equally ridiculous accusation.
Apr 9 jack chandelier commented on I Thought We Had Plans.
I love this. Thank you.

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