Mike Force
Stranger Staff
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Editorial Designer at The Stranger and freelance Illustrator.

Apr 30 Mike Force commented on One for the Regrets Issue.
for the record, the Suggests pdf went to the printer with an image. Everything was normal. Something weird happened at the printer.
Mar 27 Mike Force commented on An Extremely Attractive Group of Greenpeace Activists Is Stalking Shell Rigs Across the Pacific Ocean.
I'd watch Attractivists on the Discovery Channel.
Mar 26 Mike Force commented on Lynn Shelton's New Project Is Set in Seattle. She Can't Shoot It Here..
We DO incentivize hundreds of businesses and sectors. Those quick to say 'race to the bottom' are basically wishing away the concept of an open market where States compete for business (and overall revenues), which will exist whether you want it or not. California is only now re-thinking their incentives because they've hemorrhaged so much revenue to New Mexico.
Mar 20 Mike Force commented on Mayor Ed Murray Wants to Ban Smoking in Parks, and the City Says There's Nothing Unfair About That.
So the city that legalized weed is now going to micro-manage tobacco smokers? it's an unenforceable law. it's too easy to ignore, like banning dogs on beaches. A true progressive accepts that not everyone has identical priorities.
Mar 10 Mike Force commented on Heavy Metal's Illegible Fonts.
You may need to give birth to a new genre: Metal Dandy.
Mar 6 Mike Force commented on Mars Hill Sells Ballard Building, Makes $4.2 Million Profit.
Why does this space have to remain a magic sky ghost storage facility for lonely people?
Jan 11 Mike Force commented on Comic.
This comic went to print before the Paris attack. Looking forward to disappointing everyone next week!
Jan 6 Mike Force commented on The Richest Man on Earth (Bill Gates) Tells the Most Famous Economist on Earth (Thomas Piketty) That He Doesn't Want to Pay More Taxes.
It can go wrong in the tax-heavy direction sometimes. France has essentially exported all of its entrepreneurs to London, the US and parts of Asia because they see no point in even getting started at home. The tax and regulation burden is so high that they just leave. As a poor person I'm less than enthusiastic about handing 40% of my single proprietor revenue over. A balance between the two is healthy.
Dec 17, 2014 Mike Force commented on Never Heard of 'Em.
The ancient Greeks had about 69 different definitions of the word 'love'. Obsession and lust and being weird should be included. Hi, Anna!