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Mike Force
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Editorial Designer at The Stranger and freelance Illustrator.

Dec 17 Mike Force commented on Never Heard of 'Em.
The ancient Greeks had about 69 different definitions of the word 'love'. Obsession and lust and being weird should be included. Hi, Anna!
Dec 1 Mike Force commented on Sounders Beat Galaxy, Also Lose to Galaxy, Also Still Part of Galaxy.
so MLS is like watching a UN semi-non-binding arbitration event? fuuuun.
Nov 12 Mike Force commented on Another Casualty on Capitol Hill: The Redwood Is Closing.
Losing the Redwood cuts deep. It was never annoying going there. Ok, I guess we'll all meet somewhere in Beacon hill in 3 years.
Nov 11 Mike Force commented on Republicans Struggle to Come Up with a Reason Why Net Neutrality Is Bad.
Net neutrality is ultimately good for the free market. So... ideologically, the GOP should promote neutrality.
Nov 4 Mike Force commented on The Bowler Hat Is the New Fedora.
A fedora/bowler conveys the message "please pay attention to me even though I have nothing interesting to say, also ignore my bald spot, and I wish I was taller."
Sep 26 Mike Force commented on Bill Cosby Is Either a New Andy Kaufman or a Very Old Bill Cosby.
I noticed the same thing. He appears to be at the cognitive level of a 4 year old. Maybe that's what happens when people introduce you as a genius for 30 years?
Sep 10 Mike Force commented on Today's Dinosaur News: Dino News Round-Up!.
Thank You for this Mirth and Merriment.
Jul 31 Mike Force commented on Podcasting and Patent Trolls.
The solution as proposed is the loser of the suit must pay the winner, so that Trolls are disincentivized. Currently, you can "win" your case and still be out over a million in legal fees.
Jul 31 Mike Force commented on Podcasting and Patent Trolls.
Glad you covered this! Basically both sides in Congress want to stop it but there is enough money behind the Trolls to keep it going for a while. Harry Reid (& others) refused to allow the anti-Troll bill to the floor because of that cash pipeline.
Jul 3 Mike Force commented on Unless You Are a Professional, Don't Take Pictures of Fireworks Tomorrow.
Even professional photographers should avoid it. Especially professional photographers.

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