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Mar 22 CC-Rob commented on The Morning News: Oso Three Years Later, Attack at UK Parliament.
RE: Cantwell This would be the perfect time for her to be pushing universal coverage - medicare for all. Unfortunately, she has aligned herself with the interests of pharmaceutical/medical industrial complex. It's cool though, she can quote Macklemore.
Mar 22 CC-Rob commented on Who's Worse: Camille Paglia, Sanctimonious Liberals, or My Sniveling Self?.
She's a troll and provocateur, who lacks any substance.
Mar 21 CC-Rob commented on Trump Doesn't Give Two Shits About His Supporters (And Neither Should You).
I know I sound crazy, but a lot of people have been manipulated and have been on the receiving end of disinformation and misinformation. Rather thank being a condescending twat, why not try to reach out and find common ground. It could lead to crazy stuff like election victories and cleaning up the corruption in government.
Mar 15 CC-Rob commented on Maddow Says She Has "Trump Tax Returns" (UPDATE: They're From 2005—Now Let's Watch Maddow Together!).
Returns from 2005? I haven't been this underwhelmed since Al Capone's vault. On the bright side for Comcast owned, MSNBC. Maddow probably got a ratings boost.
Mar 14 CC-Rob commented on Fill Out the White House's Dumb Form: "Share Your Obamacare Disaster Story".
The time for single payer is now! It's a moral issue. The Democrats need stop sucking up to the medical insurance industry. (And Guess what, it's a winner at the polls too!)
Feb 23 CC-Rob commented on Watch Dave Reichert's Faux Facebook "Town Hall".
Reichert is a weasel.
Feb 23 CC-Rob commented on Hey, Dave Reichert: Look at All of These Town Halls Where No One Is Getting Hurt.
@1 & @4 It's called representative democracy. (Judging by your posts, you picked a perfect first name.)
Feb 16 CC-Rob commented on Rachel Maddow: Something's Up Between Jill Stein & Putin.
Nowhere have I said anything positive about Trump or Russia. I am saying that insinuating Jill Stein is a Putin crony without citing any evidence is akin to McCarthyism.
Feb 16 CC-Rob commented on Rachel Maddow: Something's Up Between Jill Stein & Putin.
Dan, Did you ever imagine yourself becoming a McCarthyite, red-baiter?
Feb 15 CC-Rob commented on Bands I Pretended to Like for Boys. Part Eight: Rush.
I think you should change the name of this series into "My Low Self Esteem Made Me Hide My True Self."