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Jul 22 Velvetbabe commented on Anti-Foreclosure Protesters Block Sheriff's Eviction of Disabled Veteran in West Seattle.

Um, Guyfawkes, just so you know I read the entire thread before commenting, but even if I hadn't, I don't need you to 'direct' me to read any particular post before commenting, capiche? You view this one way, and people like me view it another. It's called having an opinion, and people differ in their opinions and views, but we aren't stopped from expressing those views nonetheless.

Jul 21 Velvetbabe commented on Anti-Foreclosure Protesters Block Sheriff's Eviction of Disabled Veteran in West Seattle.
I can't fucking stand this playing the veterans card shit. Dude, you were almost undoubtedly drafted, exactly like how many tens of thousand of men, 40+ years ago. You served and came back alive and I'm glad for you about that. All of these years since, you have had free VA health care and how many dozens of other benefits including free 4 year college tuition, lower than most people interest rates when buying a home and car, not to mention (at least in the last 30+ years) constant praise and fawning by presidents and politicians. Not a single day passes without the world bowing down to you in praise for your service.

You have been rewarded in various ways for your service in other words. That was part of the deal. What you don't get is a free-er ride than the rest of us when it comes to things as basic as paying your goddamn rent.

I'm sorry that your financial life is so badly fucked up that it came to this. It is the same that would come to any of us had we followed that same path. Try and get past the notion, however, that because you once were drafted, that you somehow deserve a free ride about this. It's obnoxious, bratty behavior. As is making a spectacle of yourself and playing the victim without informing anyone of the facts of your multiple six figure refis - truly treating your home like an ATM machine - and the 6 month + warning regarding your eviction. Seriously. Welcome to the same goddamn boat the rest of us are in.

Jul 1 Velvetbabe commented on Another State Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment Struck Down.

I, too, needed this after the SCOTUS decisions this week.

It's a genuinely thrilling time to be living if you support gay marriage - to be witnessing the crumbling of the old guard - to be witnessing history. Hooray for the modern age.

Jun 18 Velvetbabe commented on Savage Love.

And @89- "Topanga Mike": The instances of women who drive their kids into lakes are infinitesimal compared with the rampant degree of male violence against women, and against kids - as well as other men - every single day, all over the world. Who do you think commits the overwhelmingly vast majority of murders? Rapes? Child molestations? Acts of torture? We live in a world where 11 year old girls are having their sex organs violently cut out in order to make them 'marriageable' - often to middle aged men. Can you imagine if the heads of boys' penises were routinely being lopped off in the name of 'purity'?

Please go fuck yourself.

Jun 18 Velvetbabe commented on Savage Love.

Dan, you're my hero for doing this. Thanks so much.

When I was 19 or 20 I moved into a new apartment just off campus - a 2 bedroom share. I didn't know my new roommate, but quickly learned that her bf liked to beat and terrorize her. This was back in the 80s when there was much less of an understanding of the phenomenon of 'domestic violence' ie wife beating.

My roommate was Chinese and very bright and soft spoken and shy, and I think due to cultural differences viewed my and my male friend's attempts to intervene in the beatings as some sort of privacy invasion. Or maybe she was just triply humiliated to not only be beaten by this motherfucker but to have her beatings witnessed, which is understandable. Regardless, she quickly moved out after our last attempt to bust into her room and stop the beating. It was left to me to beg the landlord not to tell the bf where she had fled to. (I have no idea what became of her, but statistically there as an excellent chance she would end up murdered by him.)

Back in the era when people still routinely asked 'domestic violence' victims, "well what did you do to make him so mad?" - back when it was standard operating procedure to blame or find fault with the woman in almost all of these cases - my male friend (still my friend all these years later) was willing to force his way into a room and confront a violent stalker taller and bigger than he.

May 28 Velvetbabe commented on Being Gay in Iran.

As a wise man once said, religion poisons everything, or at least, flawed man's interpretation of it.

I'm so sorry for what you've gone through, and what the documentary crew put the other people in that restaurant through. It's unthinkable and unforgiveable.

My thoughts are with you. Here's hoping things turn out well for you in Canada. It's a great country - my mother was from there, and my best friend of 20 years lives in Toronto. It's not perfect, but they do many things right.

May 26 Velvetbabe commented on Saw That Coming: SF Drag Institution/Club Night Trannyshack Changes Its Name.

Just back from a weekend away so I'm a bit late to this but ... Kitty Bukkake? Tammi Tickleclitz? Am I the only one who'd like a copy of the "Miracle!" script?

Mar 26 Velvetbabe commented on Five Ways to Make the City Better for People of Color.

How articulate and original! Kudos!

Mar 25 Velvetbabe commented on Five Ways to Make the City Better for People of Color.

Juche dude, I think we get by now - after what, your 179th post on this single thread? - and that bizarre, almost poetic 40-line stanza found in 241 - that you have an intense discomfort toward and dislike of black people that borders on the obsessive, and that you have a flair for making adorable little home made charts. We GET that you feel that your feelings are statistically wholly justified, and that you believe anyone who doesn't share your view is blinded by devil Hollywood. Emotions and feelings are signs of weakness, after all. Cold hard logic and facts rule the day.

I have a project for you, sir, seeing as you have so much goddamn time on your hand-ringing hands. How about making up a few dozen colorful little charts which reflect how massively overrepresented the male gender is when it comes to the world's major evils: murder, rape, child molestation, war mongering, suicide bombing, human trafficking, infliction of torture, and maybe throw in shit like random school/mall/movie theater mass shootings.

Can you do that for us?

Mar 20 Velvetbabe commented on What I Want to Know Is Why You Hate Porn Stars.

One thing not touched on by the author nor in any of these comments is the very obvious and massively increased risk of disease when you fuck strangers - different strangers all the time - full time, year in and year out. Obviously you put your partner at risk, hugely more than someone who doesn't bang and blow for a living, right?

Not to mention the guy you're in love with's junk being on display for the entire world to see 24/7, every square centimeter of his flesh, his O face, him actually coming, the noises he makes when doing so, etc. ... Stuff on THAT level of privacy and intimacy - ya.

Conner, I think it's fairly understandable that MOST people who fall in love with you will not want your most intensely private moments like that to be on public display, to anybody with a computer and a credit card. Surely this isn't much of a stretch.

I don't wish you ill. I hope you find another Alex. Just putting myself in his shoes, though, ya, there might be novelty in the beginning, and bragging rights, but after a while if we became serious I think - and I think most people other than maybe other porn stars - would, again want and maybe deserve the private, intimate stuff to be just that ... private, and intimate.

So then don't date a porn star if you feel that way, somebody will say, to which I'd reply, well by the same token, if you are a porn star, don't be upset and surprised if your lovers - people you dream about still being in love with when they're old - have a hard time with how you make a living. Maybe we could handle it in the beginning to a degree, but the increased risk of passing bad shit onto me after you've banged the 100th guy that year, is gonna get super old.


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