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6:21 AM CC-Rob commented on Terror Attack at Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester.
@2 Strangely, Trump couldn't pronounce "Islamic Terrorism" when he was fondling the orb with his oil dictator buddies.
May 17 CC-Rob commented on The Morning News: Chelsea Manning Is Free, More on the Modern-Day Slavery Story Blowing Up Your Facebook Feed.
Just curious. Why the editorial "What the actual fuck" on the link about the group "Our Revolution" potentially making an endorsement in the mayor's race? The group is grassroots, with many members in the Seattle area. So what's the problem?
May 11 CC-Rob commented on Who Is Mayoral Candidate Jenny Durkan?.
The empire, I mean establishment, strikes back!
May 3 CC-Rob commented on A Fourth Murray Accuser Files Declaration in Child Sex Abuse Case.
I believe in innocent until proven guilty, but I don't support the victim blaming - or victim's lawyer blaming, that seems prevalent on this comment thread.
May 1 CC-Rob commented on What We Talk About (Every Single Year) When We Talk About Seattle May Day.
It's been a sad spectacle watching The Stranger's "senior" writers turn into the "get off my lawn" crowd. But hey, they still represent the point of view of the cool and hip crowd, right kids?
Apr 28 CC-Rob commented on Highlights of the First 100 Days of Jill Stein's Presidency.
This is so bad, it makes me long for those stupid "Hulk Smash" pieces.
Apr 28 CC-Rob commented on Mayor Murray's Public Safety Adviser Is Running Against City Attorney Pete Holmes.
Just what we need! The son-in-law of our former governor to make sure the establishment holds the ground against those pesky socialist outsiders.
Apr 25 CC-Rob commented on Can Someone Remind Bernie Sanders That Abortion is an Economic Issue?.
@41 Agreed. The people who failed us in 2016 don't want to loose their paychecks and influence. Thus, they trash real progressives. Meanwhile, the Democratic party continues to loose numbers - both elected officials and voters.
Apr 24 CC-Rob commented on Can Someone Remind Bernie Sanders That Abortion is an Economic Issue?.
Remember when the same people outraged by Sanders campaigning for an anti-choice mayoral candidate were outraged when Hillary Clinton picked anti-choice, Tim Kaine as her running mate? (Me neither)
Apr 18 CC-Rob commented on The Morning News: Mike McGinn Jumps In the Mayor's Race, Seattle and King County Approve $1.3 Million to Legally Defend Immigrants.
RE:McGinn entering the race. I know I am also more concerned with his logo than his policy positions. Keep up the great reporting!