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Apr 13 CC-Rob commented on Bill Maher: Extremists Don't Hijack Religions. Moderates Do..
Religion is a tool that people throughout history have used to frighten the masses in order to gain power and wealth.

That said, Maher's rhetoric is very dangerous. He is using a wide brush to cast all Muslims as extremists. This type of speech not only dehumanizes a large group of people, it also helps justify violence and atrocities against these people. (Ironically, religious extremists also use dehumanizing rhetoric to justify violence against gays.)
Apr 13 CC-Rob commented on Who's Hillary Clinton This Time? Comparing Campaign Launch Commercials.
This post summarizes everything that is wrong with American politics an d political "journalism."
Instead of looking at consultant created advertising, why not look at her actual record? How about the people she has hired as advisers? How about the source of her campaign money?
Her stand on war and peace? Etc.etc..

Is it any wonder why the electorate is so uniformed?
Apr 9 CC-Rob commented on Comcast Outage Renews Calls for a Non-Corporate-Overlord Internet Provider in Seattle.
I think Comcast is a swell company. They always treat their customers extremely well and they never charge too much money for their mostly reliable service.

(Dear Comcast PR Folks. Do you have a number I can call so I can collect my check?"_
Apr 9 CC-Rob commented on If We Want Better Conditions for Low-Wage Workers, Should We Get Rid of Tips?.
Here's a radical concept. Leave it up to the customers.
Apr 9 CC-Rob commented on SLOG POLL: What Should Kshama Sawant Ask the Greenpeace Attractivists on Skype Tomorrow?.
This post makes The Stranger advertisers (the ones against $15 minimum wage) giggle.
Apr 8 CC-Rob commented on South Carolina: Cop Shoots Unarmed Black Man In the Back.
If there wasn't a camera, it would be business as usual for this policeman. Just imagine all the officer involved shootings where there weren't cameras present.
Apr 7 CC-Rob commented on The GOP Nom: Future Clown Car Occupant Coming to Town.
Paying $25,000.00 for a politician is a bargain.
Apr 7 CC-Rob commented on When Will Christine Gregoire, Rob McKenna, Pete Holmes, and the Shits on the City Council Apologize to Mike McGinn?.
McGinn didn't kiss the rings of those in power. He was an outsider and therefore had to be stopped. They will never apologize for being wrong. . (To see how the power structure responds to so-called outsiders, watch the next council election and see how the "progressive" establishment goes after Sawant.)
Apr 3 CC-Rob commented on Some Unhappy Thoughts About Banking After Visiting the New Chase Branch on Madison.
@! Agree. Credit Unions are so much better.

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