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Jul 23 Velvetbabe commented on Ezra Miller: The Sexiest Shaggy-Haired Out Bi Guy Alive.

Christ. The kid is pretty as a picture, but looks 14.

And that hair ain't 'shaggy'. That is a glorious thick dark MOP. And a big, fat yay on that.

Jul 17 Velvetbabe commented on Carrie Brownstein's Book Cover Art Has Arrived.

Bailo, what in fuck are you doing commenting on anything to do with women anywhere at any time ever? It's clear you hate females, so why hang out here? You need to STFU, kay? Got it? Go hang out in your sad, lonely mens' rights circles.

I saw Sleater several times. Carrie moved and looked like a young Keith Richards. I was completely captivated, and thrilled somebody so boyishly cool was out there for young butch girls - for any girls who felt out of place - who felt like a complete freak - as I had growing up. Thank Christ I had Chrissie Hynde. The girls in Sleater's audience had, and have, Carrie.

Jul 13 Velvetbabe commented on Who Killed Amy Winehouse?.

And btw nothing in what I've said suggests people shouldn't be treated. Of course they should. Yes, the recidivism rate for addicts sucks. Neither of which are the point. The point is that some things are diseases and some are addictions, the latter being the a risk you take when engaging in stupid behavior like smoking cigarettes or crack, snorting coke, and/or shooting heroin. Opting to do this shit and ending up an addict because you chose to take such an idiotic risk does not equal 'disease'. This is like politically correct-speak gone nutso, which I can only imagine, allows the addict to avoid accepting responsibility for his or her own behavior.

Tell people with ALS, spina bifida, cystic fibrosis - actual diseases - that Amy Winehouse died of a 'disease'.

Jul 13 Velvetbabe commented on Who Killed Amy Winehouse?.

Again, calling drug addiction a "disease" is an insult to people like my mother who died of cancer. She never smoked, ate sensibly, was slim, healthy and active her whole life, and we had no family history of the disease that we were aware of.

Dead within 11 months.

THAT is a fucking disease. People shooting smack because it's cool and edgy and oh ya, didn't Keith Richards shoot it at one point too? Ray Charles? Kurt Cobain? So hip, man. And oh no, now I'm an addict just like my idols!! Help me! I'm a completely helpless infant! I'm DISEASED! Total and utter bullshit.

Is smoking a disease too? No. It's a fucking addiction. Nobody forced that first cigarette on you, or the 2nd, 3rd and 18th. Nobody stuck the needle in a heroin addict's arm the first time. They did it to themselves, assuming the risk that EVERYONE knows is there. NOT a fucking disease.

Jul 13 Velvetbabe commented on Who Killed Amy Winehouse?.

Everybody on this planet has a choice about whether or not they take up smack or coke or booze. Everyone on this planet knows the risks involved with taking up same, particularly smack. I feel no pity for people who - SURPRISE!! - 1) become addicts and 2) die either directly or indirectly from their addiction/inability or unwillingness to get help. Calling this shit a 'disease' is an insult to people with actual diseases.

If you stick needles in your eyes, because you fall for the notion that doing so is hip or glamorous or edgy, and you end up blind, do not blame others when you are forced to go around with a white cane and a seeing eye dog. And for fuck's sake, don't cry "help me! I have a DISEASE!"

Jun 27 Velvetbabe commented on White House Lights Up for Pride.

Thank you, Dan, for your unrelenting activism, all the way back to Act Up. I am convinced It Gets Better started the ball rolling on a lot of this. I don't think you get enough credit for that. Congrats to you and your beautiful family. You so deserve this.

Thank you, President Obama. It's fitting that it was a black president who helped oversee and is so supportive of the enacting of new civil rights. The sight of the rainbow White House has kind of taken my breath away.

In 1986 I was 20 years old working at an all night convenience store in Boston right next door to a gay bar (Buddies, RIP). It was my first experiences interacting with gay folks and transvestites. As an awkward, cripplingly shy person who had grown up feeling like a freak and an outcast, I felt a certain kinship and became a fan and an ally right there. I've been proud to be a lifelong supporter and a volunteer for marriage equality campaigns.

Hooray for the triumph of goodness. Hooray for today.
Jun 26 Velvetbabe commented on Remember When Brian Brown Came to My House for Dinner?.

I can't wait until Brown's kids grow up and are humiliated over and embarrassed by their dad's rabid anti-gay stance as people today are over their own grandparents and great grandparents who were against integration, against the lunch counters sit ins, etc. Those films of people being pulled off the stools at Woolworths and beaten by the crew cutted white men are forever - we can see your faces, assholes, and so can your kids and grandkids. That is what Brian Brown and his ilk are condemned to be.

Jun 26 Velvetbabe commented on Obama's Remarks on Historic Marriage Equality Decision.
It's a beautiful day.
Jun 23 Velvetbabe commented on To the Sad Owner of a Capitol Hill Townhouse.

Dan, this is such a shitty, snobbyass post. I don't understand why someone isn't allowed to be upset that a building containing 44 new tenants is moving in right next door. Dan, you apparently live in a single family house in the city surrounded by other single family houses. Would you be cool with a building containing 44 tenants moving in RIGHT next door to your house? Think about it. Suddenly you're dealing with the noise and traffic of 44 sets of strangers, and their guests, day in and day out, right on top of your back yard. Aren't YOU the NIMBY, here, Dan?


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