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Please...go ahead and take yourself too seriously

johnjacobjingleheimerschmidt supposedly working .
May 15 johnjacobjingleheimerschmidt commented on The Morning News: New Parking Lot in Pike Place Market to Escalate Seattle's Traffic Woes, KOMO Owned By Rightwing Nutters.
@18 Conservatwits claims CNN is fake news= long discussion about statement's merits. Libtard claims Sinclair is fake news= tinfoil hat conspiracy.
Got it.... thanks for clearing this up.
May 11 johnjacobjingleheimerschmidt commented on Kshama Sawant on Democracy Now!: The World Is in a "Historic Period of Revolt".
I love when the conserva-twit concern trolls come out and point out how "crazy" someone like Sawant is. If only they had concern for the nuts on their side like Pence, Rush, Paul Ryan, Norquist.... local nuts like Tim Eyeman. When I start hearing some "conern" about these right wing assholes ( which far outnumber any lefties) then we can have a discussion about Sawant. So STFU.
May 9 johnjacobjingleheimerschmidt commented on Mayor Ed Murray Ends Re-Election Campaign.
His work on social rights issues was awesome but any drive down Rainier Ave will show his incompetence in regards to the homeless people in which his policies have made their lives worse not better. His whole handling of the accusations was deplorable. I welcome our new overlord Mayor McCheese or Mayor McBike.
May 8 johnjacobjingleheimerschmidt commented on Anti-Immigrant Posters Are Appearing in South Park. Neighbors Are Fighting Back with Welcoming Signs..
Why are people so desperate to deport their neighbors? No jobs, no healthcare, college is financially out of reach. A simple message from the national democrats for single payer, infrastructure spending bill, low to moderate college fees. Simple... so where is the leadership on this?
May 5 johnjacobjingleheimerschmidt commented on Someone Is Polling Seattle Voters About the Allegations Against Mayor Ed Murray.
I have to ask myself if this were a white woman accusing a conservative republican... I would be quick to dismiss the politicians claims of innocence and ask for his resignation. I am the same here with numerous black men accusing a white gay democrat. Murray needs to step down.
May 2 johnjacobjingleheimerschmidt commented on The Video To Watch After You Watch That Viral Jimmy Kimmel Video.
How Calvinistic of him... where God determines your lot in life and you should be grateful for it and accept it....You're poor and sick because God says so.
Apr 24 johnjacobjingleheimerschmidt commented on The Morning News: Cliff Mass Says GOP Not Anti-Science, Seattle is the 9th-Most Expensive City in the World.
Typical that the 1000's who showed up this weekend are an asterisk but the conservative naysayer gets the headlines and the articles.
Apr 19 johnjacobjingleheimerschmidt commented on Oregon Nonprofit Has Information on the Murray Allegations, But They're Refusing to Share It.
He may have said it's OK but HIPAA laws and privacy issues are too strict. Even if he did sign a release the lawyers for VOA still can refuse unless they are suppoenaed by a court.
Apr 12 johnjacobjingleheimerschmidt commented on The Attorney for Ed Murray's Accuser Wants to Depose Murray On The Mayor's Birthday.
Maybe he should have grabbed him by the pussy...All the hand wringing by the conserva-twits over this but they will blissfully vote again for the orange molester in chief.